A Twisted Introvert loner Like Me, Mentally Wrecked One-Sidedly due to Love, Throws Away the Love Letter Sent by the foremost School’s Beauty, Leading to an Unwanted Romantic Comedy


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“The Love Comedy That Smiles Upon the Boy Who Swore Off Love, Only to Encounter a Fateful Love Letter”

In middle school, Kazari-kun Obana swore off falling in love after a one-sided crush left him traumatized. However, one day, he received a letter. It was what people call a “love letter,” and it confessed feelings for Kazari-kun. Despite wavering in being committed to avoid love for a moment, Kazari-kun ultimately reaffirmed his decision to break away from his weak self and crumpled the love letter, tossing it into the tr*sh.

But at that very moment, the sender witnessed his actions…

Is it fate’s cruel joke, or does the god of romantic comedies

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