A Silently Emanating Spring Light


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Someone had used Gu Feining, a nobody in the entertainment circle, to increase their popularity. The other party was a popular young actor. He was good-looking, rich, and even had a mesmerizing V-line. Don’t ask her how she knows!

When the man grabbed her hand and pressed it against his well-defined abs, all she wanted to say was: It’s fine if you use me to increase your popularity, must you try to get close to me too?

Throughout the five years since he debuted, Shi Xi was a very well-known ‘straight guy’ (hopelessly dense in romantic endeavors) in the entertainment circle. His fans say he might even stay single until he was ninety with that kind of ability.

However, he tagged Gu Feining on Weibo one day, blatantly asking for her contact number. It was like he had carved the words ‘please date me’ on his face.

The fans: “Handsome, please stay still. We’ll help you chase this beautiful woman.”

Gu Feining: “Hey, can you control the comments on Weibo?”

Shi Xi: “Alright, when will you kiss me?”

Gu Feining: … The idol you guys thought would be single forever, with his courting ability, is actually someone who’s great at saying mushy romantic lines when it comes to pursuing someone he likes!

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rayraybites rated it
September 1, 2021
Status: c6
Writing this bc I just saw the review by SnowdropLily.

I'm proofreading with someone else for this series and I can confirm Shi Xi is suspicious but not in a weird and creepy way. Welp anyways, I advise people not to MTL this novel to make a judgment. Please wait for our updates. We're currently releasing (as of 1 Sept 2021) one chap every two week because I'm busy but it'll turn back to one every week very soon.
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SnowdropLily rated it
August 28, 2021
Status: c5
I really like romance novels that involve the entertainment world but somehow, I just couldn't appreciate this novel. I read until chapter 14 and I couldn't help cringing all the time. And personally, I have this gut feeling that keeps telling me that Shi Xi is very shady. I don't know why. Maybe he won't be shady in the future chapters but I'm not willing to read more than 14 chapters. One more thing, I have complex feelings towards the fl. I sympathize with her because of the past incident... more>> with her ex-CP partner. I admire her idea of not relying on using anyone's popularity to create hype and make herself more popular. But I also feel that she's kind of s*upid and easily swayed by emotions and appearances. Anyways, please allow me to retire from this doomed novel. Goodbye, and I won't be coming back again. See you never! <<less
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