Above the Skies


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Wang Xiong regains the memories of his past life. Regaining control of the human realm, he leads a mighty army and returns to the Immortal Realm on a conquest against the Divine Immortals.

Changes begin, chaos arises.

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Lăng Tiêu Chi Thượng
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January 20, 2018
Status: v3c6
Currently on Volume 3 and the novel has live upto the author's reputation so far. ("Everlasting Immortal Firmament" and "Immortality"). There is plenty of face-smacking which was missing in his previous works.

The story is about a young prince who regains the memories of his previous life. Before he regained his memories he was dumb (wisdom of a 5 year old) as his Soul Sea was sealed due to an event in his previous life.

In his previous life MC was a supreme White Tiger. Now, in current life MC is a... more>> human prince who has to face one challenge after another. His first challenge is obtaining the throne which is rightfully his while finding the culprits who killed his father.

In first chapter we see a young miss wanting to cancel the engagement with MC. Let me assure you it doesn't follow the usual format (like BTTH) where the girl insult MC or something. As you read it you will start liking the girl for doing what she did. She has a personality of her own and doesn't wants her fate to be controlled.

The country MC lives in is different. It's ruled by one Emperor and four Kings. MC has inherited the throne of one of the kings. The Emperor has an interesting goal in allowing Kings to exist in his country: he wished to be on his toes. Because as long as the strong Kings exist there would be pressure on him which would help him to challenge himself and grow stronger.

The story is about conquest, revenge and ultimately love. <<less
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akhdanp1234 rated it
July 24, 2018
Status: v3c25

  • Weak MC
  • Cockroach enemy
  • MC keep making new enemies
  • Enemy have weak reason to kill the MC
  • Three volume into the story yet all of the MC enemies is still alive
  • Slow paced
The story is basically MC being attacked over and over again. It's disappointing considering that the author other work ("Immortality") is a masterpiece.
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bored nobody
bored nobody
November 14, 2018
Status: v11
No Spoilers

Expected nothing less from author of Everlasting Immortal Firmament and Immortal. EIF and Immortal are unique for their genre, same hold true for Above the skies. It involves schemes, plans, Chinese mythical characters and Influence building. But this time past of MC is more mysterious, characterisation of female harem members is more appealing and world is more bizarre. More mysterious organizations, many likable and promising characters, more scheming and plotting.

Unique and enjoyable read
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qull rated it
January 9, 2019
Status: v10c1
Above the skies is a story about a young prince of a kingdom, who is a reincarnation of past master. The story is very slow, and the author is obsessed with political traits such as recurring villains (or "cockroach" villains), betrayals, spies, behind-the-scene manipulator, and a lot of dramas. The piece lacks a lot of character development and human relationship. There are too many focuses on human aspect of cunning, evil mind, and feeling of betrayal/vengeance... to the point where it becomes a cliche.

You can expect a lot of conflicts... more>> after conflicts (after conflicts) popping up every chapters. There is no downtime for this novel. In fact, enemies will always find a new way to trouble MC life every 3~5 chapters. MC will be on a ride with no brake... It's a stream of problems one after another, while villains will live to fight another day.


After desperately solved some enemy (who ended up not dying for the 5th time... seriously), MC finally going to wed his girl.

However, during wedding, another old (cockroach) enemy, so MC has to deal with him. Then right on the next chapter, a completely new enemy appears just to supports that old enemy. MC fights and kills their minions while both of them escaped (once again) and vow (again) to fight another day.

MC finally sleep with his girl, but right after the night... somehow the girl shows some weird sign. Her physique (related to cooking pill) aura becomes exposed to the point where she lures in more new OP enemies. More people flood in, and MC has to deal with that.

Right after MC dealt with that, one of his ally died, and that guy's father want to cook MC's girl into pill to rescue his son, so MC has to fight this OP father.... and MC went into coma.

The wife panicked since she can't solve MC coma, so her aunt found a sect that would give her pill in exchange of taking her as saintress for some vague mission that estimate to take a long time (we donno how true this is yet). She accepted but does not let anybody tell MC about her whereabout. After feeding MC, she's gone without trace.

MC woke up and thought that his wife sacrificed herself (use herself as pill) to save him, so he went berserk and heartbroken. His mental state collapsed, which causes his heart tribulation or something, so he was sent to buddha sect.


The novel has subpar romance at best. Even though there are love stories, the amount of text the novel actually dedicated into conversation and relationship time between MC and his girls are very minimal. <<less
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