A Reincarnated God’s Bride Search ~After Unravelling The Mysteries Of The Strange World, It Was Linked To An Absurd Reality~


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Aoi Masamichi, who became a doctor in order to save Tachibana Mai, his childhood friend and lover who ended up suffering an intractable disease, gave it his everything to search for a cure. However, it went unfulfilled, and he ended up losing her.

Aoi, who fell into despair, ended his own life and followed Mai’s footsteps. He intended to die, but when he woke up, it seemed he ended up reincarnating into an Otherworld. And with the memories of his previous life for some reason at that.

And then, it was an Otherworld that was like Japan but wasn’t Japan. In that somewhat strange world, the newly-born Aoi was informed of a shocking truth by his grandfather.

It’s difficult to have a child in that world, and amongst them, they only have a boy at a 1 to 5 ratio. And ‘you were born as the heir to a family of Gods’.

Furthermore, he wants him to unravel the reason it’s difficult to have a child in this world and lead the world to have plenty of boys. He ends up accepting it despite being perplexed at being given such a request.

Without knowing whether Mai has reincarnated into this world with himself, Aoi, who has lost his reason to live, sealed off that sadness and took on the challenge of not just the birth rate problem, but the unravelling of this world’s mysteries as well.

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転生神さまの嫁探し ~不思議な世界の謎を解き明かした先、とんでもない現実世界へと繋がっていた~
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aborednerd rated it
October 13, 2023
Status: c15
Personally I really enjoy this novel so far. Maybe not for those easily grossed out by women's natural bodily functions though.

MC is kinda crazy OP for those that hate that kind of MC.
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