Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon


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Talent, appearance, power.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t beat the people born with these things.

But, within this dungeon, I can overcome them.

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던전에서 재능얻기
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March 11, 2017
Status: c20
Ayy, so turtle decided to pick this up. Turtle's interests really are different from mine, I guess. I dropped this novel 20 chapters in. (I dropped dimensional sovereign, and Breakers 20 chapters in too)

This novel is reincarnator/Master hunter K theme + more impacts on the daily life (in this sense, it may be similar to dimensional sovereign). If you like those series, then you might like this series too.

Personally though, the trope did get a little boring when I read up to chapter 20. But ONLY PERSONALLY, it still... more>> is a very well-written novel. <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: c20
21st century dungeoning/survival. The MC isn't some dumb, pushover, spineless f*ck who gets bullsh*t luck at all. The story is veryyyy good. What you gain in the dungeon (stats), you can keep in reality. People fall asleep and enter the dungeon realm, where there are multiple floors. Monsters are ranked H-SS.

You get drops by killing monsters (only one person can get them). You can acquire new talents or skills by various actions. For example, if you were to kill say 10 goblins by kicking, you might obtain a unique kicking... more>> skill, or if you kill 10 goblins with just your fists, you might obtain a punching skill. Our MC has various skills from map reading to boxing/martial art punches right now.

Anyways, after you complete the first floor within the time limit (just navigating through the maze/killing monsters), you can go down a staircase to move onto the second floor. From then on, a prompt will read "Welcome to the second floor. You can meet +1 explorer, " so someone else from the real world will be there.

Now, it gets crazy, because we learn that if you kill someone, you can steal all of their talents/stats (except techniques).

Of course, if you die in the dungeon, in the real world, you still revive, but you just completely forget about being in the dungeon whatsoever. It even causes a weird personality change (made some d*ck dude into an angel).


Right now, our MC just went through a tough trial. There were a total of 200+ people that gathered on the fifth floor. This is a resting/exchange area, so no one can die here. There is this rank SS statue carved that comes to life.
The statue explains that some God from another world summoned them (as well as others around the world). Humans are here for their desires/power basically. After explaining that, this old religious lady calls the statue a devil, then the statue says that she killed everyone on her floor, so she can't talk. Blah blah, she ends up dying by the statue.

All of her abilities are now open for grabs. The statues goes on to announce there will be a competition. From then on, every person randomly sees a number. One guy has 3, one has 12, while our MC has 22. The numbers equate to the number of opponents you must defeat to obtain that religious nut's power. Our MC just waits a few hours while everyone fights, then he goes up and shocks everyone. He starts to fight, then he breaks this dude's fingers one by one, and even when tis guy's HP is at 0, he doesn't die, since it's an exclusive competition right now. After beating/torturing a few people, he gets new skills such as torture and false evil (he had to act bad to scare away the competition basically)

Our MC was already #1 on the leaderboards but after this wicker performance, nobody dares to challenge him. Of course, the female lead knows he was only doing so to appear scary. He has made one trust worthy friend, Yang Suji. This girl is ranked 41st, but she does not die at all in a dungeon. That is her unique technique. She has OP regeneration basically. Even when this crazy berserk player who had the body/strength of like 15 f*cking goblins from drinking multiple bod enhancing potions, was smashing her to bits and pieces, slicing her body in half, she still managed to regenerate, so it's a scary good ability for her to have.
Our MC wins the competition after a few battles and gets an "escape ticket. This ticket allows him to escape from the sixth floor back to the resting/exchange area on the fifth floor for 12 hours, once he rips it. So this item is good.

From then on, the statue creates 7 plates and tells everyone to form teams of 7, the next floor will begin. Our MC pairs up with a set of twins (one girl rank 15, one little brother rank 145), his female friend, this crazy bit*h who is rank 3, and two others (one of them is secretly ranked 2 but we don't know yet)

So, sixth floor is like a huge cavern and at the edge, a huge drop with monsters at the bottom. His goal initially was to kill the other 5 with his female companion, and take all of their abilities to gain strength. Of course, all of that changes when he realizes that in order to pass the sixth floor, every one must use teamwork to advance past these dozens of shadow leeches at the bottom of the huge abyss hole (Rank SS). This change on the floor still results in multiple people out of the 200+ dying anyways, and sh*t gets awesome.

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edytor rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: c16
Characters are nothing terrible like you'd find in a cliche Xianxia or Wuxia novel, but it's nothing like it's KR betters like MEMORIZE, Main Character Hides His Strength and Dungeon Defense. For example:

> civilians driven into life or death situations and they've been acting remarkably calm

> MC doesn't even question the existence of the dungeon

... more>> > MC starts out (trying to be) cold and calculating but after a certain event in chapter 14 he just comes off as a complete 'edgelord'. Typical among cliche revenge power fantasies.

As well as other examples I can't remember off the top of my head.

General writing is better than your usual cliche KR web novel. Author knows how to use basic imagery and is more descriptive of the world than some KR web novels, also knows not to break the flow of battle or dialogue with constant jarring inserts. Still, the overall worldbuilding is weak and plain. It all amounts to describing tired old game mechanics you've seen again and again with a few details changed, though still not enough to make it interesting.

Translation is decent, still needs some work. Awkward words and phrasing, might understandably turn some off; not as bad as many novels on this site though. Grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes but nothing unreadable or likely to disturb from the experience.

In conclusion, avoid if you want decently written characters and an interesting world. If you want a decently written gauntlet or dungeon crawling KR web novel, read Master Hunter K instead. <<less
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scribbledoutname rated it
May 6, 2017
Status: --
Enjoyable overall but the MC is a bit too selfish for my liking.

Basically, time freezes at midnight one day and a staircase appears in his apartment. He's told that he can go to bed and carry on with his life or enter a dungeon for rewards. From there it's pretty interesting, as the stat gains and abilities he gets by risking his butt in the dungeon are all things he can carry over to real life.

But. It's soon made clear that people can kill each other to steal gains, and... more>> things start getting a bit weird from there. It's still pretty enjoyable but the MC rapidly switches from a seemingly normal guy to an as*hole consumed with killing people for stats. He doesn't go crazy, but he becomes a bit too rude and ruthless IMO. Not in the cool xuanhuan way, but in a sort of mildly annoying, "That was a d*ck move. Did you REALLY need to do that?" sort of way where he's extremely standoffish in conversations and will make schemes to kill targets who aren't bad or dangerous to him. I can't help but not want that kind of MC to win.

But he's a good MC overall, mostly because he's a smart and capable guy who puts all his abilities to use. The story itself is also pretty compelling and doesn't slow down... there's always some level of tension. Worth taking a look at. <<less
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grandplex rated it
May 21, 2017
Status: c55
So, this started out pretty interesting, despite it being clear the MC really has a screw loose or two after just the first few chapters, but after 30 chapters or so, the events do not flow smoothly, there is no foreshadowing of what is going to happen, and there the progression of the character seems to come to a grinding halt, except for one thing, the MC is growing gradually more psychotic, and the author gives no particular reason why the MC (and everyone else) is acting that way. ... more>>

Also, the special ability he triggers at the start, and how he triggered it, make absolutely no sense, I lost a lot of respect for the author's storytelling ability when I saw it finally revealed later on.
In what way does enduring extreme self-mutilation have anything to do with being mentally suppressed by others, it doesn't, the author is an idiot.
His unique ability was supposed to be connected to what happened to him on the 1st level, but instead is used to magically give him a random, completely unrelated ability that completely counters generic future super side-kick's super powerful attack.


The fact that all the characters are psychotic is fine, but combined with a story that seems to be going nowhere, it isn't the type of development I'm interested in seeing, instead of it being a grand dark world, it feels like the MC is turning into a huge Edgelord heading nowhere. I'll see how this develops for a little while longer, but it isn't looking good. <<less
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sodofo8564 rated it
March 21, 2017
Status: c16
IMAO 16 chapters.

MC is quite smart, cool-headed, hard-working and masochist (?). He fall into a dungeon and met a not too dangerous situation, but he made it to be too dangerous to increase his strength. Even though he couldn't overpower others, he often outwitted them with his cool attitude. After chapter 12, he encountered a girl (future wife?) and they roamed the dungeon together.. hope she'd survive till the end.

(Modern day, Gods, Dungeons, Skills)
Inside story.....4.5/5.0

[Average 4.5/5.0]
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darthpsykoz rated it
March 23, 2017
Status: c17
So far, the MC seems to be more interested in improving himself in "reality" than in the dungeon. In that sense, the dungeon can be thought of as a VR, but in which training/events makes you stronger & skilled in RL as well. I am really interested to see how long MC will keep this mindset and I think this is in some way similar to Dimensional Sovereign in that both have an alternate reality & the normal real world. However, I find the sense of danger and unpredictability to... more>> be much better done in this novel, in DS at some point early in the story, I was pretty sure MC could never fail and became (relatively) OP wrt his enemies. I hope this one doesn't follow that pattern, and we see hard fought battles. <<less
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mrttao rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: --
You have a lit-RPG story, where people all over the world are transported into dungeons where they get The System giving them very rapid levelups and superhuman powers. The twist is that they are only transported there at night, and during the day are sent back to the real world with all their powers (unless they die).

The thing is, the MC is somehow the best humanity has to offer, despite the fact his performance is merely mediocre. (They are ranked, and MC is ranked number 1 in the world)

The... more>> author has him only come up with ideas far far too late in the story. Ideas that are the most basic of basics to any gamer or anyone who has ever read a related story.

It takes the MC way to many chapters and in story days to figure out things like "I accidentally discovered using my phone to draw a map I can get cartographer skill, maybe I should bring some eBooks in to see if I can get other skills" or "maybe I should try to maximize my dungeon time to grind skills instead of finishing a level fast and returning the real world" and so on.

He accidentally discovers pain resistance skill in the first level, grinds it as much as his HP allows, then takes advantage of the full heal you get after finishing a level (he grinds it a few steps away from the stairs down)... then never bothers to do this again! leaving his pain resistance underleveled. Nor does he try to acquire other resistance skills.

He also never tries obvious things like "I used drawing app to make maps and get the way overpowered cartographer skill, maybe I should try all the other apps and maybe install some extra apps or put books on my phone". Nope, none of that, he never thinks to do it. Many days and levels later he acquires some in dungeon item that lets him bring hardcover books in one at a time instead. (he can bring in his phone because it is considered a "personal item" the same as clothing and jewelry, hardcover books are not considered that way so he needs to get the bag to bring them in, he only gets the idea when he finds the bag in the shop, and he never thinks of loading ebooks on his phone which is allowed in the dungeon)

Not only that, but author insists he is some sort of genius to come up with those ideas and somehow nobody else in the world can fathom those extremely basic and obvious concepts. And hence he is the number 1 human in the world.

Furthermore, the MC ideas never ever fail to bear fruit. Instead of trying many things and seeing what works and what doesn't, MC will only try a few highly specific things, which will always work exactly like the MC predicted. <<less
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DekuHero rated it
August 28, 2017
Status: --
Before I give my overall review id just like to say one thing.

Reading the other reviews here I noticed a few people say they think the MC is too dark or he is "Edgy".

Id prefer that over your typical beta white knight cucked MC we are usually stuck with. I enjoy a badass male lead that isn't dense or scared of anything... including women.

Now that ive said that, my review of this isn't that great. It wasn't interesting enough to me and I guess I have been spoiled by some... more>> previous works ive read. I personally can't rate this more than a 3. <<less
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radikai rated it
March 12, 2017
Status: c10
Great premise and well-written story so far.

Hoping to see more. Plus, the way the Author introduce the MC's personality is really good. At least it's not the info-dumping type. I'm also very interested in how this dungeon-exploring thing will progress.

5 stars for now.
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Yoburi rated it
March 17, 2017
Status: --
One word for this novel is DARK, it`s starts very friendly with a MC just trying to became better learning skills even when he lost his hand and just start puching the wall just to gain pain immunit didn't feel dark since there are so many M characters in this novels. The thing is it soon becames a battle royal and even the MC kills without even blinking.

Novels like this only work well with the Dark theme if you lose touch with the real world in the novel like the... more>> MC is transported to a diffrent world but in this case the MC kills and murders people and monsters at night and goes to work at day like nothing happend it just doesn't work for the novel.

Also people inside the dungeon became too insane too fast they still are on floor 4 and people already start murdering each other over stats and skill on level 1 that requeires no effort to raise its like starting a MMORPG and everybody goes to play PVP on level 1 using basic commands and garbage control over the character when they could do a much better PVP on later levels. <<less
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Trent rated it
March 11, 2017
Status: c10
Perfect until chapter 10. Excellent pace, wonderful MC, and a great dungeon.

The MC's very likable, if weird: he's strong-willed, able to take pain, insightful, and able to act logically when necessary and according to his emotions when he should, which turns him into something other than a "standard" MC and makes the story more fun. He has yet to do anything regretful, and chooses the best option without being robotic. He has an almost suicidal desperation to improve, and doesn't need the plot to continuously feed him lucky chances, but... more>> will use this opportunity to surpass his limits.

The gaming aspects are sensibly implemented and efficiently described, and keep the dungeon and the regular world from being incompatible.

UPDATE: After chapter 10, the story loses its brilliance: the already fast pace speeds up further, the plot's coherency fractures, characters become less interesting, and the dungeon becomes a place where killers gain victims' abilities; this makes the MC's characteristics meaningless, and turns the dungeon from potentially being a place with a variety of characters into one where the selfish killer reigns. I'm sure we'll see parties forming up in response. The MC's almost suicidal desperation has become a fully murderous one. On one hand, it's good that a character won't have to repeat an action thousands of times to level it up. On the other, the MC no longer needs to develop his abilities, because he'll just kill someone who has them, and it seems like most people he meets will be similarly boring. <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
October 30, 2017
Status: c62
It's an interesting story, but having taken a break from it, I've come to see it's flaws.

The writer is making the story up as he goes. There's no foreshadowing and what buildup there was only occurs early on, and after the 3rd night, there's no more climaxes. The story just flatlines.

There's no significant character progression save that everyone is just steadily growing more psychotic. However, the story has neither acknowledged this, nor used this in its narrative. The only way it's been addressed is that certain traits flanderize characters, sometimes... more>> taking a reasonable trait to an insane extreme. However, despite this excuse, a good half of the characters are just crazy without these traits, and most of these traits came to exist because of the character's madness and only serve to push it to an even more extreme degree. <<less
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Horoscope rated it
March 12, 2017
Status: c10
I want to see more of this. The handling of the characters especially is really well done. Lots of room for world building. It's good to see an MC with a brain in his head, and questions everything around him. Always prepared but not in an invulnerable way. 'Intelligent' MC tropes can be seriously ruined when everything ALWAYS goes to way the MC predicts it. Adaptable MCs are where things get interesting. Seriously I hope you keep posting these on a regular basis! [Edit, chapter 11] You ruined it authoooor.... more>> Such a poor change in pace. I hope you correct this mistake in chapter 12. <<less
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Mi_rei0 rated it
November 30, 2018
Status: c56
This novel started out really interesting, but as it goes on, it becomes predictable. The first 10 chapters or so were engaging, but as I got to chapter 30...40... I find it a chore to read.

The plot is just basically repeating itself - go to a different floor of the dungeon, enemies appear, MC gets protected by plot armor and survives (gains some chicks in the meantime). New characters just appear without much foreshadowing and seems to be made up on the spot. The author just seems to describe... more>> how desperate the MC desires success and hands everything on a platter for him.

There are better k-novels out there. <<less
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CHR rated it
January 31, 2018
Status: c45
This novel started in a way and ended up in a totally different route, first the main character is a bit of an obsessive with sucess at any cost, but kinds of makes sense since only people with strong ambitions can enters dungeons,

... more>>But after the main character gaining talents in the dungeon, out of nowhere this ends and the MC starts ruling over people like a king in his dungeon and starts competing with others but now in real life, bacause of this and translation being almost dropped this novel gained a 3. <<less
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