A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess


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On the day Wen Yu found out her celebrity boyfriend had cheated on her and her family was also in danger of going bankrupt. That scummy ex of hers didn’t even feel any guilt. First, he cheated, then he mocked Wen Yu, declaring that he’s no longer the poor man he used to be. And thus, her status fell from a phoenix to a pheasant.

Wen Yu couldn’t take this insult.

After her break up, she was accidentally hit by a car.

When she woke up, in front of her stood a man feared by everyone in the entertainment industry: Jiang Yuhe. He was the capital magnate who could essentially control the fate of all celebrities.

He asked her nonchalantly, “How do you want to be compensated?”

Seeing this as the golden finger sent by God, bold ideas suddenly sprang in Wen Yu’s head.

Wen Yu had claimed to have forgotten everything, firmly calling Jiang Yuhe “Older Brother”. And thus, the doctor had diagnosed her with psychogenic amnesia, so her memories were distorted. Helpless, Jiang Yuhe was forced to temporarily take care of this “Little Sister”.

“Brother, are you coming home for dinner tonight?”

“Sorry Brother, a sister just called you. She seems to have misunderstood.”

“Brother, if you are well, then today will be a good day.”

Pretending to be an innocent little green tea*, Wen Yu was sweet, plain, and gentle and had a peaceful and beautiful temperament in front of other people. Behind that facade was a woman who would strike scummy men with a knife heavy-handedly.

On the day she humiliated her scummy ex and forced him to leave the entertainment industry, Wen Yu felt vindicated. Overly excited for a moment, she mistakenly texted her “brother” instead of her scummy ex.

The man squinted as he read the words on the screen out loud. “‘I tolerated and endured humiliation for three months’?”

He sneered, adjusting his position. “Well, aren’t you quite capable?”


Eventually, Wen Yu would finally learn on the true meaning of tolerating and enduring humiliation T_T

* ‘Green Tea’ is Chinese slang to describe a girl pretending to be innocent and pure.

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May 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Unexpected gem for me... its hilarious at time but so sweet n romantic... It the best when u want to pass the time.. short and sweet.. I basically MTL all the way as I just can't wait for more!

The ML, are so sweet and romantic in his own way

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