Adopting the Male Protagonist Changed the Genre


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I’ve possessed a villainess who gets horribly killed every time for abusing the protagonist.

But just because I’m an evil woman doesn’t mean I have to abuse the protagonist.

I vowed that instead of abusing the protagonist, I was going to make him grow up…!

´Come on Leo. Shall we try-?´

[Synchronization failed. Translation into Belinda’s language].

“Open up your mouth, little brat.”

The damned system turned my mouth into a hellmouth.

But somehow… being a b*tch suits me better than I thought it would.

“Lazy things. How many times do I have to tell you to roll out the red carpet where I step!”

“Get me a limited-edition macaron of each type from the best patisserie in the kingdom.”

“They’re hard to get, you idiot. You could have just begged in front of the shop.”

Wealth, power, and beauty.

And with all that and a system window, I solved Belinda’s problems…

“Belle, won’t you marry me?”

“Master, why don’t you fall in love with me?”

” Lady Blanche, you are the only exception to this black and white world.”

The attitude of the supporting characters who were responsible for the killing of Belinda in the game changed.


“We propose, based on mutual agreement, that you marry His Excellency the Grand Duke for a certain period of time and then divorce him.”

A contract marriage from the Northern Grand Duke.

Come on, guys. I was only doing my best to be a badass!

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When I Adopted the Main Character
주인공을 입양했더니 장르가 바뀌었다
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HelloHound rated it
June 12, 2023
Status: c20
It's a funny story where the actions and words of the protagonist are transformed into their scariest and rudest possible form despite the good-natured soul under the shell.

Belinda follows the plot despite the translation she's under out of a pure love for the protagonist of the game she's transmigrated into, Leo. Under her efforts and humor the time passes quickly when you read this story.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nurahahaha rated it
November 20, 2023
Status: c46
First arc is nice and all. Introduction, fake introduction, cute moments with Jwibamtol (Leo, the kid) and the masked knight who called himself Penadel. Interesting backstory with ogBelinda, etc etc.

And then I got to the arc with an annoying womaniser mage bstrd.

This arc is ungodly boring. First, I don't care about this mage at all. Especially with his sleazy nonsense. Second, he kept playing with MC, and MC didn't speak as harshly against him even with Belinda Translator. It's weird and uncharacteristically dumb.

A bit detail:

... more>>

She's supposed to be harsh and distrustful, but she let him touch her all the time and listen to his lies. Even when they're just meeting each other. Hair, face, hand, he touched, and she just let him do as he wished because he's "handsome." I swear if he's ugly, she'll also feel it's just disgusting, but nahh, he's handsome so it's fine. It's like she has no self-respect, which I suspect she doesn't, really.

It would make sense if she felt attracted to him, but naaaaaahhh, it's really just because he's handsome, nothing else. They both have no romantic feelings for each other.

To me, personally, this kinda MC is pathetic and this kinda sleazy side character is plain disgusting. I hope MC gets some real character development, and this sleazy bstrd can go to heck or something.


Oh, how I wish I can just skip this arc.

Probably halfway through there rn since I can only read 1 chapter per 3 hrs (for free). Will update the review later. Cheerio for now! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KeyonDrenson rated it
September 10, 2023
Status: c31
Really good so far, comedic (mostly based on how scary people perceived the MC and what she's really like) lighter read with some darker elements involving uncovering the mystery of the mc's past and circumstance

(and good job to the translator)

Nice balance of humor as being a part of plot progress without being too intrusive or distracting (the MC can rarely say what she really means which leads to various misunderstandings) ; I like how the MC has to come up with creative or alternate ways of dealing with... more>> situations due to the automatic filter; <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Insideofadoge rated it
February 10, 2024
Status: prologue
Solid 4-star story bumped up a star for also-solid translation.

Characters are often afraid of being stuck in the role of villain, ML compelled to fall in love with another person, etc, but it is rare that it actually seems to happen. In this case, the MC is stuck inside the nasty persona of her character, and she can only succeed by leaning into it. It’s kind of nice that she wasn’t suddenly this nice person who charmed everyone around her, now that she didn’t have the depression/grief/underlying trauma that often... more>> causes villainess characters to act out.

This forced-nastiness works when it’s done well, although it’s unfortunately sometimes spotty—and it doesn’t seem to be because the “real” character would have softened a bit if she had been surrounded by dependable, caring people. I feel like it would be an interesting hook for the MC to be able become a more pleasant person to those around her, the more that she “synchronized” with the villainess and understood where she was coming from. <<less
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