A Maid Was More of a Calling Than a Princess


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Siana was the princess of a small kingdom.

Until the Imperial Army attacks…

Right before her head is blown off by the cruel prince,

Siana screamed.

“Please spare me!”

Toward the crown prince with red blood on his beautiful face.

She begged in a desperate voice.

“I have many skills learned in the palace.

Wouldn’t it be perfect to treat me as a maid?”

So Siana became the apprentice maid of the imperial palace.

However, the work suits my aptitude more than I thought?!

If you use a broom, the hallway will be clean.

If you knead the dough, sweet cookies are baked.

When you do laundry, the white comforter smells great!

I just did my best as a maid.

The imperial family slowly begins to open their hearts to Siana.

“Your tea is always the best.”

“A dress you made? It’s very beautiful.”

“I want to ask you to educate the prince.”

But I never intended to capture this man’s heart…

“Me, too.”


“I can’t live without you, Siana.”

Siana tightly closed her eyes at the sorrowful voice of the prince.

Look, Your Highness.

I want to live as an ordinary maid!

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공주보다 시녀가 천직이었습니다
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MagykVen rated it
February 16, 2023
Status: c9
Thank you for the translations!

MC is cute and hardworking. She enjoys working as a maid because it's better than when she was being abused as a princess. The people around her are slowly charmed by her good nature.

This is a simple cute read.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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