Abandoned Maid of the Grand Duke


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One day, I woke up to find myself as the abandoned maid of the grand ducal household.

I mean, I’m not saying that I was slapped and thrown out as soon as I woke up today. Rather, I literally woke up and realized that I had transmigrated into a novel as the maid who gets abandoned.
Of course, as cliché as it might be, the problem here is that I’m not the female lead.

Not the female lead, not even a supporting villain, not even an extra – I woke up as ‘that’ abandoned maid who irresponsibly has an affair with the grand duke, gets pregnant, gets kicked out, and eventually gives birth on the roadside, only to be stabbed to death by an assassin hired by the grand duchess.

Given the circumstances, my ultimate goal in this otherworld is survival.
Staying alive is my one and only priority.

Always be wary of the grand duke, reconsider any nonsense.
Romance? What romance?
Pardon me, but I’m too busy trying to survive.

And yet… What is this situation now?

“Julie, if it’s alright with you, can you attend to me?”
Isn’t the butler supposed to do that?

“Maybe it’s because I’ve known you longer? I’m more comfortable with you, Julie.”
If it’s about knowing someone longer, you’ve known the butler longer than me though?

“If you’re not feeling well, do you want to rest?”
Where? Over there, on your bed?

“I wish you’d feel more comfortable around me.”
If I get any more comfortable, I’ll end up naked and rolling around on the bed, sir.

And so it begins.
A sensual romance between a maid trying to survive and a grand duke with insane flirting skills!

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대공가의 버림받은 하녀
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3 Reviews

Jun 02, 2024
Status: c2
Well that was funny and interesting. I know its short but I can already see the potencial to be a good novel to read for leisure.

The female protagonist will try her all to avoid the red flag and survive to the very end. I cant wait to see that progress if she can really avoid the male lead (wink wink) and so far the male protagonist still did not reveal himself or rather talked with our female lead but I can feel that he is obssesed with her and this... more>> is the mystery part, when did the ML fall in love? And how can he conquer the female leads love? Or is he a cheater and a playboy (has no signs whatsoever I still think that the ML is loyal to the female lead)

I really cant wait for the next chapter. I reccommend to read this book. But I will still change my rating if something will go wrong with this since its still short but overall its great. <<less
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Jun 02, 2024
Status: --
It's too early to give a review but so far so good for this novel.

Okay, the original plot is where the og maid Julie is a fling of the grand duke. She became an adulterer got pregnant almost the same month as the grand duchess. Got threats from the grand duchess, gave birth at the road side, and killed by the assassins. In all of these happenings, the grand duke did not show or shielded her. But of course, who wants to shield an adulterer woman that could lead to... more>> his ruin.

The current plot, Julie possessed by a modern woman from Korea and a certified novel reader is firm that she will not follow the original plot. She decided to have nothing to do with the ml, but of course we know that that will never happens. She won't be an abandoned maid by him. ML is a grand duke and a war hero. It was not stated yet as to why he committed an affair with Julie, a maid. He imp**gnated her almost the time he imp**gnated his wife (in the original plot).

I like it so far. I kinda want to know how will FL avoids ML and what ML will do to FL in the next chapters. What is the reason behind his affairs with Julie. The translation is also good. <<less
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Jun 15, 2024
Status: C 33
I love this story, it's steamy, there isn't much drama on the part of the characters, there are some scenes where consent is dubious, but I guess that's the charm of the story.

Our FL, Julia, is a modern woman who tries not to fall into the cliché of her story, she avoids the Grand Duke and tries not to get too involved with the Grand Duchess, that is, she tries to be seen as just another piece of furniture, but without success.

Our ML, The Grand Duke, is a powerful, attractive... more>> man, a war hero, obsessed with Julia and eager to have her for himself, no matter what they say, when it comes to Julia, he is willing to go to the last consequences.

It's an interesting story, so far, I like what I've read and I look forward to more chapters.


In the last chapter I read, Julia becomes pregnant shortly after the Grand Duchess' pregnancy is announced.

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