A Notorious Villainess Enjoying a Life of [Talentless and Incompetence] in Her Third Life


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Once upon a time, there was a princess notorious for being the epitome of incompetence and evil. Driven mad by jealousy after her fiancé was stolen from her, the princess attempted to summon a demon, using the lady who stole him as a sacrifice. However, at that moment, the crown prince, who was her half-brother, rose up and defeated both the demon and the princess.

“Hehe, truth is stranger than fiction.”

—But that’s fine.

As the princess, I was truly healed in another lifetime.

Yet, being reborn in the same world and becoming a duke’s daughter, she found herself once again scorned as an incompetent and useless figure.

Nevertheless, the duke’s daughter, Lavianje Robur, continues to wear a graceful smile and lets the ridicule slide off her like water off a duck’s back.

“Because being deemed incompetent and useless has its perks, doesn’t it?”

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New MzDoomsayer
May 31, 2024
Status: c11
I don't know why the Novel Updates doesn't show but there's Chapters 1-11 on the site to read for free if you go there.

I find the MC's name to pronounce in my head so I have been calling her Labi and she seems to be the in control type while putting on the façade of incompetence or more like, she's not even disagree with anyone. From what she said in the last chapter I read it was clear that she has no urge to try hard and just wants to... more>> enjoy life. So she's felt no need to contradict the rumours until now.

The idiot fiancé Prince will hopefully get pushed out of the way for a better lead and the White Lotus cousin will hopefully get what's coming to her.


I also believe that the cousin is secretly her half sister or stepsister as the FL seems to believe herself from the similarities to her stepmother.


Each chapter seems very short and I might let it brew a bit more before I read it again.

MC's regression info


First life she was a princess that wasn't believed to be good even though she was and was misunderstood all the time. She tried hard to fight the accusations only for them to get worse. Second Life she lived in modern Japan until she was in her late 80's Current Life she's the ducal daughter in the same universe as she was a princess before and is being misunderstood by her Prince fiancé all while being set up as a villain by her annoying white lotus cousin. She's mentally very much a grandma still and will have no time for their S$%*


I look forward to the development and wish the translator good luck. I want more of her sassy grandma style. <<less
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