A Hundred Ways To Kill A Heartthrob


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Shen Jue was punished for his misdeeds and had to go through the suffering of reincarnation. In order to break free from this cycle, he had no choice but to kill those beautiful heartthrobs, and before doing it, he had to attack and seize the other party and have the other party willingly die for him.

It’s just that, gradually, those heartthrobs who were captured have all blackened…

Shen Jue: Hold on, aren’t you the protagonist shou?

Heartthrob *grin*: Everyone has a thing, who says that I have to be the shou?

(When two shou meet, there must be a gong!)

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New rhea4765 rated it
November 27, 2022
Status: Completed
I mtl'd this 'til the end because it was so GOOD. I did however skip the last chapter because it didn't focus on MC and the second-to-last chapter was done nicely.

I went in expecting dog blood, fake white lotus, and shura field, and you'll get them and so, so, so much more. This is a tragic, painful, funny (may vary), and suffering-filled story.

Okay, on to the story, as many have said, this is a different kind of QT. The formula isn't exact and every realm/arc/world have a unique plot. The... more>> way the plot progress and the twists are nicely done, even though I miss many plot points due to language barrier. MC is totally alone in his journey. He basically has to crawl in the mud to kill the heartthrobs, everything needs to be calculated--no props, no system, no sixth sense and MC has to bear any miscalculation by himself.

The translated chapters (up to ch. 98) only showed the ruthlessness of MC. MC isn't overly cunning and he's definitely not as cruel as he was shown in the early worlds. The more I read, the more in love I am with his character because he feels real, more real than usual QT MCs, and despite his aloofness, he was also weak. MC's character:


He hates himself who has changed, who has to crawl into these heartthrobs' bed, who has to kiss one person in the morning and then kiss another person in the evening. That was the start of his breaking point, actually, to get entangled with multiple people and realized what he had become.

MC got tired of it all too. The constant deception, calculating his actions, the loss of moral and dignity, enduring humiliation after humiliation and never getting the upper hand--I appreciated it when, in a very realistic manner, MC chose to unalive himself to get away from a world that wore him down. That was the moment I thought, 'ah yes. Had I been him, I would've chosen that too.'

I got to see a flawed, weary, jaded MC who tried his best to get out of a quagmire despite his weakness, his hopeful and hopeless moments, and wanting to let it all go. Only the thought that his master and his senior brother waiting for him gave him the strength to move forward, and sometimes, even he had to apologize to them for being so exhausted that he decided to give up.




Original ending was very satisfying. It's HE without romance, but the extras that follows provides the romance. If you stop at the original, it made sense and gratifying enough. If you continue, you'll get to see ML's happy end and MC who continue to live on.




The heartthrobs are 1 ML. While MC was punished in these realms, the realms were actually a prison for ML and so the realm masters/heartthrobs are ML. All of them are different kinds of yandere, not a copy.




1 Ancient China - Emperor, Regent Gongs and Eunuch MC
2 Xianxia (?) - Gentleman, Island Lord Gongs and Celestial Body MC
3 Vampire aristocratic modern - Duke Friend, s*ave Gongs and Duke MC
4 Apocalypse - more successful fellow idol, fellow idol's cross-dressing Gongs and idol MC
5 Ancient China - Champion Scholar (forgot the term, no.1 in minister test), General Gongs and Emperor MC
6 Xuanhuan (animal spirit and monk) - Nine-tailed fox spirit, Monk, Evil sect leader Gongs and Squirrel/Dragon spirit MC
7 ABO modern - Alpha Ex-fiancee, Omega guardee, Omega's Alpha brother Gongs and Beta MC
8 Xuanhuan (ghost) - Scholar, Martial artist Gongs and Ghost MC

- Too tired to type short descriptions, but my faves are realm 1, 4, 5, 7, 8.
- ML that aren't too hateful, previous actions and character-wise, are in realm 4 and 7 and both died to save MC.
- Most memorable plot for me, realm 5.
- Realm 8's ending hit different. It is also the closing arc, so that's probably why.


Definitely 5/5 <<less
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iRaine rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: c68
One word to describe this novel:


After MC retaliates against an unwanted suitor who dares to drug him, he finds out that this suitor is the Jade Emperor's son. Furious, the Jade Emperor curses MC to undergo endless reincarnations in different realms, where he is killed over and over again. In chapter 1, his master gives him a mirror that allows him to regain his original memories (as a cultivator) when on the brink of death. Given MC's wretched state as soon as he "wakes up" in a realm, MC gains... more>> his memories immediately and starts to plan: how to get the "protagonist" to fall in love with him- then kill him. For that is the requirement to shatter these realms and remove himself from these vicious cycles.

You see, MC has reincarnated into these same realms over and over again, but without his memories. He remembers the heartbreak and misery of being killed and forgotten as the protagonist gets together with his captor. The "protagonist" of any given realm is extremely attractive and easily wins the love of those around him, including his featured gong i.e. captor. From the canon plot line of ARC1 and ARC2, the protagonist is imprisoned by an obsessive gong, then they later get together while MC is killed off in the process. The protagonist doesn't spare a glance for him, even if MC had helped or was loyal to the protagonist before.

MC is a callous cultivator with extremely simple emotions. He is devoted to his practice and does not waste time on this thing called "love." When he remembers how miserably he was abused by the protagonist and his gong, he naturally has no good feelings for them and plans for the protagonist's demise with schadenfreude.

The experiences MC goes through are truly terrible, and you start to wonder, "are these characters even human to treat other human beings this way?" You seriously start to question the morals of these featured main characters. Then when the protagonists slowly fall in "love" with MC and start to treasure him, he obviously remains disgusted with them deep inside. He hates unnecessary touch of others in the first place, and having this ungrateful wretch come unto him? Simply disgusting.


There is a plot twist on who the "protagonist" truly is, and once MC figures it out, there is even more confusion on how to feel about this character. MC, himself, remains apathetic and coldly applies this knowledge to achieve his goal.


Yet when it comes down to the execution, you almost feel sorry for these formerly arrogant protagonists. Because MC has no true feelings toward them, he is able to stab them without blinking an eye. For him, these are just "characters" in a realm, and his indifference overwhelms his hatred for them. Even if they have progressed and attempted to treat MC better, there is no forgiveness to be found because MC's main goal has never changed. Make them fall in love with him, then murder them in cold blood.

Perhaps there will be more character development in future chapters, but I can only express my thoughts on the chapters I have read so far.

Although this novel appears to have some similarities to Certificate of Conformity, my enthusiasm for this novel is... lacking. Why? Perhaps it may be the extreme acts of brutality (torture) and callous disregard of the main characters. While CoC made me think Chen Heng was a cold blooded, ruthless MC with murder tendencies, I also came to love the character for his inexplicable allure and indifferent temperament. But when the MC in this novel seduces the protagonist and blatantly stabs him in the back, I feel somewhat sorry for the protagonist and feel dissatisfied with the entire situation instead. Perhaps this requirement of seducing/killing is already too ruthless for me to stomach. Moreover, the protagonists are almost irredeemable due to the acts they've already committed.

Ultimately, it all boils down to: the main characters aren't very likable.

This is simply my opinion, and other readers may disagree. There may be more character development in the future. However, MC's psyche has been twisted beyond repair after countless cycles of suffering, and the protagonists are no better- they are extremely hypocritical and neurotic. If you enjoy ruthless plays of MC cleverly setting up traps and luring his prey off the cliff by using himself as bait, go for it. Otherwise, this novel may be a bit more difficult for the general audience to stomach.

And so concludes my review at chapter 68 (ARC1 complete, ARC2.31). <<less
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Yukilee rated it
September 9, 2020
Status: --
Beautiful yet Ugly.

In spite the gorgeous wrapping, you'll realize how deadly and cruel it actually was. And in the end knowing how bad and toxic the reality was, the illusion of momentary happiness makes one desperate to stay regardless of the deception.

Honestly, this was too brutal for me, but with a hint of crazy satisfaction. And now I am emotionally exhausted.

At some point I started to question myself who is at fault or truly in the wrong; "Him or Them?". The question was very simple and the answer was already... more>> laid out right in front of my very eyes but for some reason, everything blures out and like a difficult math problem, I can't come up with a right answer.

I bawled my eyes out. Every single arc was like a blessing and a curse. You'll get happy one moment and then felt like dying the next second. Simply tragic and sad. I told myself to stop expecting because I'll get disappointed but like a moth who longed for the fire, I cannot help my greed and now I'm left totally torn and defeated.

I should be happy that the MC got his revenge but it was too painful that I start to wonder, if I was in his shoes, would I do the same? Because he got all the choices right but everything feels wrong. MC knows too and that's why he too almost break.

I felt the most sorry for the MC but I felt the same with the Protagonists. But in the end "it couldn't be help" because it's a matter of "You or Me". Tough choice, tough love. Lol.

I'll just cry my sorrow out on my lonely corner. I'll get you updated after I read everthing. For now it is full stars.

*sighs* my heart really hurts. Lol. <<less
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Cerclecurtains rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I found this nice and fun— and of course, sad. But I read tragedy stories with a little bit of indifference so I guess I appreciated the tragic things easier than some. What to add? I mean it's great with the plot, it's again really fun (for me at least), and I appreciate the MC. I've read the mtl before but I have a newfound appreciation for it now after rereading only the first arc.

This isn't really much of a review but just insights on the MC and small bits,... more>> and it would focus on the first arc since it's what I remember most. And um, I'm not good with names haha, so proceed lightly knowing that.

This is full of spoilers btw, quite specific even. I actually wrote it for people who have finished reading the first arc. If you haven't read the novel at all, maybe read the first arc first before reading this commentary?

So first, the MC.

I think what compelled me to review this is because others would say that the MC is too cruel and indifferent— to which, I respectfully disagree. But I know why people are saying that amd I guess you could say that of him, but I believe his cruelty and indifference is not done excessively or unnecessarily so. MC has some good layered emotions. I find him a good-natured person with his own principles. The reason why he is so indifferent is because he needs to be. And well, adding the thousand years of reincarnation for one world, how could you keep being sane without removing yourself from the maddening, tragic situation? Remember that for the first arc, before he had his memories, he was loyal, self-sacrificing, and loving. I just want to emphasize that, that was him, his soul and his life path. He was truly capable of being that person. Once he regained his memories, he would have remembered the repeated pain and anguish. I think that is why the MC is amazing. Rather than focusing on revenge or wallow in grief (completely understandable), he steeled himself, made the original him his higher consciousness without further question, and became driven to escape from his horrible fate.

And plus, another small reason why he's not indifferent is his relationship with the eunuch friend (F something with a b and an h?). Wasn't he looking out for that eunuch friend of his? He didn't need to but he asked the emperor to let that eunuch friend transfer somewhere he'll have it easier. And even after, when MC used eunuch friend, MC didn't have any plans to harm him and tried to protect him when the regent threatened his safety. MC was also happy for him at the end when he found love. MC was not terribly attached to the eunuch friend but because the eunuch friend kind of helped and was worried for MC, MC was fair to him and he's kind of sentimental like that. He still showed signs of caring in a world he could care less and less about.

Another reason he's good-natured is how he doesn't necessarily feel or take pleasure from hurting the owner of the realm. MC's just driven to go back. He is mostly indifferent to them because as mentioned prior, he needs that indifference to keep going amidst the torturous pain, to keep being level-headed for all the times he needed to forego his principles and his valued pride. And that indifference doesn't translate to being heartless.

Actually, I find it peculiar that he was so honest when Murong Xiu asked MC if he was planning to kill him and MC unbashedly said yes. I don't know but was he sure at that point for the feelings of Murong Xiu for him that even if he dropped his pretenses, Murong Xiu would accept that (he did but more on that later). MC straightforwardly revealed he needed him to die and that he remembers his memories. Somewhat objectively, not a good call, that's why my guess is because he was tired of lying. He's a pretty ethical and righteous person, it's really the situation that drove him to change.

To add, there are points where it feels like he's breaking. Like he's too tired of everything. I mean imagine what he's been through for thousands of years. Would anger really be enough to fend off the madness that comes from a loop of being used, being seen as worthless, and being killed without regard? Or is there a breaking point where everything becomes laughable and you extract yourself to part ways from the suffocating despair?

You know, I appreciate MC here more than other MCs from other qt novels because other MCs seem so sure, so confident even if they just transmigrated (I mean we're humans living on this earth, in one world only since birth but have we adapted to all the situations that life brings us?) Especially if they're too cool with everything and experience no real setbacks, no signs of panic, confusion or being lost, or being mad that their plans are not working (unless they're very experienced of course, but even then, I like vulnerabilities, the sort they do not really show).

MC here is not only numb because he doesn't care, it's a result of caring too much that it has exhausted the life out of you and you hang on to a single thread of hope and sanity— which for him is going back to his master. I don't think he's even attached to his prior selves in the worlds he was in. For the first arc, I'm sure if he was to pick being the loyal eunuch or the high immortal he was, he would pick the latter. And picking the latter is a decision he continues to make in every world, whether consciously or subconsciously. And the more he goes on to return to his orginal reality, the more he needs to persevere and do things he doesn't agree with. Poor soul.


Whew wasn't that long, just me letting my thoughts go. This review is really more for me than others: ((


And the small bit is this: isn't it wonderful how the author made you feel differently for the characters? At first, the MC was the pitiful one, the chara you want to succeed, but then even though MC and his goals did not change, he seemed more cruel— because the MLs changed.

Murong Xiu was hateful, then okay, then confusingly hateful, then pitiful. Ni Xiyan (? Is that his name?) was absurdly hateful, then confusingly sweet, then pitiful.

And for Murong Xiu, wasn't it spectacularly executed how he used to not care for the MC, looking at his worth like an ant; then being intrigued and slowly being more attracted to him— but still completely on Murong Xiu's own terms where he still thinks of himself as the higher being; then being too dependent and falling in love completely; then the next, after he was killed, he became more obsessive when he realized that he can't let him go even though MC killed him and he was traumatized. Then after capturing him, he treated him both harshly and warmly like his own complicated feelings. But realizing that he'd rather make MC accept him and stay with him forever.

And lastly, after finding out that his efforts were futile and MC wanted to kill him regardless, he was angry. Yet his love made him seek any scrap of love the MC could willingly give. It made him more understanding of the MC even though he did not know why MC needed to kill him. I was surprised at the end, when he asked MC if MC would be happy after he died. MC said yes and instead of showing signs of grief or anger, Murong Xiu said to MC that it's good that he's happy and told him about some things he'd leave for MC's well-being. He was also scared in disappointing MC so he persevered in battle to return alive.

By the end, his actions were focused on the MC rather than him who loves and needs the MC. His love surprisingly became sort of unconditional.

And that started from the complete indifference of an emperor looking at a plain eunuch whose worth is based on his usefulness as a servant and a tool. And the journey to loving MC was without the help of a seductive beautiful face.

What a nice journey. Author's great.


That's it. Apologies if I got some things wrong. I'm not great with memory, especially when I read novels like these because for me, it's mindless entertainment. But since I've read the first arc thrice with new realizations, why not write a review on a school night? <<less
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bingereaderv rated it
October 18, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is quite different than other quick transmigration novels I have read. It keeps me on my toes as MC goes through each realm.

MC has no golden finger, no OP character to help him, no respite space in between realms, nor a moment of peace. His only 'advantage' is his memory of past lives where he repeatedly lived a tragedy of being a cannon fodder; used and abused. His weapon is his brain, determination, gut feeling and occassional luck. Once in a while he encounters an 'easier' realm, and... more>> that's nice for me as a reader, and I have to thank the writter to give the MC a break.

I persevered to finish the novel because I truly root for Shen Jue to succeed. I had to skipped 2 arcs tho, because I was not interested on the theme. However, most of arcs are well written.

As for the ending, I feel like Shen Jue's healing process can be turned into another long arc, but unfortunately we will never get that. <<less
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etclair rated it
August 24, 2020
Status: Completed
;-; So somber

Among the featured characters, there are none that are pure. Some have tainted morals, and there are some triggering themes and bad endings ... more>>

Not just for the MC in his individual worlds, but also for side characters, such as FuYaoEr (the Jade Emperor’s “son” (he was quite pitiful, and died tragically


There’s no happy ending anywhere to be found for the majority of the book and worlds, but the book does have an overall HE. I really wish there had been more to the ending, but I feel the author wanted to end the book on a more poetic note suitable for the overall mood of the novel.

It’s sad in the way that it portrays the desperation of the characters, especially MC, and a recurring idea seems to be that a person is “tainted” and for those that are, they feel that they have no redemption. Some get a good ending, but some do not.

Each world is BE, but occasionally the author has a side story that is (unfortunately) not a happy ending, but can give a bit more closure.

It’s always very obvious who the ML is, and as the author has stated on the original text, it is a 1v1 and the ML is not the emperor’s son that got MC into this situation.
Each arc setting was very interesting, and while some may share similarities to other world hopping novels (ex. ABO, apocalypse) the characters and occurrences felt very refreshing. The interactions of MC and ML, however, share solid similarities for each arc, so after about 2 arcs you’ll be able to about comprehend how each relationship will go.


The minimal amount of people that MC “ensnares” is always 2, the original “couple” of that world, though for the 9 tailed fox arc there are (from what I remember) 4, with one of the less mentioned of the 4 actually making a brief reappearance in both the arc’s extra and the story ending.

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qpzmal rated it
December 23, 2020
Status: Completed
"Mommy, I'm scared" is a way to describe this. Another would be "Please don't kill me." But it pleases my dark aesthetics so I'm satisfied. A nice novel with a dedicated MC for a change, kudos to him for sticking to his goal, which I've realized typical MC's never really do. But I kind of get attached to the ML's so once the MC kills them it's pretty sad, like your pet just died. And the ML's just seem so pitiful that they're kind of cute at the moment. Or... more>> maybe that's my sadistic side talking. But I really enjoyed this novel, so people with similar tastes should give this a try. <<less
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flopyxing rated it
January 31, 2021
Status: c59
heavy and dark. I can never predict how each arc will go.

rather than calling the MC cruel or callous, I see him more as a simple person carrying a whole lot of trauma that he doesn't have the luxury of time and effort to process. The people he's ruthless with mostly deserve it. There are a bunch of instances where other characters notice that MC is a kind and thoughtful person (outside of moments where he's deliberately acting).

MC is somewhere on the aroace spectrum and as a grey-ace myself I... more>> felt really seen. His aversion to touch and sexual acts feels very relatable, especially towards his abusers. It can be triggering to some people so I'd advise future readers to be cautious.

all the MLs are pretty hateful and some are utterly irredeemable. Interestingly enough, despite them being the same soul, they're not carbon copies of each other. They're all yanderes of various flavors which makes each arc interesting.

the weakest arcs for me would probably be the vampire, apocalypse, and abo ones (take a shot every time someone has to go to the hospital). Idk, I think the author struggles with modern/relatively peaceful settings ahahahha on a related note, I still haven't recovered from the ghost arc. It hurts so good qwq <<less
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Mndnd rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: --
For those who read the synopsis and was expecting something a little different, let me edit the bottom half so it's more accurate. I have a feeling they used MTL and then edited it so the original meaning isn't there.

Shen Jue: Wait, aren’t you the protagonist shou (bottom) ?

Hearthrob *sneering*: We all have the same parts (yes he's talking about their d*cks), so who’s to say I have to be the bottom?

... more>> “When two lovers meet, one must top!"

I actually put off reading this for the longest time because I thought there would be little to no romance based off of the synopsis. Little did I know it was just translated a little too literally. Hope this helped someone! <<less
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seawaterwitch rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: c37
I was reading it because I am curious.

Imagine you are a little mermaid. Always keep going died the same way. To break the cycle. 'Little mermaid must kill the Prince.' Will you do it?

Great story but not my cup of tea.

((But I like to imagine what if Little Mermaid kill the Prince and goes back to her family?))

These novel story was very well written detail and great translation too.
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Blubber_faults rated it
March 10, 2021
Status: Completed
This is actually a pretty amazing story. I have seen other stories where an MC has to endure ALLOOTT so for me, it was easy to read through this. I love how fierce this MC is. He has a goal and that goal is to break the endless cycle of reincarnating. I feel no sympathy for any of the men the MC has to kill. I don't care if they've fallen in love with him because all I think about is how they treated him before. Which was pretty crappy.

Try... more>> it out, it's a good read. MC isn't weak minded so try not to expect him to fall for a man... Just yet. Like I said, he wants to break out of the cycle and Love isn't something that is capable of changing his mind but I'm looking forward to future chapters because I'm curious to see IF this is true. Maybe he stays cold hearted to the very end or maybe in one world he might actually break. <<less
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Severe rated it
January 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Can someone explain me, what's the point of all of these arcs? I have read till 100 chapter - and MC is still as cold blooded as always. There is no feelings involved, no there any clear sense of killing in the end of each arc. (I get the point of " Ending reincarnation", but you still need to justify the internal arcs plotline) "You love me so be ok to be killed"? Emm, wtf? May be the principle of ml's self sacrifice will sound ok to me, but just... more>> killing for no good reason - not so. There is another abusive novel (which I personally adore), "Strategy to capture scum gong " - highly abusive plot with tragic ending - but there is plenty of MC thoughts during each arc. Here, on the contrary, MC is silent most of the time, like in a deep depression from the past, but TOTALLY apathetic to the present.


Completed the novel. It is quite mediocre. Well, not That bad, there is plenty of absolute tr*sh out there, it is just I had high expectations. (Cmon, 300+ chapters)

Still didn't get the feeling. The MC was apathetic till the end. Didnt find the romance line - maybe because there are more than one love targets all the time? Still, never stingy with a rating. <<less
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Rurella rated it
February 21, 2021
Status: c88
Do you know what dog blooded is? This novel is dog blooded. Love? Fluff? Happiness? What the f are those? This novel doesn't know those words even exist. Only pain, betrayal, and lies.

And you know what, with how the story setting is, I'll be damned if they remotely gain the MC's goodwill without groveling and begging for forgiveness and experiencing a few rounds of linchi and the complete upheaval of the heavens. MC may be cold hearted but he should be even colder and anyone who says to the contrary... more>> should reread the prologue and the background again. Or go read one of the pwp/p*rn with settings novels.

Cuz this ain't for the softhearted. Only people ready for that 120% emotional abuse should read this cuz this is what it takes to get through it. <<less
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September 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Chapter 126
I want to say that, the arcs are all interesting and felt unique in its own ways while having many similarities. Especially, the MC was transmitted into those worlds that are his previous life which is refreshing in its own way because other QTs usually are not ruthless and brutal like this MC. I love it when he revenge for himself along the way to complete each arc just to survive. I don't have high hope for the ending but the journey should be worth it. Well,... more>> back to reading.

Edited: Completed

Not to be excessive, but I've been silly this whole journey. Like, I pity MC and wish for MC to take revenge and thought that it wasn't enough during his revenge that he wasn't brutal enough, but after I saw ML suffered just as much as he did, I was speechless. Who should I take side on? Maybe, there wasn't a side to take from the beginning? Everything has its give and take results. And as we go deeper into the story, everything left normal impression on me, not too deep nor too shallow. As for the ending for each important characters:


I would say for the main couple, it was okay, not that satisfying, but it could be said as a HE. Though for that Emperor's son, I was hoping both he and the Emperor should just die for making both MC and ML suffered through those reincarnation, killing each other and getting humiliated just to survive like this, but at the end of the day, I still find myself pity this Yizhen because of his background story.



Also, this one is the first QT story that I've ever read with a real Mpreg. Like, MC was literally having a pregnancy in that world, gave birth through C-section and at the end of the day, even got the little seed out to his real world. And it was an apocalypse world, too. Damn it was so satisfying though the ending was still sad.


Finally, I would like to say thank you to both Author and Translator for doing a good job. Especially, Author for writing this piece of fine work because if you follow on this site, you will know, I never finish a story with 100+ chapters. But this one kept me going through day and night and even forgotten about my growling stomach just to finish each arc and wishing to read another arc. The story wasn't realistic, but each character was so realistic with their personalities, no one was walking headlessly and idiotically. Their feelings was so powerful that I could cry until death just reading them. I enjoyed my time crying my eyes out for these characters and it was worth it, including, the ending. It was a pity this work could not be longer. I hope everyone enjoy this through tears and joy. Piece of mind, Nana. <<less
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sleepy_chelsy rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I personally liked this novel. It was a heart-wrenching journey to watch MC trying to escape this cruel circle of reincarnation... more>>



When he gets his revenge (in every „world") it gets really distressing. His way of dealing with everyone is cruel and sometimes even I feel bad for the targets but then I remember what they did in their previous life and my empathy is (partly) gone.

I think it's also worth mentioning that I love face-slapping novels and the crueler the result of a revenge the more satisfied I am but this time even I couldn't fully enjoy the revenge acts. And that's because of MC. In order to break this circle he kept destroying himself and his ideals.

In one arc he totally broke down & cried because he knew that he - in order to break free - did something his past self would never have allowed. „I became someone I absolutely detested" (or something very similar).

It's really heartbreaking when you know MC is suffering during all of this.

But that's exactly why I think this novel is so great. It's because you still feel bad for the MC even after his revenge (which usually never happens with revenge plots bc once that part is done it's really done).
So if you think this is going to be your typical face slapping/quick wear story.... it's really not. It's an angsty one, for sure.I personally love angst and quick transmigration stories and this is a combination of both, so I basically got to enjoy the best of both worlds. There are fluffy moments in this to make sure to distract you from being sad & depressed all the time... well until you got to the end of an arc and are pulled back to the sad, cruel reality that MC has to kill his target.

The only thing I didn't really like was the way he dealt with his „real„ enemies: the immortal emperor and his son. They were the reason why he was punished and had to endure thousand reincarnations, so seeing the emperor get handled by MC so quickly was quite unsatisfying but MC probably just wanted to make him disappear from his life as soon as possible....i guess -.-

Not sure if this is a spoiler - the author even wrote this in their description - but this novel is 1v1 (meaning there is no harem... even though it feels like that sometimes but I guess there are some hints in each arc to know that everyone is ML) <<less
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September 16, 2022
Status: --
Please do note that Shen Jue suffered for a thousand lifetimes and become completely numb, if you were in his position, and saw the people who made you suffer greatly. Would you feel sad for them? Try to be in his shoes at least. You feel sad about Xinyan, and all of a sudden the MC is the cruel one? It's like forgiving the person who tormented you for years just because of his past. His past doesn't justify what he did to MC, it's kill or be killed in... more>> here. <<less
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Cold Service
Cold Service rated it
April 22, 2022
Status: Completed
This story made me cry more times than I could count. Shen Jue is such an unfortunate person to be punished for something that he did only to protect himself and after living all these lives and having to lock away his feelings and use his body to progress and end the lives of people he had to gain the affection of, he just ends up loathing himself.

Some of the MLs in the stories are absolutely insufferable, scum of the worst kind. Using Shen Jue and treating Shen Jue as... more>> a tool or nuisance when Shen Jue never did anything bad to them.


I'm still weirded out that all the MLs in an arc are the same person and that in their previous lives before Shen Jue regained his memories, they basically did selfcest.


The ending where Shen Jue finally escapes and takes his revenge was bittersweet. The one who tried to mol*st him ended up being used as a breeding cow who can't even be protected from his own father.


The chapters where Shen Jue gets together with the ML can be skipped in my opinion. The story already feels complete without it. ML isn't completely all there mentally, since all the roles he played in the world hopping arcs sometimes come back to "pester" Shen Jue. I never got the impression that Shen Jue fell in love with the ML after all this time, although the ML fell really hard, and instead it's more like he's putting up with the ML?? And feeling a sense of guilt and responsibility to stay together with the ML. Not to mention, they do have a child together.

Then again, I MTL'd this story, so some things may have been lost in translation.

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Adelene900 rated it
August 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Okay, I've finished reading this... And I must tell you guys, that it's worth it.. This story really is different from others...

It's melancholic n sad n tragic n idk anymore!


I can't tell you much without spoiling but—

Although it's a happy ending for the main character.. this particularly one side character ending literally broke my heart bcs —

... more>>

It's the person who made Shen Jue faced the punishment in the first place! His pasts! His life! DAMN IT'S FUKHEIN SAD BRUHHH

And the saddest thing is that he died thinking very lowly of himself! He suicides GUYS! I CRIED OVER HIM A LOT!

DAMN! He needs a redemption n more happier ending but the author just ends it with that! Mann, my heart broke hard for him.. n since I read it via MTL I'm not even sure what his true name is!😭 (Tho, I think it's Yizhen)


Anyway, it's worth the try and although I respect and appreciate the translators for translating it, I'm still an impatient person, so I had to go n bulldoze through the MTL version..

Imma give this is a 5 stars for being unique and very unlike the other world-hopping stories.. <<less
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aangtheblender rated it
January 29, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is tragic, not in a sad sense but in more of the “oh, damn” sense. There will be no happy endings for any of the arcs until we reach the end.

MC is a pretty static character. He stays true to his purpose, unwavering, cold blooded, brutal. It’s understandable because he treats the worlds as something not real and the people involved are just characters to him.

I thought MC will end up with someone else that he mentioned, and I had a backstory of how that possible ML was... more>> becoming the realm master target. But I was wrong. There is chemistry between them, but there is not a good reason for why there is chemistry, you know? And with MC’s personality it was kinda confusing, but at the same time I could make mental gymnastics to understand why.

overall, I enjoyed it. There are better novels than this one, on the website, but this one worth a shot for the right audience. <<less
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WallEyeKnee rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Unimaginable pain for me when reading what the MC have to go through. The first two arcs I was hurting alot, I wanted to scream. I was about to quit in the 3rd arc but the author finally stop making MC a s*ave role and gave him a better role.

I would've destroy my soul if I have to go through what the MC have to go through. Its inhuman and the worst kind of torture. I would go into the the book if I can to strangle the heavenly... more>> Emperor and his bastard son every second.

So the novel is not for the faint hearted be warned of serious depression be Inflicted if you want to read.

MC is so tough, the worst part is he's so kind. Forced to do the things he doesn't wanted to do and be embarrassed, tortured and humiliated in the worst way possible for 1000 years.

ML F*** him, Bastard you didn't even help MC in any of those moments. Does not deserve MC at all

Lol at these heartthrob, more like Scum Gongs. Besides one in the Apocalypse, they can all drown !

This ain't like those other novel of the same genre. Its hurts differently. You will see MC suffer alot and change into something he doesn't want to be. Making these scums to fall in love is also hard because MC seems to be always in the worst position. Also scumbag ML has more than one ego in one realm making life so difficult for MC then it already is. The hatred for the author is unimaginable at one point. Him abusing MC is just baiting readers to Run him over ha. <<less
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Vigneda rated it
July 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I f*ckING LOVE IT. I LOVE THE DEEP, SEETHING SCORN OF THE MC. Like another reviewer said, its brutal. That's why I love it. The MC is indifferent to the feelings of all characters in his world hopping which is also my style. Reason 2: The worlds have aftermath stories after the interference of the MC. I hate those who just leave it blank after the world hop, it leaves a bad taste. The aftermath stories are also varied in supernatural phenomenon. Reason 3: World hops but NO SYSTEM or... more>> GOLDEN FINGER cheats. He is reliant only to himself to finish his mission.

THE ONLY BL THAT GIVES ME PASSION. ESPECIALLY ONE THAT FILLS MY SADISTIC WISHES. No BL has tasted as delicious. It doesn't have to be sweet to be delicious, nor as delicious enough with the tragedy.

One thing to note: The ending has confused me because I have long forgotten the characters of the MC's real life. And its not to my liking: abrupt and average. Despite this, the world hopping stories made me love it to disregard this piece. <<less
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