About the Time I Picked up an Angel in the Park and She Said “I Like You”


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Ren Hayasaka, a high school student who was traumatized after his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend, decided to go to a different school than his hometown and never have a girlfriend.

Then, when it was about 23:00, he found his School’s Angel, Kaede Shimizu, standing alone in a park.

This is a love comedy that begins with living together with the Angel.

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02/04/23 Zetro Translation epilogue (end)
02/04/23 Zetro Translation c69
02/04/23 Zetro Translation c68
02/03/23 Zetro Translation c67
02/02/23 Zetro Translation c66
02/01/23 Zetro Translation c65
01/31/23 Zetro Translation c64
01/30/23 Zetro Translation c63
01/29/23 Zetro Translation c62
01/28/23 Zetro Translation c61
01/27/23 Zetro Translation c60
01/26/23 Zetro Translation c59
01/25/23 Zetro Translation c58
01/24/23 Zetro Translation c57
01/23/23 Zetro Translation c56
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December 6, 2022
Status: --
Censoring names of female bodyparts has opposite effect, makes it look more le*d than intended, just saying. Censored words draws attention, something akin to bubble effect on regular photo. If you don't want to use such vulgar words, there is a lot of more gentle synonyms; also using synonyms makes reading more interesting, not just br***ts, br***ts.

Besides, censoring makes me feel like I'm living in NK.
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January 18, 2023
Status: --
This is almost an exact copy of angel next door. Even down to his friends girlfriend feeding him spicy chocolate on Valentine's. It's the same story, just shorter. Not a single thing original here.
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December 8, 2022
Status: --
It's your standard cookie cutter school life romcom ordinary boy meets beautiful girl.

It has all the tropes you want in all of your favorite romcoms on a table like a buffet.
- Gloomy boy with an unfortunate past

- Said boy has a very close male friend

... more>> - A popular girl with immaculate beauty and has top grades and is also good at sport

- Said girl has a dark past with family problem

- Cohabiting

- Cooking

- Fellow classmates or bystanders reactions

- Shopping

so on and so forth

The biggest problem this work has is that everything happens so f*cking fast. There's no break in development, more like everything is being rushed. Some parts are a bit cringe to read as well, not sure if the raw was like that or the TL... speaking of.

Translation is well... so so. It's zetro. Their TLs are usually hit or miss. I'm sure some of their staffs are talented (the one that took on lonely me and the lonely caring goddess or mea-san or silver hair blue eye junior for instance), but this one isn't it chief. Some early chapters have male/female pronounces mixed up, and sentences are weird. You gotta have to proofread carefully from MTL. Unwanted comments in the middle of the chapter pop up occasionally as well, y'all need to stop doing this.

Let's just hope they will finish this novel to the end before they get bored and move on to a different novel, like many novels they have taken on before.

I will not rate this work any stars, or more like I'm withholding stars from rating. Because if you're here you'll read this anyway because you're thirsty for high school romcom.

Edit: the more I read this, the more I feel like this novel was someone's first written work. I guess I can't be too harsh, but the cringe is still there and the inexplicable uncanny feeling when I read is present.


Edit: bro, I don't know if the author wrote it in the raw or a conscious word choice from the translator, but, being mistrustful of girls and thus hate them doesn't equal to being a misogynist. Pick up a dictionary, would you?

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73Isbest rated it
December 27, 2022
Status: c29
A bit of drama a lot of fluff that's what I like the MC and FMC feels genuine and not perfect that is what I like about this series, also be careful it mention (brifly) SAbuse so be careful if you triggered by that
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