A Poor Young Lady Who Just Happens to Get Engaged, but for Some Reason, She Gets Captivated by the Next Duke, Who Dotes on Her!


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Will you marry me?

Alice, a poor girl who has been oppressed for years in the kingdom of Welbeza, made a once-in-a-lifetime confession.

But the one who accepts is the next duke, whom she’s never met before!
Arthur Grindelwald is a man of great beauty.

The beautiful Arthur Grindelwald has a gentle smile and affirms her lack of confidence.
And he swore he would do anything for her?

With such good fortune, Alice sets out to become a duchess.

The road is hard, and there is no shortage of people who take advantage of her weakness.

But no matter what happens, Arthur’s love for her burns brighter and brighter. ……

She’s not the only one to fall in love with him.

No one will ever touch you again.

(……Why do you love me so much?)

A sweet and heavy story about two people with a secret past. It’s a miracle, a royal Cinderella story!

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Nariyuki de kon'yaku o mōshikonda yowaki binbō reijōdesuga, nazeka jiki kōshaku-sama ni dekiai sa rete torawarete imasu
She is a poor young woman who just happens to get engaged, but for some reason, she is captivated by the next Duke, who dotes on her!
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