A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu


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Su Jianan was marrying the love of her life. It all seemed picture-perfect, except for a few catches. One, it was a marriage of convenience. Two, she would be divorced after two years.
With her well-being under threat, Su Jianan had only one choice to keep herself safe: marrying, and pretending to be loved by a powerful man capable of protecting her. Conveniently, her soon-to-be husband was Lu Boyan, a man she had been secretly in love with for fourteen years. She went along with the marriage, knowing full well that her love was one-sided.
Or was it?
Business tycoon Lu Boyan had known Su Jianan ever since she was ten. Back then, the death of his father had plunged his world into darkness, and Su Jianan’s presence had brought a new ray of light into his life. Now, it was his turn to protect her. He would marry her to keep her safe. But two years later, he would divorce her: it would no longer be safe for her to remain by his side.
What fate awaited Su Jianan and Lu Boyan? Would their marriage mark the beginning of a happily ever after? Or would it lead to heartbreak and sorrow? Would their marriage outlast the two years? What kind of secret was Lu Boyan keeping?
Follow along with the twists and turns of this slow-burn, action-packed love story!

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Young Master Lu's Lovely New Bride
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CabbageLu rated it
September 4, 2018
Status: --
I will continue to update the review as more chapters are released and so far the premise seems to be:

The FL needs to marry ML or someone equivalent to make sure she isn't used as a hostage by her dad to control her brother. FL marries ML because her mother's friend is ML's mother/relative. But she sees the ML promising another woman that he will divorce her after 2 years.

So far

... more>> Translation 5/5

You're an amazing Translator and keep up the good work.

Plot 3/5

Cliche pampering young master meets lesser-class girl. Basically another Cinderella story.

Characters 5/5

I absolutely adore the FL, She is really honest and so is the ML. Unlike most of the Cinderella stories where they fall in love for no reason (be realistic, Love, at first sight, doesn't exist only lust at first sight). They both are grown adults who can handle their own problems and the FL doesn't need constant babysitting and she is exactly what an FL should be, someone who even without the ML can exist.

Enjoyment. 5/5

I absolutely love how jealous ML gets over the FL but tries to ignore it because he doesn't think that he is jealous I just sit there laughing at their misunderstandings and how with simple concise explanations they can clear the misunderstandings but they don't realize the double meaning of their words paired with their actions. The misunderstandings are somewhat more realistic in this one at least.

Only read the spoiler once you read the first 2 chapters


I'm Pretty sure at the beginning when he told the actress that he would divorce her after 2 years wasn't because he wanted to marry the actress but because he knew that after 2 years he probably couldn't protect her due to his circumstances. (This is what I think, might be right, might be wrong.)

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March 16, 2019
Status: c40
I don't know why this has got such a high number of one star ratings (one can only assume that it progresses in an overly stereotypical way or something else objectionable happens) because it seems like it's developing into a good story. Watch this space, I suppose.

To be honest, the set-up - the FL marrying the ML so that her father can't kidnap her to manipulate her brother - seems highly improbable, but I don't mind rolling with it. There are hints that there may be something else afoot that... more>> compelled the brother and the ML's mother into arranging the marriage. I hope there is another reason, even if it is as simple as the brother wanting the FL to be with her longtime crush (a.k.a the ML).

The FL and the ML both love each other, and are both trying not to let the other know - in the FL's case because she thinks he doesn't love her, and in the ML's case because he has some as-yet-unknown-to-the-reader revenge plan that could endanger her. I'm not one for angst or misunderstandings, and I enjoy reading their interactions. Nothing is over the top, the FL is down to earth and unflappable - she dissects corpses for the police for a living so her standard refrain is "is this as scary as a dead body? No? Then whatever." As she "knows" that the ML is going to divorce her in two years, she approaches the marriage as a contract and minimises the amount of hurt she could potentially receive. In a genre where female leads often say they are going to do so but don't actually do so, this FL is refreshing as she is aware of her own feelings and tries her best to protect her heart.

In summary: currently an entertaining lead with a refreshing female lead, some overused tropes that nevertheless don't detract from the story, and supportive family relations (apart from the step-family, obviously). <<less
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pokeito rated it
April 25, 2019
Status: 359
I get why people rated this a 1 star.

It's the same troupe. Marriage of convenience with a rich guy.

But I'm pleasantly surprised of the twists in this story.

The ML is not really that cold but actually just hides a lot of stuff and the FL is fiesty and smart but not brash. The misunderstandings between them are more funny rather than frustrating.

Edit: after like 300+ chapters, it becomes very dramatic and frustrating lmao
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Miumiu rated it
September 27, 2018
Status: c24
Cute little story with a cute FL so far. I am quite liking their interactions. This trope of contractual marriage but the ML and FL falling in love is anyway my favorite. The FL is not sume dumbo but a forensic doctor who knows her mind. She is not going moping about even though she discovers something about ML just before marriage which would put anyone off. She is quite prcatical but sweet as well.
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