About My Login Bonus After I was Transferred to Another World Being Obviously Too Strong


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The very popular different world comedy in Kakuyomu is finally made into a book!

Without being run over by a truck, Katou, a high school student with a Chuunibyo disease was summoned to another world. “Now, I’m gonna be the strongest harem protagonist!”, at this time a mysterious “Login Bonus” was given to the delighted Katou!?

Elixir on the first day, on the second day is an elf princess (beautiful girl), a magic sword (that can transform into a little girl) on the third day. In addition, he can get even more continuous login bonus, and powerful cheats increase every day just by him living!!

And then Katou noticed. With this power, he can freely explore the other world, even the Demon Lord and Spirit Lord were added to his harem and ― “I’ll take the world with this power!!” Katou’s most enjoyable life in a different world begins now! The popular different world comedy from the Web has begun!!

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Isekai ni Teni Shita Ore no Login Bonus ga Akiraka ni Tsuyosugiru Ken ni Tsuite
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Kuro Alicia
New Kuro Alicia rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: c2
Here we go again, some novel with high expectation from title & description but the inside is garbage~

I thought this is the same like "infinite gacha" but well...

... more>>

MC can only max level to 5, the lowest on history

Everyday he just selling potion with alchemy skill

No romance detected, Yumine is on gray zone cuz she don't want MC to even touch her breast

The other Harem is just companion

I don't feel any comedy

Don't have any plot

So what is this novel give to me? nothing


That low rating didn't lie huh~ <<less
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Meloonseed rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: c3
the typical dumb isekai cheat novel, but instead of an average joe type character, its a mentally deficient type character. Ik its supposed to be comedy, buts its really not that funny. With these types of novels, I dont even really bother after looking at the title, but I clicked on it, and the main character drawn on the cover really annoyed me, so here I am, writing this spite filled review
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