A Warrior Begins Life In Another World


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Hiroshi Goto, an unemployed man who has been living off his parents due to trauma goes out to change his life. He gets into a traffic accident on the way and dies. The next thing he notices, he is at a strange place. A mosaic that calls himself ‘God’ appears suddenly. So that Hiroshi can live a second life, God sends him to another world. This is the story of a man who values his family and lives his life so that he doesn’t repeat the same mistakes this time.

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02/12/17 xCalibur Stories v1c1
08/06/15 Hugs & Love prologue
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mismarca rated it
December 22, 2016
Status: c129
I'd say its a pretty good story. Yes its harem genre but the romance in this one are kinda slow since MC is more focusing on protecting his family, for him romance is the second thing to think of. His character pretty good and able to make calm/precise decision during the battle. He choose the knight/soldier path instead of the usual adventure, yes there are adventures in this series he just influenced by his father.

The early skill that he obtain/create are changing POV from 1st to 3rd and Physical boost... more>> (turns him into super saiyan.... like seriously, his hair become golden and wear that tight suit except for the protector armor, yes prince vegetable without the protector armor is the best example). Yes he will become OP later on but its mostly from his hard work and effort on learning it himself. <<less
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