A Madman Who Sells Normality


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“Do you want to be normal?

“Have you begun to doubt the definition of normal?

“Do you hate the world that doesn’t accept you?

“Do you want to change? This world won’t change for you so you can only change yourself.

“Welcome to Cotidianus, a place that can make you normal.”

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Date Group Release
07/05/19 Onigiri TLife epilogue
07/04/19 Onigiri TLife c6-7
07/01/19 Onigiri TLife c4-5
07/01/19 Onigiri TLife c2-3
06/26/19 Onigiri TLife c1
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MiyazakiRika rated it
July 3, 2019
Status: c5
At first, I was scared to read this, cuz you kno, horror. DIS ORANGE IS A SCAREDY CAT U KNO.

But then, people urged me to read this. So I just tried.

My heart was beating so fast when I read the first chap! But I got into it.


The vagueness puts sooo much mysterious vibes. Aiyaa. I love it. ≪3
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