A Genius Boy Who Was Exiled From His Family Home for “Not Being Able To Use Magic” Becomes a Witch’s Apprentice and Masters All Magic in the Right Way. This Is How You Use Your Magic, You Know?


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“You’re a failure, don’t ever cross my threshold again!”

In a country where magic is everything, especially in a kingdom where everything is determined by the ability of ‘bloodline magic’ that only nobles are born with. Hermes, who was born as the second son of a certain noble family, was found to be a “failure” with no bloodline magic despite his high magical talent, and was exiled from the family. Hermes was almost killed in the depths of his disappointment, but then he was picked up by Rose, a “witch” he met, who saw his talent and made him her apprentice.

After five years of training, he returns to King’s Landing with the most powerful magic of all – the ability to recreate all magic – and learns all kinds of magic he never knew he could. He corrects the wrong thinking spreading in the kingdom, saves his childhood friends who suffer from magic, destroys the incompetent position of the bloodline magic-dependent people who banished him, and eventually makes a name for himself as the savior of the kingdom.

Associated Names
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Sousei Mahou no Saigensha ~ "Mahou ga Tsukaenai" to Jikka wo Tsuihou Sareta Tensai Shounen, Majo no Deshi to Nari Tadashii Houhou de Subete no Mahou wo Kiwamemasu. Anata no Mahou wa, Kou Yatte Tsukau n desu yo? ~
創成魔法の再現者 ~『魔法が使えない』と実家を追放された天才少年、魔女の弟子となり正しい方法で全ての魔法を極めます。貴方の魔法は、こうやって使うんですよ?~
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4 Reviews

New BobrykRori
Jun 03, 2024
Status: c6
Ok, 1st-5th chapter: ok, good, read 6th

6th chapter: 5 years later... WUT?!! I want to read chronilogical order...

Now I can give it only 3/5. If plot will less interesting, then it will only 1/5.
Story nothing knew. I can't sympathise ML, because of that

After read 6 chptr.

Sorry, but I can't read this so forcefull plot. There is so much I want to say to author... First, want to author go to school, then again go to school and find normal work.

Pls, don't write things like this without normal logic
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Sep 06, 2021
Status: --
Cookie cutter characters for a cookie cutter story.

Mc: noble cast away because expectations weren't met

Main heroine: kind noble playing with MC even when cast away, forced to marry the crowned prince

Mc's brother: hates mc

Mc's father: disappointed at MC because family pride

Bandits: hates nobles

Seriously, there's no depth to anything. The story is generic, the characters are caricatures, and the plot is cliche.
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Nov 11, 2022
Status: c23
While the story was kind of cookie cutter with the MC being deemed incompetent and the childhood friend being betrothed to royalty and later being discarded. I greatly enjoyed the magic system and hope some translator out there picks this up again.
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Sep 04, 2021
Status: c10
A lot of time skips which throw off the pacing but so far I'm kind of enjoying this cause it's a quick popcorn read.

MC is likable enough and the magic system is interesting so this definitely has potential.

Looking forward to future chapters

Edit : now has a manga with decent art
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