A Sweet Romance That Starts With One Bottle of Juice, Between a Heiress Who Must Marry Her First Kiss and a Lonesome Guy With a Menacing Look


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“There’s a legend in the world-renowned Yasunomihara family that if you don’t marry your first kiss, you’ll die young.”

The protagonist, Yasuda Tadakuni, has trouble making friends and has a menacing look about him. One day, he forgets his partially consumed juice in the classroom. When he returns to retrieve it, he finds Yasunomihara Yuuka, the heiress of a large corporation and a famous figure at school, holding his bottle of juice…

“Huh? Is this juice, by any chance…?”

“Yes, it’s mine.”

This is a romantic comedy that begins with two inexperienced individuals in love.

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dmntt rated it
July 5, 2023
Status: Completed
It's pretty good, but it ends quickly and abruptly and it's clear it was "cancelled" (as in the author got tired of writing it probably). Lots of loose threads left hanging, and the relationship of the main couple could have been developed a lot further.
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dawna_aiko rated it
June 8, 2023
Status: c9
When I saw the title, I had hopes that the book would be a great shoujo romance read. When I looked at the summary, I was a bit let down cause it sounded kind of s*upid. When I read the book however, my impression of the book got better.

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The story is about a big guy who has a fierce look, but because of his exterior he developed a communication disorder and is internally very shy and scared. He gets dragged into a marriage tradition with the most popular girl in the class who comes from a rich half jap half British family because in their family, if you so much as to share even saliva with another party (I think opposite gender?) You are to get married to them, if not you die. It sounds absurd, but there were past members who died because they thought little of the "curse"/"tradition", so now they treat it very seriosly. Because of the juice packet that they accidentally shared (due to girly) they now have to get married so that popular girl doesn't actually die.


From there it was pleasantly well written, the pacing was great I didn't feel things were rushed even though quite a bit has happened as far as I have read. I was a bit scared that it would be boring, but this is a smooth, soft love story imo. The stereotypes that the book introduces are well broken (overprotective dad (actually mom would you look at that) acts overprotective and tries to kill MC stereotype but they are actually a normal person who loves their child). You can treat those broken stereotypes as plot twists.

Overall, I'm happy I chanced upon this, don't expect any exciting parts, but it's worth the read if you like something wholesome and soft. <<less
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