A Whimsical Trip to Another World ~With a S*ave Harem~


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Yohei, who was a NEET, discovers a suspicious file while hacking to pass his free time.

And once he noticed, it was set that he would be transferred into another world.

He agreed to transfer without any particular purpose, but he had a certain goal…

“That’s right, let’s create a s*ave harem.”

A story about a man full of worldly desires wandering around in another world.


Author’s Note:

・Type of reader its directed for:

– People who like when the character grows little by little.

– People who like plain battle depictions

– People who like it when status and skills are but one factor to strength

– People who like different worlds that are a little harder than templates

– People who do not want the character to keep increasing his amount of friends.

– People who yearn for a nomad lifestyle.

Associated Names
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異世界 きまぐれぶらり旅~奴隷ハーレムを添えて~
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01/29/24 Nega Translations c20
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