A Rose Dedicated to You


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“You can look down on me, and reject me. I’m not asking you to understand me. ――― This is my love.”
Countess Rosenstein is hated for being a selfish and domineering woman. But that was all an act she put on so that her husband could freely love the person he loved and spend time with his lover.

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Anata Ni Ageru Akai Bara
A Red Rose Devoted to You
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New crimsoniv0j rated it
September 28, 2019
Status: c9
This is quiet interesting novel. I am not satisfied how the MC acted and faced her problem. I mean it's a big mis understanding, she is deluded and always assuming the worst.

She grow up in distressing environment where she didn't develop a positive outlook in her life that's why she looks at the situation in a twisted negative way. She has the lowest self respect and self esteem ever and I don't blame her that because she was never shown love and respect growing up.

The ML seemed genuinely like her... more>> at first, seems there's no love yet at the first stage of their marriage but ML is doing his job and responsibility.

The MC sees the situation in a negative way that's why she handled it her "twisted and dumb ways" and that's where the story began.


There goes the explanation why she acted like that. She's dumb isn't she, she can just ask ML to divorce her with the reason she have Claude already. Why the need to ruin your reputation and make the ML name to be tainted. She is self acclaimed great actress so why can't she just do that?! Lol


This is a new approach and quiet distressing story but I still like to know more about it and how it will end. More or less, I still love this! <<less
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Pirate Of The Stars
Pirate Of The Stars rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: c1
It's really to early to tell if this story is very good, but from the first few chapters, I'm left with a "meh" feeling. It's fine writing and all, but a little... dull. And the MC seems kinda stupid. I get it--she's in love and wants the guy she loves to be happy. But sometimes I think she goes a little bit too far. She complicated things a lot more than they have to be, and it leaves me putting my head in my hands. So... meh. I'll keep reading... more>> and see if it gets any better. <<less
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