A Straight Guy’s Transmigration Journeys


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“Quick transmigration world notification: Among the thousands of rules here, safety comes first.” There came a mechanical sound.

“Are the male leads the same one?” Fu Yan was surprised to see that handsome man one more time.

The system, “Host, you are so fickle that you are coveting other men.” Fu Yan became flustered upon seeing the suddenly darkened face of the male lead and nervously explained, “No, don’t get me wrong, okay?”

After he won over so many male leads who looked the same, Fu Yan was confused, “Why are the other characters are becoming adorable while the male leads are becoming more perverted?”

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January 8, 2021
Status: c76
Is not bad but the longer you read it the worst it become, the ML is always in love with someone else and even though he fall in love with the MC, the arcs end up with a bad ending, only the first arc and some other has good ending, the rest is bad ending and sad, the worst is the Demon sovereing arc (chap 61), the ending was so lacking, sad and I do not know. The writing was also lacking somehow, some part where too rushed and some... more>> just toke too much time, and there will always be a woman (heroine) to break the world of romance of the MC and ML, which always end up in dead. The good thing is that the s*x scene although it was not described too much at least they describe something and fade to black (which is better than nothing). <<less
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Rissuettessa rated it
January 28, 2021
Status: --
Meh, I always felt sorry for MC cause he is treated like a third wheel too often (even when he is in relationship with ml). ML really gets on my nerves. Oh, and FL is always some crazy psycho, too. Even when she is not dating ml, she still follows him everywhere, with clear intentions of being with him, and this man has the audacity (!) to say that it is okay, even when it is clearly not for MC. What a sc-mbag. On the other hand, worlds and MC... more>> are quite okay. My rate is 2.5-2.7/5 <<less
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