Adorable Baby from the Sky: Mysterious Husband


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Five years ago, Gu Qiqi’s best friend’s boyfriend cheated on her. She helped arrest someone, but she caught her fiancé. When she left, she was dragged into the room by a mysterious person… Five years later, Gu Qiqi married Yan Haocheng, who had some problems in city A, with twins whose father was unknown. Everyone felt that Gu Qiqi must have married Yan Haocheng by virtue of his “special ability”. But she didn’t know that it was Yan Haocheng who didn’t want to marry her. She was afraid that he would die alone, so she gave up and married. Other people’s impression of Yan Haocheng is: cold, scary, and without desires. Gu Qiqi’s impression of Yan Haocheng is: shameless, shameless, humanoid teddy. Others rely on beauty to attract men, but Gu Qiqi only needs to wink at the child to turn her man into a puppy.

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