A Professional Avenger


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Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace.

Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy.

System: HaHa.

Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next.

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A Professional Assassin
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PandaEatsLemon rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Translator here.

Just a warning, this novel is NO CP (The MC has no romance or love line). However, the world background in every arc is Shounen-ai.

The reason I decided to share this Quick Transmigration novel here is due to its unusual plot.

... more>> Counterattaking scumbags is a very common topic. Face-slapping those Scumbags is indeed a satisfying scene. Rehabilitating the Scumbags to be obedient puppy dogs is also a good method often seen in Quick Transmigration.

Among those existing similar scenes and plots, this novel gave me a refreshing read. That is, simply kill the Scumbags. It's a simple, crude, and very straightforward method. However, this frank approach actually can bring the readers a new kind of satisfaction.

In this way, it is clear that the MC here is no goody-two-shoes kind of guy. He's someone who doesn't shy away from killing (But his original profession is an Assassin/Hitman after all, can't help it).

That being said, the MC is not a psycho or pe*vert mu*derer who has that kind of edgy style. He is not a Chuunibyou type.

On the contrary, the MC is easy-going, playful yet perfectionist, narcissistic, and has a positive look of life. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
May 31, 2022
Status: Completed
I'll start by listing the Pro-Con of this series.

The number of chapters. Every arc is short (around 7 chapters per arc), and the number of overall chapters is not long either (around 70 chapters in total).

  • Pro: It's very suitable for those who are tired of cliche face-slapping and longwinded revenge. Suitable for a quick read, when you just want to enjoy some entertainment without needing some in-depth plot.
  • Con: For those seeking a detailed, lengthy process and conclusion, it may feel like scratching your throat and wanting more. The short chaptered arc may feel a bit rushed, since if it were written or described more, it's gonna be more satisfying.
The matter of the Series genre. It is threading between the land of NO ROMANCE and Shounen-ai. Actually, it really is not... more>> a problem at all, since the MC really has NO CP, no love line, and no interest in love, whatsoever. The only Shounen-ai vibes came from the targets he's going to kill, all of them are the Scumbag Gong/Seme, and because the worlds he transmigrated to are originally set as a BL world (until the MC kills the Protagonist (s) that is).

  • Pro: For those who have read some irrevocable ML in tragedy/Bad End novels, or novels where the Scumbags are justified because, well, they repented and say I love You in the end, somehow it's very, extremely satisfying to see those Scumbags being killed instead (especially after the irredeemable sin they did toward the Victim/Shou/Uke)
  • Con: For homophobic it's definitely a big fat landmine (eyeing the indiscriminate 1 star-rating haunting all the BL/Bromance novels in NU), even if the MC here is like, not gay in the slightest, there's only money and doing his job conscientiously in his eyes.
The way of Counterattack. It's been stated in the Title, that the MC is an Assassin/Hitman/Paid-Killer, so the counterattack is, of course, Kill, kill, kill, and Kill! LOL

  • Pro: Despite all the killing, the MC is NOT an emo-anti social villain-like guy. He's easy-going and carefree (A bit similar to Dazai from Bungou Stray Dog, though it's his personality when he's still in the Mafia Port). It's interesting to read QT when instead of roundabout scheming, it's just straightforward, killing the target efficiently and smoothly. Every killing method is different, during my read I've always looked forward to seeing how the MC's going to kill his next target.
  • Con: For those who like to read a good person MC with praiseworthy morality, it'll not be good, because the MC has no shred of empathy. If you're the type who like a battle of IQ and face-slapping, it's also no good, because the MC is totally lazy, and dislikes wasting his time and effort to step by step face-slapping the targets, lol.
Well, those are the general pro-con of this series. I'll proceed to my own review.

The MC of this novel, Lin Yuetian, in my opinion, is one qualified Hitman, and a qualified Quick Transmigrator Staff/Tasker.

Starting from his professional ethic, I have to say that he is extremely aware of the nature of his job, has never been hypocritical about it, and treats his job seriously like any other model worker, albeit his job is an Assassin, Hitman, Paid Killer, whatever you name it as.

The way he completed his task to counterattack in the Quick Transmigration worlds has always been efficiency first over roundabout revenge.

As a Professional Staff in the Quick Transmigration Department, he has never justified what he's been doing in his transmigration as "delivering justice and sympathizing to the Victims". He treats his task with a win-win cooperation attitude. The victim got their obsession vented, and Lin Yuetian got the payment for it. That's it, no more no less. A clear and pure formal relationship, strictly business.

And that's what I like about him as a character! <<less
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rhianirory rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: Completed
a fun, quick, refreshing read, great for giving your brain a break after reading something complex or heavy. Don't expect convoluted politics or melodrama that drags on for fifty chapters like some of the other QT novels; this MC is all about getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible and enjoying himself afterwards. The "no cp" was a relief in some ways because it meant the MC wouldn't have a sudden personality change/ drop in IQ halfway through. I even found myself wishing for a few more chapters... more>> when I got to the end. overall I give it 4.5 as an easy an entertaining story with a quirky MC. <<less
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Morfzine rated it
September 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Very fresh, tired of MC being abused first and/or ending up with the scum of society getting their own happy ending? Despite them literally have no reason to do the abuse in the first place, the ML (s) still end up being forgiven? And that dog blood novel where the MC is stripped down from which he is own cuz the ML having a bad time but MC still forgives him cuz IDK, he's realized of his own wrong doing? TBH, I'll never understand that type of novel, like my... more>> man, he's lost you hundred thousand of dollars, shamed you in every way that's available, and probably abused you physically too, but you still date each other? probably some voodoo magic working on there.

Here, MC do what we all reader hoped to do, just kill em real good. No moral compass, no judging, just straight-up killing and might even give you useful knowledge in case you want to kill someone and don't want the police to find out. IDK about you, but this is more satisfying than those "dropped them when they are at their highest but still torture yourself (having sh*t on you) to achieve it even though you don't have too" kind of revenge novel. The protagonist, the MC, our man, is a man of integrity mind you. He has his own standard, does the job perfectly with what the client requested, and is always on time. Will not question his order, and will not betray you, as long as you keep your sides of deal :). But the best thing about him is his personality. Damn he's good, got the charm, the fun, and the financial independency (the most IMPORTANT thing).

Seriously though, this novel entirety is just the protagonist, a professional assassin, trying to loot gain money honestly while also killing granting his original body owner's wishes. I won't say which is which but we got beheading, massacre, urban horror, regicide, even the classic 'throwing the body into a concrete building' and saw games-themed torture are all here. It is very exciting to see whatever the sh*t MC came up with. All of his plans is comedically horrifying if we link them to real life, but that is the fun of it!

Then we got the system that was traumatized beyond recovery by the MC genocide conduct and becomes a pious devote of Buddha. The system, or Angola as we have seen in the ending of the novel, can't even see the MC in s*xual light anymore, despite him being very supportive of MC seducing the "target". He is very repulsive (frightened) if our MC ever states any s*xual connotation. The best case of this is when our MC is an omega, and he says "..., but it's get kinda 'wet' sometimes though", the system automatically turned into 'reciting scriptures mode LMAO (it might be just me, but I think MC has a hidden sl*t inside him if you see the extra-a video blog about his original life/tour of his world). I can't say if the system is our male lead or not, but I sure hope so. Love me some lunatic (but charming) bottom x 'scared shitless but still trying to do his job' top.

Don't know if we will get a sequel or not, but that is my new year's wish. The author said that if there IS a sequel, MC's mission will be of different genre. Which is great, I am speculating that because they'd try to find him a job that is suitable for 'his professional skill'. So, a mission assassinating focused will be nice hehe. It is dull if MC easily gets his kill, so giving him a challenge will most definitely make an interesting story. Maybe his next mission will be like a dimensional hitman? killing an overpowered outlaw/protagonist/villain? anyway I am very excited, and hopefully, we get our ship sailing (even if the ship aint sailing, I hope the dynamic stays /praying). <<less
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RedKed rated it
May 2, 2022
Status: Completed
I read the first chapters thanks to the translator, and I was so in love with the MC and the plot that I went to read the original novel (with the help of MTL) and it was understandable for the most part!

As said before, the MC has a strong sense of professional ethics and his solutions are always very effective. This is a fast-paced QT novel with some of the shorter arcs that I've read, and I do not consider that a bad thing.

This is NP, which (at least in... more>> this case) means there is no CP.


Even though the MC said he's attracted to men, there's no ML... I admit that I suspected the system for a second, but neither the MC or the system are interested in one another like that, hahahahaha

So that's also the reason why all the arcs take place in BL settings.


I may have missed some information by MTLing, so I'll be glad to wait for the translation!

As of now this gets 5 stars from me: it's refreshing, it doesn't have much dog blood, the MC has his three views in place (most of the time), the system is not too annoying, and it's a novel way of dealing with old problems in a QT setting. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
September 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Delicious, but for a very niche crowd. The best way to put this story is just cathartic, tired of dog blood wife chasing crematoriums? Don't want to sit through a hundred chapters to get that sweet revenge? Sick of all those mistreated people who either can't get revenge or don't get revenge? LYT and the author got you covered. Instead of talking about love let's talk about mu*der, the quick and easy solution. As a gold level assassin it's really nice watching LYT get revenge for the spurned and mistreated... more>> people. There's no faffing about, no filler, LYT just simply comes in, gets his objectives done as fast as possible, and leaves. LYT isn't any slouch either, he's very efficient without being all "doom and gloom" at all.

the good and the bad are literally one in the same, the arcs are literally 3-5 chapters long so you don't get a lot of detail or backstory which can make each world feeling lacking. On the other hand, it's also really nice because you don't need to invest a lot of time to get to the revenge, and if you don't like that specific arc welp then it's going to be over in literally three chapters (that are quite short as well). The story is very, very one note: spurned lover who was either tricked or forced into a situation and died, in comes LYT who then accomplishes the objective goals in a roundabout manner whilst giving karma to those who deserve it. The fact that it is one note is both a pro and a con, you know what you're here for and you know what you're getting. There are no plot twists, no surprises, scum stay scum and die by LYT's hand who stays as easygoing but apathetic as ever.

This story isn't really one meant for super serious reading; instead it's meant to be read in between stories or in short bursts due to its very one note and short plot line. If you just want to see that scumbag lover, ungrateful bastard, overbearing CEO or god knows what else face some sweet, sweet karma for their actions then this story is perfect for you. <<less
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annhsu0222 rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: c14
As a person that likes order, this novel is not for me, but I can see why it would be appealing and healing. Really just kill, kill, kill. The only thing I dislike is how the MC keeps saying he's a reasonable and gentle person, while it could be funny the first time, it just gets really annoying. It's even more annoying that he means it. First time I empathize with the system more than the MC lol. Not that I'm saying he should be all angsty or anything or... more>> contemplate morality but why say it when it's clearly not true, I feel like it just goes against his character but maybe I just don't get the character. But honestly, I would recommend it, give it a go, I think it's the kinda novel that would make you either go hey this is pretty good or oh my god this is annoying. The translation is amazing, kudos to them.

plus maybe I rated it too early lol but I don't have the patience to continue <<less
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ylial rated it
April 24, 2022
Status: c32
The pacing is really fast!! I'm even in the sixth world already. I love the author's idea to use the assassin and no cp as well as her ingenious ways to solve the tasks.💕 So far each story is not interconnected so u may choose what u want to read. Also, it is free on jjwxc

However, she should haven taken her time more to build each of the story. You can write a swift kill (1 to 2 days) but slowed down the writing to build a plot tension... more>> or twist. Also, the MC has the trait of assassin, he's apathetic and sometimes his bottom line really gets lower in the matter of killing.

Will continue reading after I finish my favorite novels <<less
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Perry_08 rated it
March 13, 2023
Status: --
Really cathartic after reading those cannon fodder quick transmigrations. Instead of working on reputation, family relations, connections, hugging mls thigh, gaining strength slowly or strategizing for 10 years to bring down the white lotus this one is really just kill whoever wrongs you. I was actually looking for something like this and I can't believe I actually found it! This is like taking a fresh breath if you've read too many face slapping novels and are searching for some quick relief. Although it seems a bit mean but killing the... more>> protags instead of dedicating so much time and effort for some white lotus and a scum ex is much more liberating! <<less
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March 27, 2023
Status: v7c45
Well translated gem of a novel. It's a QT but a very Short and Fast QT.

It's refreshing and I recommend giving it a try.

1st Arc is 7 chapters long/short and the ending might surprise some readers. I like it though as it's a different take than the usual QT which sometimes takes 30 Chapters to finish.

10/10 would recommend and will come back sometime in the summer to hopefully read more arcs.
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Addictedtoreading rated it
January 23, 2023
Status: Completed
It is different from other QT novels I've read, so in this sense refreshing.

MC was a gold medalist assassin in his original world, where everone can be killed at any time, so he keeps solving everything this way in every world he visits. Does not take the long route when the mission is to let the ex profess his love for him, but tries to force him to do that if that suits him best. Solves his missions pretty quickly. He visits 10 worlds in 63 chapters, so on average... more>> you have 6 to 7 chapters per world. Background of MC in very world is gay, but there is no romance.

Because the arcs are pretty short, I could not get into the story. It was like speedsolving the mission, onto the next world. His way of solving things is original.

However since I could not get into it, I give it a low rating.

Description of the arcs:


1 - MC wakes up in a cultivation world, having been stabbed by his fiancee, who is weaker than him. He captures a cultivator to asks questions about this world (his system hasn't arrived yet) and accepts an assignment to kiil the new fiancee of his ex. By making him believe his ex is responsible for stabbing him, he gets an assignment to kill his ex. When his sytem arrives, he receives the assignment to let his ex fall in love with him and tell him he loves him. He changes his appearance and into that of the new fiancee and visits his ex. He shows his real appearance, stabs his ex and lets him tell him that he loves him. Mission accomplished, MC travels and enjoys the world 300 years until he runs out of money and goes to the next world.

2 - MC is now in a martial arts world. MC was the son of the leaders of the martial arts alliance and his family was a powerful martial arts clan. During his travels he fell in love with a man and insisted on marrying him. However his future husband turned out to be a leader of a demonic sect and drugged everyone at the party, killing everyone there. His mission goal is to get revenge on the sect, make his fiancee regret what he did and let him marry MC. He accepts a hit to kill fiancees right hand and puts the same drug as used on his wedding banquet in the body's foot and enters the sect who are having a competition. He explodes the body, rendering everybody powerless, forcing ex to marry him by killing his subordinates making him say he regrets and killing everyone from the sect.

3 - MC has been forced to be the lover of a 2nd gen rich boy because he looks like his white moonlight. He is thrown away when WM returns. His mission is to get rid of the stand-in status, make scum profess his love and make him feel what MC felt. MC finds the ex's competitor and convinces him to pay for a hit and tortures and kills ex. Then he convinces WM to pay for disfiguring himself and enjoys several years in this world becoming a member of an assassination organisation.

4 - MC is now a eunuch who has helped the present emperor get the throne. Afraid of his influence he framed MC and killed his entire family, leaving MC alive and sent as a concubine to concubine Lin. His mission is to let scum pay back what he owes (throne and feelings should be returned) and beg him (to help him). He convinces concubine Lin he will help her and her general father, spreads rumors about a ghost appearing and when emperor is sick in bed in regret and fear lets him beg MC to take him with him to the afterlife. Afterwards he kills him and spends the money he took (general refused to pay and wanted to kill him) in 1 1/2 years.

5 - MC wakes up in a futuristic world as an omega with an S-level mental power (the highest). The man he fell in love with had his glands removed and put into his white moonlight, a beta B-level woman, who becomes an A-level omega afterwards. MC became an A-level beta after the surgery. His mission is to retaliate against WM, prevent her from marrying MC's beloved and let him marry MC and become a famous person beyond the stars. MC starts sucking up to the new fiancee's family and gives them an advanced Zerg as trophee. He goes to the wedding between ex and new fiancee and brings along the Zerg queen whom he's fed a medicine to hide her presence filled with nanobombs, dressed up as a human. He then objects to the marriage and lets the Zerg Queen kill the guests at the wedding demanding to be married to the ex. He also demands a huge pay for saving the prince who is present as a guest. He immediately becomes famous in the universe (wedding is on TV) and after the wedding he kills ex and bombs the Zerg Queen with the fiancee. He escapes and spends decades as a space hitman.

6 - This time MC is haunted by a ghost who wants to possess his body. His mission is to find out if the ghost is sincere, seal it again and for MC not to be alone anymore. He finds someone to turn himself into a ghost, gets ghost companions and seals the ghost that haunted him.

7 - MC is an alchemist and wizard this time. He first falls in love with a prince who betrays him and expels him from his country, then falls in love with a travelling companion who betrays him because he wants the bones of a wizard to heal his beloved. So he joins a wizardctower to do research, and meets a kid with great talent in magic. He decides to raise him and when the kid grows up he professes his love for MC. They become a couple, but MC gets betrayed again. When his disciple gets a good position he tells MC he only s**ked up to him to get more attention and is disgusted with him. After that he died in an experiment and MC appears. Mission is to let all his exes tell MC they love him and repent and take everything back they got from MC.
MC travels to the kingdom of his first love and finds out that he has died a long time ago. He decides to resurrect him as a ghost and ties him to a ring then tells him he needs money because he spent a lot resurrecting him and lets him kill people for payment. After a while he brings him along and finds his 2nd love. He lets the ghost distract them and hunt the moonlight towards him. He then kills the moonlight wnd take back what he got. Afterwards he pretends to save the ex to let him profess his love. Then he orders the ghost to kill him and takes back the sword the ex made from his bone. He travels back to his tower and feeds his ex-disciple something to make him drunk, lets him profess his love and make everyone believe he r*aped ghost and then throw him out of the tower telling everyone he is ashamed of him and kills him. Ythen he spends a 100 years as a contract killer, killing people and enjoy life.

8 - MC becomes a famous actor at the top. 3 years ago he fell in love with a beginning actor and heled him get jobs and get a best actor reward. Afterwards the lover denied having a relationship wit MC and started a smeering campaign. MC was somewhat depressed, had trouble sleeping and overdosed on sleeping pills. Mission is to star in the same movie as ex and win best actor award again and to let him profess his love for MC to his fans.
He forces the director of a movie ex plans to be in to accept him as main lead and ex as 2nd lead. He acts in the movie as a killer and wins best actor. He then kidnaps ex and films him asking him questions while telling him he is tied to a lie detector test and is filming this directly on tv. The last question is to answer wether he loves MC. After answering no first the detector gives him a shock telling everyone he lies. Then he answers yes. Afterwards MC retires as an actor and enjoys life for a year. Afterwards he leaves.

9 - MC is a consulting detective who is working on finding a serial killer. However he performs subpar because his boyfriend of 10 years broke up with him and tells him he wants to marry a woman. Facing criticism he commits su*cide. Mission is to crack the case and bring killer to justice and to let ex confess he cannot marry a woman.
He posts pictures of his ex on his blog daily adding sentimental messages. He studies the case and finds the place where he thinks the next mu*der will take place and finds the mu*dere. He attacks him and wounds him, the deliberately lets him go. Because of his description the police find out who he is and lock the city so he can not escape. Then MC calls him (how does he find his number when he's on the run?) and acts like he is a ploceman admiring his work. He tells him he can get revenge by killing MC's ex. The killer grabs ex and threatens MC with that ordering him to let him leave the city. MC convinces ex to profess his love through the phone and then tells killer he will not help him. He leaves the world soon after.

10 - Mission this time is without the memory of the original body, without violating the description of the narration, clear all abnormal energy points in this world, including but not limited to: rebirthers, game players, traversers, infinite stream players...
MC is a student at school. He quickly finds some players, the ML whom original was in love with is reborn and professes his love, a classmate has transmigrated and falls in love with ML. MC invites ML to a hotelroom, drugs him by lighting a candle, stole classmates phone and tells him to pick it up in the hotelroom and goes out to get medicine and acts surprised when he finds them both on the bed. Kills ML later and classmate disappears, players decide to quit.

MC decides not to go back to his own world.

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whitespade rated it
October 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I give this a 5 eventhough it's more of a 4.5 because the way MC complete the task is very refreshing and make the reader feels very good.

The worlds are very fast paced and condensed but you don't think it's hurried at all, the brutal ways the tasks are resolved necessitate the fast turnover or else it will be too dragging.

The translation is great but the MTL is not too hard if you can't wait.

I like MC but I'm not a fan of the banter between him and system, but... more>> it's fine, just skip them. <<less
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Babobaya1712 rated it
September 9, 2023
Status: --
Fun, but the targets and the methods are samey. It lives true to itself as a QT novel, provides you with different worlds along super short storylines.

Reading this, you can clearly see the MC working diligently as a avenger and not pursuing love.
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Nicha010147 rated it
September 8, 2023
Status: c49
Absoludely amazing! I love how MC handled his job and his relationship with system also very hilarious!!
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