A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life


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One day, Mika was summoned to another world as a saint. The country appears to be fighting demons, and she was tasked with cheering up the soldiers. However, just as the war situation begins to improve, the true “saint” with magical abilities appears, and Mika is executed for impersonating the saint.

However, the moment the guillotine blade is dropped, time reverses and Mika returns to the moment she was summoned, giving her a second chance at life. Mika decides to go to the demons and live freely this time, and is pampered by the demon king, who was once supposed to be her enemy.

However, for some reason, the bodyguard who should have abandoned Mika becomes obsessed with her.

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New TigerTerror rated it
January 18, 2023
Status: c22
This is a story where nothing happens and the MC, who wants to be a hapless damsel who sits and waits for rescue without agency, can’t even get the ‘longing for rescue’ part of ‘damsel who sits and waits for rescue’ right.

I made it to chapter 20 or so before I gave up. A story lives and dies on having one of two things; a compelling plot or engaging characters. This story has no plot and its characters’ aren’t even 2D - they’re names without any definable characteristic, much less... more>> personality.

The MC does exactly one thing - she leaves the castle. She did this because last time, she quietly followed the humans or arbitrarily decided she was the saint, did what people wanted her to do, and then got executed when the real saint showed up. She says - it’s even in the title - that she wants to live freely this time. So she leaves.

And do you know what she does next? She follows the demons who have arbitrarily decided she is the shrine maiden, does what they want to her to, and now lives quietly in another castle.

There isn’t even an attempt to consider what she wants to do next. No aims, no goals. She continues the exact same static life as before and the story refuses to acknowledge it. The story has a very blunt way of telling itself, but at no point does the author realise their own hypocrisy.

The story refuses to have conflict because it won’t give its characters enough agency to do things, or have opinions. The above mistake? It happens again - the prince she’s spent the last 20 chapters telling the reader she is scared of and needs to forget comes back and nearly kidnaps her. Suddenly, there’s no fear. There’s no feelings of conflict. There’s no angst or turmoil or doubt.

The MC doesn’t run away or tell the demons who are housing her that their enemy has infiltrated their city, but it’s not because she has an opinion or worries. She just doesn’t. There is no reason for it; him appearing does nothing to create doubt in her mind, doesn’t stir up previous emotions from their time together, or make her feel conflicted. He’s just there and it does nothing whatsoever to change the MC.

She did nothing at the start, she continues to do nothing, and there is no conflict or story outside of her actions - which again, don’t exist. There is neither external conflict or internal conflict of her own feelings and emotions - its not even a story of a love triangle, it’s adding another metatag without actually understanding what the tag entails.

I made it to chapter 20, but then I give up. This is a desert without any oasis. <<less
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December 26, 2022
Status: c5
Hmm... I'm still quite early in the story, but since there's no review, I just want to share my two cents. I won't give a rating since it's unfair as I've only read five chapters. In terms of translation quality, first off, thank you for the translations, but they're not the best. They're readable, but the most major issue is the mixing up of present and past tense. The writing style is also very in-your-face, and the narration has a very detached tone, despite being in first person. The main... more>> character shows no distinct traits and appears to be the tstl trope; case in point:

she flees on her own after being reincarnated, meets a wolf, which she expected, and doesn't know how to react. She stands there and waits for death, but is obviously rescued by someone.

Characters make or break a story. And in this case, I can't really stand the MC, who is obviously the "stand there and wait for someone to rescue them" type.

Perhaps I'm being too harsh on the story. I may update my review if there's anything positive to share! <<less
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