A Flower Caught in a Trap


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I knew Winry would not look back at me, but I only hoped that I could stand by him in the shadows.

But fate did not give even that little wish.

While heading for a conference in Asherat, Jazzka encounters an assassin who came through the window.

“The queen is pretty good.”

Strangely, the identity of the assassin who likes Jazzka is Gulshka Rashil, the commander in chief of Asherat.

Rashil, who meets again at the meeting, devises a scheme and promotes a strategic marriage with Jazzka… .

“I will marry you. Rashil.”

Jazzka who can’t understand Rashil, who cares for himself, opens her mind.

Rashil tried to use Jazzka, but gradually became serious.

Winry keeps getting out of control after losing Jazzka.

A trap that was caught regardless of will.

The end of the conflicting mind becomes a legend of the continent.

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덫에 걸린 꽃
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