A Tale of One Lady and Two Men


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Nadia Ingram was a Duke’s daughter who just wanted to be loved. At the behest of her family, she entered an arranged marriage with the arrogant and self-indulgent Marquis Edwin R. Elantz.

However, as she was trying to come to terms with her new life as a married woman, she somehow reunited with her ex-lover, Asheel Khurshid, who was Edwin’s knight.

This marriage, which she had wanted to be peaceful and uneventful, grew turbulent in the presence of the two men in her life.

* * *

“Don’t tell me you just got back from rolling around in bed with some other bastard? You smell like c*m.”

“…Th-that isn’t the case at all!”

Inside her dress, Asheel’s fluids trickled down to her knees, but Nadia still firmly denied it. She almost broke out in cold sweat as she pretended that nothing was amiss.

It was a relief that she was good at controlling her expressions, but she continued to avoid the persistent gaze directed at her, hoping that he would just drop the subject and let it go.

“Then, is it mine?”

He drew close to whisper into her ear, dirty words leaving his languid tongue as he teased her with a hint of sadistic glee.

“You must have had fun until early morning, hm? It’d be nice if you could make sure to handle it properly so we won’t need to worry about any illegitimate children. How are you doing now, is it leaking out?”

Nadia felt the blood drain from her face.

▸ Edwin R. Elantz – the most powerful man in the Empire; surrounded by many bad rumors after gaining the trust of the Emperor; would do however as he pleased; an apathetic-looking eye candy who actually has a twisted personality; uses his eloquence well

▸ Asheel Khurshid – a commoner knight; with his skills alone, he managed to rise to the position of deputy commander of the best knight order in the Empire; quiet and calm; rarely loses his temper, but he definitely would if someone pushed his buttons

▸ Nadia Ingram – hails from a ducal family on the verge of bankruptcy; suffered from a childhood devoid of warmth and affection; unlike how she appears while pretending to be arrogant, truthfully she’s naive and vulnerable

▸ “I’m a greedy man. I have no plans of sharing you at all. That’s why… you’d better consider your actions very carefully.”

Associated Names
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The Lady and Her Two Men
귀부인과 두 남자
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2 Reviews

Jan 02, 2022
Status: c15
I have read countless r*pe fantasy novels but this is the first time I've read something that feels so much like r*pe. It's easy to write romanticized r*pe but it takes real talent to write r*pe in gruesome detail and then put it in the romance category.

The r*pe feels especially disgusting in a real way as our MC is a woman raised in a traditional setting and she is more prone to blaming herself for everything happening to her. It's one thing to do this a modern woman who can... more>> fight back and has the power to do so and it's another thing to do this to this type of woman who has only be taught to stay quiet.

Let me tell you how r*pey this novel is-

Our MC's first time...


is a r*pe. She was sleeping after attending her wedding banquet and when she wakes up, she finds her husband having s*x with her. Without asking her or anything like that. No foreplay as far as I can see. In what world is this not a case of r*pe? I vaguely remember her resisting a lot and the husband just going, "lol no." I may be wrong but so is f*cking your wife while she's sleeping.


Her second time...


also ends in a r*pe. And this time, it's more graphic. It's on the day right after her first night and this time, it's her lover. He grabs her when she's walking and when she says, "f*ck off, I'm married now, " he straight says, "lol no, " and r*pes her. There's a lot of resisting, a ton of emotional trauma and you can really feel the helplessness of the MC. I don't know how you may feel about this but I felt like this is how vivid and painful a r*pe scene can get.


Let me exactly tell you what type of rapists these MLs feel like.

The Husband

The husband is like a creepy boss who sexually harasses his female employees. He f*cks the MC while she's sleeping for his pleasure, forces the MC to give a blowjob under the table for his pleasure and there's no way you can write about such a greasy ML in a female fantasy novel. I think the author was going for a mysterious and aloof type of ML but ended up making him f*cking disgusting.


The Lover

Technically the ex but he refuses to admit it. He's exactly the type of guy who would release revenge p*rn or murder his ex and appear on the TV for it. This dude just refuses to listen to the MC, making her situation even more hopeless. He just doesn't understand the MC's situation and refuses to leave her alone. He's exactly the type of guy who'd end up with a restraining order against him. He's just pathetic, I don't know what to say.


All in all, the MLs are disgusting in a way that's too realistic and it's uncomfortable.

Let's talk about the MC


The MC is a sheltered girl and as a result, is hesitant about a lot of things. She gets swayed, loses hope at small things, fumbles a lot while out in the real world and feels exactly how a aristocratic, closed off lady should feel like. She's really life-like and I really like how the author chose to write her. If only she didn't have to go through such bullshit. My heart goes out to her, she deserves better.


You need to have a specific kind of r*pe fantasy to even come close to liking this novel. I'll refrain from rating this novel since I don't want my preferences to muddle the actual quality of the novel but what do I do, I wanna seal off my genitals every time I read this. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 10, 2021
Status: c5
currently read up to ch 5 but idk how to feel about the male leads.

i like the female lead she is one of those understandable ones.

for the husband I dont have an opinion on him considering we havent seen him that much of him so ye.

... more>> for the lover rn I dont rlly like him that much just cuz he seemed not sincere when he was talking to his friend about his relationship with the female lead.

for the female lead it seems for basically her whole life she was putting up a facade and the lover was kinda the only person who she could open up to so I understand why she was super hurt after hearing what he said about her. I also understand why she couldnt stop the marriage with someone she doesnt love I mean she was pretty docile towards her parents so she cant be a bad bish now yk. Also I kinda get that her mindset rn is "if I obey them theyll love me" even though she kinda gve up on that afterwards she still wants to feel loved.

Thanks to the translator for picking this up <3 <<less
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