A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor


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She is an honorably retired SWAT officer with meritorious deeds and is a dashing detective who solves cases like a god.

One day, a strange golden board with eight divinatory trigrams brings her to a different world, where she is bestowed as a gift to a general’s manor.

He is a grim god of war whose power overwhelms six countries and the defender-general of the state with military power in his hands. An imperial edict brought him a delicate concubine. He turned and left. After returning, his second in command and soldiers ignored him. Instead, they kept on saying, “What does madam think?”

When has the general’s manor changed its owner?

Solving cases, training soldiers, night attacks, suppressing bandits, street fights, counter-terrorism operations, naval battles – one after another appeared on stage. She played with flourish, yet he was unable to resist even a little.

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2nd Book in the A Mistaken Marriage Match Series
Cuò jià liángyuán zhī yīdài jūnshī
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SilverMist rated it
December 17, 2015
Status: --
Gu Yun is a badass. Not the fragile-girly type who always needs protection. Su Yu is adorable. So are the swords. On the other hand, Su Ling is.. Pitiful in a way. Kkk. Characters are very appealing. I can’t seem to hate any of them. Even the minor ones like Gu Yun’s trained newbies are likable. It’s not just full of action pact, the story is humorous that always keep me reading. With additional romance (?) on the side. The strategies and such are also easily understood. (I’m the type... more>> who is no good on those types so it was helpful) All in all, this is one of the best stories I’ve ever read. <<less
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Redo rated it
December 16, 2015
Status: --
Reading up to chapter 11...
Ah, this kind of story is fun, MC action and interaction with the characters is deliciously awesome!
Makes me wanna read some more, more -----
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Fluffy rated it
December 11, 2015
Status: --
We got an awesome MC who is just a badass chick who is working hard to be able to her own thing. And fights with the guy she is "married to" and made people revere her like him in his house/ manor for her military strategies.
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makenai89 rated it
October 16, 2015
Status: --
A very interesting time-travel story, and is a part of trilogy. The main protag is a woman who knows what she wants and, despite the circumstances, is completely opposite to a ‘damsel-in-distress’. Too bad the translator is in hiatus...

Edited at chapter 12 part 13, rate stay at 5.
It's indeed one of the most awesome C-novel with female MC I've ever read. The plot is fresh and the characters are beautifully fleshed out. It's not girly, but not overly masculine either. Best of all, the military strategies and interpersonal... more>> interactions in the novel are exceptionally good; it can even give us some inspirations for "real life" battles. Many thanks for the new translator and editor for continuing the series. <<less
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October 13, 2019
Status: c9 part1
A strong female character that transmigrates into a patriarchal world, who manages to prove herself as a strong warrior and challenges the old-fashioned views of women that the male characters have. While starting off with a weak body, she works hard to improve her strength.

What I liked about this is that the three brothers are good men. Many transmigration stories have men that can't let go of old prejudices, but that is not the case here. The three brothers actually respect our MC for her smarts and fighting skills, and... more>> many of their soldiers feel the same.

If you like strong a strong MC and decent ML, I would highly recommend this. <<less
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mielru rated it
August 20, 2019
Status: Completed
One of best transmigration story so far! I also have read the other two books (Record of Washed Grievances and Mysteries in the Imperial Harem, which has intertwined story).

Among three books, I love this one the most. I have reread a couple times and still my favorite book. MC is my favorite. She has strong character and great capability. The romance between MC and FL is also my favorite.

To get a whole completed story, you have to read the other two books.

Psst, their epilogue is also one of the funniest.

... more>>

Gu Yun's labor time, I mean.

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Afm rated it
August 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Friendly Reminder To New Reader; Shouldn't read this 'BEFORE' [A Mistaken Marriage Match: Record of Washed Grievances] for better grasp/understanding of the story plot.

In this book, there's quite a few 'chopping-off' scene, (in other word, unrepeate scene to be mention).

The story structure quite good as the plot-driven and FL build up her character, BUT!! Later she turn out to be quite unreasonable.

Contrary of her profession achivement, For being a-modern-27yrs old-soul, yet she so immature/childish when its come about romance...

And, just same as the 1st book, there's an abrupt ending.. huhu
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May 31, 2019
Status: c43
First to understand this story, the "Record of Washed Grievances" must be red where the story of the MC friend which had transformed as the elder sister in the new word. Love the MC strong personalty more than the other one and the story was so interesting at the beginning. The romance for me was s*upid and the MC couple interact does not give time to convert the reader that the love has bloomed. The general was not at home at the beginning even after his 1st fight with her,... more>> he again walk away from her and after that he only displeased and look down on her. But just like that he without caring begin to love her. For me if she end with one of his brother it much convincing for me.

The last battle was bad and more drama than action. The story of the two sword could be better but ending and the reason of transformation are the worst after reading the 1st vol with no explanation and waiting patiently in the 2nd vol. <<less
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April 30, 2019
Status: Completed
This is my favorite book in mistaken marrige match collection. Just loved Gu Yun and Su Ling chemistry. Both are match made from heaven. And I loved how Gu Yun trained soldier Hahaahaha...... Overall this book became one of my favorite.
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Drake888 rated it
January 17, 2019
Status: c43
A fun little story. The historical inaccuracies were a little frustrating but I imagine they were probably worse in the first book. So if you already read that then you will probably enjoy this too.
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aovel rated it
September 2, 2018
Status: c43
If I were to describe this novel in one word, I'd say 'Tough'

It's tough not to like it. Everything in the story strong spells strength. The female lead is headstrong and courageous, she sticks to her principles and I admit I am an admirer of strong creations so I might be a bit biased. Not looking at this story from a romantic perspective would be better for some readers (like myself). There are snippets here and there just to get you going but if you're looking for purebred romance this... more>> story would be lacking. The bond between the main couple was too fragile and sometimes it left me wondering if the author had inclinations on other directions which would have been more suitable considering how the story moved. But all in all, it was entertaining.",) <<less
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Jeonjkook rated it
August 31, 2018
Status: c43
BEAUTIFUL, well I wish I still can watch their love story :") unfortunately I already finished it sigh... I still don't want to part with this novel since this kind of novel that I love the most, the female MC really strong and there is less fight with woman exactly what I want but what a pity it's only 43 chapters
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Xylia125 rated it
August 22, 2018
Status: c43
4 ⭐️ Goes to the amazing MC

The books isn't your usual ancient transmigration story where the ML is an abusive butt. The MC from this book is confident, sassy and let's just call her over powdered. She's determined to hold her own in a male dominated environment. (Ps. She kicked ass) The best part is her low EQ which I find so adorable. It's hilarious how oblivious she is to all the male characters who fall for her. (Male lead eating vinegar Lol)

The only down side was... more>> that I found the earlier chapters more interesting, it got a little dry during all the CSI drama. But some if you might like it. <<less
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Danthefanokaku rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: c32
Okay, so I’ve rated this novel 2 stars for a handful of reasons, 2 of them being the translators, and three of them being the authors.

So to start off this review let me say that when I read a novel, I really enjoy being able to understand what is being said and who is saying it. This novel’s first translator (Nutty) was excellent. Sure, there were some rough patches but it was fine and legible. Easily a 3/5 translation. There were some puns in there that couldn’t be translated well... more>> but that’s not nutty’s fault. HOWEVER the second translator (killer ninja scrapbook) ruined this series for me. Maybe that translator gets better as time goes on, but I personally was not able to actually understand what the heck was going on in the chapters that this translator worked on. Am I thankful that this translator translated what nutty had essentially dropped? Somewhat, since I can’t read it, it’s almost like they didn’t translate anything at all. The sentence structure was a mess, there were extra words thrown into sentences for no reason, and this translator increased the difficulty of reading it (which it was already rather difficult when Nutty was translating due to the author) to a whole new dimension of difficulty. Here’s a direct quote:

Pull the net and put it at the end of the downstream.

I think what this translator means is this: “Move the net and place it downstream.” However I have no idea if that’s what he author meant.


This type of translating plagues this novel and is in more places than I can count. It’s heart breaking and overall frustrating to read. I do not know how others were able to make it through this machine translation garbage, but they did and I applaud them.

Anyway, onto the author. So this author really likes to change POVs like a double DOUBLE secret agent. By that I mean this: you could be reading a paragraph from MC’s perspective, but mid paragraph it switches to love interest 1, and then to sister’s POV and so on. It’s very annoying and makes it difficult to know what’s going on. Another issue I had was that the author kept throwing in a bunch of idioms and other analogies with which there wasn’t an easy translation for. Not really their fault that it’s difficult to translate, but they wrote it into their story so that goes here. My biggest issue is that the romance is between 2 tsunderes. 2 of them. Imagine 2 Chitose level tsunderes screaming at each other in chinese while standing in an ancitent Chinese manor and boom you’ve written this novel. It’s just exhausting reading about 2 people who would like to do nothing more than fight like cats and dogs. AND THEN IT ALL CHANGES FOR NO REASON. Suddenly the male love interest isn’t a gigantic douche, and the female MC is no longer a raging nightmare. But there is barely an explanation for their change and that explanation is lost to bad translation.

Anyway, novel is hard and frustrating to read making my enjoyment of it practically nill. 2/5 stars for me. <<less
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May 25, 2018
Status: c43
This is really a nice and refreshing novel. I really like the MC's personality.

I also enjoyed the interaction between Gu Yan and Su Ling's character. I was shipping them from the beginning! 😍
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iampheng rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: c0 part1
Sometimes, I found the story to be really hard to move through. Although the MC is really cool, but her stubbornness was a bit insufferable in the beginning. In real life, I tend to dislike this type of human being lol, but that's a personal pet peeve. This is not really a story about a cute and fluffy leading couple... doesn't really get there until the really final scenes. It's hard to compare this to the other story... Record of Washed Grievances (I didn't read the third one), which I... more>> also read because the characters, personal dynamics, and contexts were quite different.

So, this is a good quality time waster. <<less
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sweet hanhan
sweet hanhan rated it
April 28, 2018
Status: Completed
I really really love this story. No words can express how much I love it. Of all the series of mistaken marriage match, this one is my favorite. I just felt sad because it's much more shorter than the other series.
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Dutchess411 rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: c43
The heroine is way too cool. Totally love this story with its tons of action stuff. Would love to know if Ling and Yun had more than 1 child. Like my sons since there’s only 1 daughter mentioned even in the epilogues.
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New Moon
New Moon rated it
December 8, 2017
Status: --
I like this novel is about MC. She is strong and smart. I like how she abuse soldiers with her training style. I like how ficerc MC is.

Very good novel that hooked you in. I strongly recommend you guys to read this novel.
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
November 30, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a fun series. I loved seeing the MC use her knowledge and skill to earn respect from all of the men around her. The battle strategy and mysteries were engaging to read. One concern I had while reading this book was that a lot of details were left out. This is actually the second book in this series, so the gaps were filled in when I went back and read the first book.

As empowering as it was to read, the romance is so forced and unnatural that I... more>> almost dropped the series.


The MC and the man she marries fight at every turn. They respect each other on the battlefield but not at home. All they do is fight. He even molests her at one point without explanation. How can she forgive him like that? Their relationship is unhealthy, and I can't see it as anything more than a regretful fling. I don't believe characters who hate each other should change their minds and get married just because of a tradition.

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