Above the Firmament: Legend of Skyrim


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Livy – a deadbeat of the Air Force Academy. Unruly, undisciplined, lazy. Before Claude, no one saw his talent, and as a leisurely and carefree fighter pilot, his [Livy’s] three main hobbies in life were beer, fried calamari, and hot babes.

But… why was that d*mned Claude always interrupting him right when he was about to get lucky? Even if he [Claude] was a bottom, he was a tr*shy bottom, a bottom that always made his little top suffer helplessly……

Claude – a man draped in halos galore. The youngest major general, the most perfect man, the most unsurpassable genius. Such a man had discovered Livy’s talent against the aliens’ one-sided defeat, and he would give to Livy the fighter jet that he regarded as his own life. He was obsessed with Livy, but he deeply understood that this man, who had turned his world upside down, would only belong to the sky.

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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
June 9, 2022
Status: c13
Sigh. It's actually really good so far. I love the action and the MC. It's the perfect read where you're looking for something serious but with characters that make the atmosphere much more light hearted. I was actually going to MTL this... but the MTL is too hard TT. I can't afford to destroy my brain like that. Rating it a 5 because I really want people to check this novel out.

I also hope the translator can come back (or at least have someone pick up this lovely novel) ~

... more>>

Edit: it's also seriously annoying me how random people are rating this story 1/2 stars. Like chill. Get your homophobic asses outta here or read the novel and gives review of it objectively so I know you're being serious. This is such a big trend with BL novel coming out and it can deter readers because of low ratings. So annoying. <<less
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