A King is Born on the Road


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Iris Lepos.

She was the queen of a fallen country.

Hayer, her husband’s younger brother and her first love, came to her, who remained alone on the throne where even the king had fled.

“Can you find the North Gate?”

The Lepos were born with a map of the world in their heads and could find their way in the middle of the desert.

Iris, the heir to the throne, nodded.

And the moment she crossed the North Gate through a severe snowstorm.

She realized. That she’s back six years ago.

“If something changes beyond the North Gate, don’t love me then. Never.”

And knowing that she had the opportunity to save the man who died for her.

“Promise me that you will help me avoid marriage that I don’t want.”

Miraculously given a second chance.

To change her fate, this time she went to Hayer first.

Will she be able to live as a king instead of a shadow queen?

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왕은 길 위에서 태어난다
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2 Reviews

Jan 19, 2023
Status: Completed
i will modify and add on if I feel I want to add anything more (as of this update, i've already mtl-read the entire novel minus the side chapters which i'll get to eventually. this was a while ago though, so i'll keep my overall review a bit vague since I don't want to be misleading) no major spoilers here besides some info on the leads which is hidden :D

this definitely isn't for everyone! it's very slow-paced since every problem gets solved one at a time... ish. Iris's goal to... more>> save Luwan has to be solved in multiple ways besides her just becoming the king. While the novel was tagged as a rofan, I really do think adventure should also be included, since this is all about Iris and Hayer's journey to save the continent from monsters, tr*shy people... and dealing with their feelings for each other. Honestly, I read this myself because I'm curious how the events will turn out and especially how Iris and Hayer's relationship will develop. I personally really love the romance lol I have a big attachment towards Iris and Hayer they are my beloveds <3 I guess some people believe that a ML wasn't really needed in this story and I suppose I get why, but Iris's love for Hayer and vice-versa is really important to the story and shapes many of their decisions, and they're perfect for each other, so I personally think the romance is very much needed and welcomed

if you can deal with the slow pacing (~220 main chapters, albeit not too long per chapter) and enjoy slowburn (lots of skinship and cute moments though so don't fret!), a healthy relationship between FL and ML, sun&moon/golden retriever-black cat dynamic, amazing leads as individuals, semi-action/adventure for plot, no secondary love interests, and more, then I wholly recommend this to you.

some of my silly thoughts and rambles on the ML and FL (some spoilers, beware) :


ML, Hayer Asheri: he's the second son of the king and queen, but illegitimate (the queen had an affair). so he is technically not part of the royal family and doesn't use their surname "Lepos, " and doesn't have a map in his head. as such, him and Iris are not related at all. he is the commander of the Knights of Tejas, and very dedicated to protecting his country. personality-wise, I love him. Iris describes him as the literal sun and she is very much correct (although he went through quite a bit in his childhood). he is very mischievous and charming by nature, and jokes around like it's his coping mechanism LOL. he's big and strong (twirls hair), and it isn't clear whether or not he actually loved Iris in their first life. he's so caring towards Iris and his knights, and I love seeing him secretly folding inside when he's with Iris. my favourite part of him is how he's so comfortable with physical contact with Iris!! he fell harder, or maybe they fell equally harder.


  • down bad for Iris quite literally the whole novel lol he even got h**ny when she got mad at him it was so funny to me
  • suffering and on death's door like 90% of the novel but we love him
  • ALWAYS must be in touch with his beloved (begged her to undress so he could feel her bare skin while he was sleeping when he was drunk; dw he would never do anything to make her uncomfy she lowkey made fun of him after for it lmao)
  • another stamina king, wanted to do ~it~ every day and even made a deal with her lol (no it's not smut just obviously implied and only the first night was slightly more detailed but no mentions of private parts and what-not but still enough for butterflies)
  • is very much obsessed with her but not in a yandere way it's more lowkey and shown through the fact that he can't bring himself to let go of her nor separate from her for long periods of time
  • sososo SO respectful of Iris which I know is technically like bare minimum but i've had so many problems with other series bc of the lack of it with MLs towards their FLs it always made me upset but Hayer respects her choices and never forces her to do anything she doesn't want to but is still extremely protective of her
  • when he said that so much of his love for her stems from respect and admiration MY MAN MY MANNN
  • almost broke a bathtub trying to hold himself back (re: failed to hold back in the end)
  • i think physical touch and acts of service/words of affirmation are his main love languages maybe
  • i'll add more if there were any particular parts/quirks of his I remember and enjoyed immensely :)

FL, Iris Lepos: my nun king!! she doesn't express herself well but she's honestly so thoughtful and her admiration for Hayer has me on the floor. I'm probably exaggerating but it doesn't matter lmao anyway she is very determined to save her country as well, though it stems more from her guilt of not doing anything while she was queen. she's weak physically, but mentally strong, plus she knows how to use a spear!! I'm very excited to see how her character fleshes out. she fell first!


  • maybe equally as down bad as Hayer but better at hiding it. the times where she couldn't help but stare at his face/body and practically drool was so real of her
  • basically just a girl walking her dog (iykyk)
  • jumped (not really) in freezing cold water to escape from a particular shithead despite her weak body that's as girlboss as it gets folks stan Iris
  • spear user and she's damn good at it
  • provokes Hayer, mostly calculated
  • when she told him that she would always choose him over her own country and if the world was at stake. fav trope
  • gets embarrassed when Hayer touches her a bit more... you know... it's super cute I love her
  • SO BADASS I can't reiterate this enough like she died again and again and felt the pain, albeit temporary, and yet never stopped fighting. my king for f*cking real
  • words of affirmation and quality time, probably
  • will also add more if anything comes to mind
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Feb 15, 2023
Status: c6
It is written pretty well and the translation is pretty good, but it is pretty slow paced. Each chapter is separated specifically to bring up one point of plot goal. This means a bit of filler to make it drawn out. However despite this, the quality was good. The only qualms I had about the novel was the North Gate and journey to it was a bit confusing. Were they fighting enemies, monster, or just the weather? And et cetera. I decided to drop this due to not being interested... more>> towards where the main plot would go. <<less
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