Adopting the Male Protagonist Changed the Genre


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I’ve possessed a villainess who gets horribly killed every time for abusing the protagonist.

But just because I’m an evil woman doesn’t mean I have to abuse the protagonist.

I vowed that instead of abusing the protagonist, I was going to make him grow up…!

´Come on Leo. Shall we try-?´

[Synchronization failed. Translation into Belinda’s language].

“Open up your mouth, little brat.”

The damned system turned my mouth into a hellmouth.

But somehow… being a b*tch suits me better than I thought it would.

“Lazy things. How many times do I have to tell you to roll out the red carpet where I step!”

“Get me a limited-edition macaron of each type from the best patisserie in the kingdom.”

“They’re hard to get, you idiot. You could have just begged in front of the shop.”

Wealth, power, and beauty.

And with all that and a system window, I solved Belinda’s problems…

“Belle, won’t you marry me?”

“Master, why don’t you fall in love with me?”

” Lady Blanche, you are the only exception to this black and white world.”

The attitude of the supporting characters who were responsible for the killing of Belinda in the game changed.


“We propose, based on mutual agreement, that you marry His Excellency the Grand Duke for a certain period of time and then divorce him.”

A contract marriage from the Northern Grand Duke.

Come on, guys. I was only doing my best to be a badass!

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주인공을 입양했더니 장르가 바뀌었다
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