A Young Girl in a Village Without Protection


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She is actually the person with the strongest form of protection (boon), the one to change her destiny… Reborn in her favorite game!

Reincarnated as the villain in a world where everyone has blessings, Selisena herself has none.

Though the prince, her fiance , vouches to protect her, Selisena knows he is bound to break their wedding promise and marry the game’s heroine.

And if the prince and the Heroine don’t get to the happy ending of the game, she herself will be executed. (Otherwise, she’ll just be exiled.)

So she leaves the prince in the heroine’s care and goes on to look for her own happiness in this new life.

And in order to do so, she borrows land from her father and becomes a landlord.

Associated Names
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The Small Village of the Young Lady Without Blessing
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chromaQ rated it
October 2, 2020
Status: c57
I'm at the end of volume 1, chapter 57. This is a story that has an interesting premise, I wish it delivered writing to match. But... the writing is just boring, as if it was delivered by an extremely bored narrator.

I realized that after I'd go back to this novel to read more chapters, I would have totally forgotten that this story was something I was reading. It's like elevator music that you forget the second you leave the elevator.

The biggest issue is the tone of the writing - it... more>> is very passive. It doesn't feel active at all, or have any excitement like you're in the thick of the story. It's more like reading a historical biography that is delivered in a remote, dry way. The pacing is kind of bad because of that - I'd be reading and waiting for an event to come to pass, but it the plodding writing with pointless details just kills all the inertia of the story.

It's just so bland. Example:

"Hisui’s box had a green ribbon and Odette’s box was tied with a pale blue ribbon.

After Hisui received it, Odette nervously received it as well."

There's detail that is totally meaningless, like the colors of the ribbons. Someone got their box, and someone was nervous about getting a box? The reactions don't feel like anything, just as if it was described by a bored third party.

Anyway, I appreciate the translations, they seem to be done well. It just seems like the source material is tragically bland. <<less
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Liedral rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: c42
Well... I thought the beginning premise had potential, the problem is that the author took that beginning, added some flawed logic and had the MC run full tilt in that direction.

... more>>

I feel like I'm reading a train wreck everytime she concludes that the prince must reach the happy ending with the heroine so she doesn't get the execution ending. Has she forgotten exactly why game Selisena got executed? It's cause game Selisena poisoned/murdered the crown prince... of course the culprit is going to get executed. Don't poison him and you'll be just fine...


I hope the MC wakes up to the fact that no... this isn't the game world and staying with the crown prince won't result in a death sentence unless she does something tremendously s*upid and treasonous... <<less
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evanesco99211 rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: c49
Unlike in other similar stories where the villainess does not really have a strong reason to deny the fact that they are being loved or to resist the love they recognize they're receiving, Selesina actually does.

... more>>

The others may stubbornly resist the fact simply because they are supposedly the villainess but in her current world, the Great Tree system itself is very game-like so it's understandable that she has a hard time not to think of it as an actual game.


Secondly, the dilemma regarding her fiancee. Given how the story goes so far, it seems like she has a bigger reason, similar to Bertia, for trying to hook up her fiancee with the original FL. She adores her fiance and recognizes that she is being adored as well (which is kind of rare among MC in similar stories) but she can't accept him for various reasons.

In chapter 28:

It was only natural that Selesina was angry.

But, if Meria doesn't end up with Soratek, then it would lead to the bad ending......... and the only thing waiting for Selesina would be her death.

'But, if she does end up with Soratek, I wouldn't die...... but the country would be destroyed.'

In that case, I would also end up dying....... she realized. Should I choose my life or the life of the country?


In chapter 30:

If the 2 of them achieve the happy ending then Selesina would be exiled.

If the 2 reach the bad ending then Selesina would die.

If she had to choose one then she would rather choose the happy end so that she would only be exiled. That's why Selesina was hoping that Soratek and the Heroine would get together.


Either way, I hope the ML will end up with the MC as they are a sweet couple who cares about each other :) <<less
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August 4, 2021
Status: v1c1
The thing that's special about this story is undoubtedly the village and the tree system, it's even in the title. Unfortunately the author doesn't seem able to focus on that aspect, it's constantly interrupted by "yet another villainess story" that doesn't touch on anything significantly different from the billion and one similar stories. The excitement of the LitRPG city building elements is seriously watered down by the fact that she's clearly going to end up queen eventually and be forced to leave it all behind to go live with the... more>> not very interesting prince. The story is not subtle on this point.

The effect is that the heart of the story, the land she develops, is totally undermined. She is supposed to be building a new life, but her old life doesn't get out of the way for the story to develop on those lines. Maybe if her old life were something more imaginative it'd be acceptable, but it does nothing unusual. Duke's daughter, engaged to the prince, becomes a villainess, bullies the heroine, gets executed, has past life memories, then avoids the death flags by the very uninspired "not doing anything particularly villainous so naturally people don't hate her this time around". If you've read another villainess story (or 50) you already know everything that happens, it's kinda boring.

Here's how I would fix it: The story starts after banishment. The villainess fails to avoid her death flags, and gets exiled to the frontier. Now on the frontier where nobody knows her she starts her new carefree life tending barren land, fighting off frontier monsters, and growing her village. All of the village events can proceed more or less entirely unchanged, minus the prince and father characters. Go all in on the village building LitRPG and only use the villainess template as the inciting event. Place more emphasis on the farming and procuring foods, add a cooking based plot. You could even have the Heroine that plays the antagonist role appear in the frontier, maybe her happy ending doesn't turn out so happy after all and she ends up getting exiled too, so she can continue playing the same role she currently does as the well-intentioned but oblivious walking disaster. These few changes to the premise would push the story's focus to where it really belongs, without actually changing all that much. The distractions are removed and the core value becomes much more important, since the royal safety net is removed and now she needs the village for her survival. <<less
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Amithvishal rated it
August 16, 2020
Status: c22
Chapters are short and sweet. Its kinda generic and not generic at the same time in certain aspects. Not much has been translated so far yet. But I would definitely like for some light reads.
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Arha rated it
August 23, 2021
Status: --
Painfully generic. The protagonist is incredibly blind, she never has to struggle and the cast is quite bland overall. The prose is also fairly poor and the translation is underwhelming. The only thing saving this from a two star review is that it's not offensively bad and the setting is fairly decent.
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