Across A Millennium to Love You


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Because of a chain bracelet, Bai Min inadvertently crossed over thousand years to become Daxing dynasty’s Murong Feng.

She married the mischievous and unruly 4th Prince Sima Rui.

Won’t this marriage disappoint the owner of the soul and body?

From their uninterested beginning until they slowly getting to know each other and finally got together.

An accident made this marriage predestined by fate became an autumn dream.

Eventually Bai Min cannot resist the longing of the heart and also cannot avoid the calling of her lover in the dream. She abandoned everything to cross over a millennium once more.

This affectionate love without regret and willing to give up everything was met with continous twists and turns.

She made a pact with her lord to be fated for three lives. Across a millennium, was it possible not to disappoint this lifetime?

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Vượt Qua Ngàn Năm Yêu Chàng
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Hanawie rated it
October 14, 2017
Status: c50
This is a plot-focused novel, like Princess Wei Yang. It's different from the usual transmigration novels where the main characters go through "episodes" of minor villains and slowly grow stronger. Instead, we have a story about the entire Murong family and how their interactions/marriages with the imperial family lead to various problems and tragedy. Unlike Princess Wei Yang though, revenge does not push the plot along. It's character interaction and emotional development that make up the plot. This causes the plot to drag and become boring sometimes though.

Another problem I... more>> had with this novel was how frustrating some of the characters were at times. They are very human and the author obviously tried her best to flesh them out. However, because they are so human, I couldn't help but get frustrated with their actions which detracted from my enjoyment of the novel. It's very well-written but I couldn't get myself to like a lot of the characters sadly. <<less
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Lokum rated it
April 15, 2019
Status: c14
One of the most promising novels out there.

The FL is smart, calm and eloquent. She's not driven by revenge, and her reaction towards transmigration is interesting.

The translations is very good. Well edited (grammar thumbs up). The flow of the story is also nice. The author doesn't dump all the characters with different names at once, so it's fairly easy to keep up. I suggest giving it a try.

Looking forward to next chapters
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sravani13 rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: c1
It's smooth path for MC. Everyone likes her just after she speaks something eloquently. Its bit boring when everyone says she is beautiful and comparing with her sister.
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honeypeachtxt rated it
December 20, 2019
Status: --
I think this novel has a great story. The FL is smart, calm and eloquent. Sadly, the translator stopped translating this novel a year ago. If you think this novel has a good potential, please pick up this novel. Thank you ^^
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