A Divine Dragon Girl (Bahamut) Falls In Love At First Sight With A Failure Dragon Knight


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Alto Estenia is a boy who dreams of becoming a hero.

He enters an academy that trains dragon knights, but is spotted by a nobleman and bullied.

The people around him and his teachers turn a blind eye, and he becomes physically and mentally exhausted.

One day, however, he meets a girl and she falls in love with him at first sight.

The girl, Justina, declares in front of the whole school that she will follow Alto and enter the academy.

“From now on, I will be Alto’s cavalry dragon!”

Justina’s true identity is the transformed form of the divine dragon Bahamut.

The sweet school life of the divine dragon girl and the kind-hearted dragon knight boy begins!

Associated Names
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Ochikobore Ryuukishi, Bahamut ni Hitomebore Sareru
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Zerephiehell rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: c6
I know its pretty early to write a review about this, considering the translation for this novel is currently at chapter 6.
Yet I want to share my current thoughts on the novel with you guys since I help to feel irritated at the first 5 chapters of this novel. First and foremost... its pretty bland. Most of the things if not all of the content has been a crop out default plot for any stereotypical harem story:

- Good natured, dense and timid MC [check]
- blush uwu [check]
- foul mouthed thuglike villain (noble) that bullies the main character for no particular reason other then bad guy beeing bad [check]
- damsel in distress situation in an allyway between love interest and thugs [check]
- show off main characters good nature by creating convenient situations [check]
... more>>

(s*upid in the first place that the dragongirl got a scratch from running in that situation, if you keep in mind that shes a dragon in human form that can punch people through walls. getting injured by simply running seems highly unrealistic)


Not that I expected anything when starting this novel. I was planning to just read a mindless story with a basic romance plot. sadly this seems to be too all over the place and generic even for my tastes to continue in the future. I think its biggest flaw isnt that its unoriginal. I can live with that. what I find irritating is that the writing is focusing on the bare minimum of everything which makes the characters feel liveless and just be there because the plot demands it. sad. <<less
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Cedd rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: c15
It's alright. Could've been generic with how incredibly overpowered Justina is. It looked to be a story where the MC just shoves all his problems to this all mighty character (he kinda does but it's done tastefully) but he's actually kinda likable.

... more>>

There's points in the novel where Justina could've obliterated everything in sight but the MC, despite being weak chooses to save her. Which I guess is to show how he's got a heart of gold and deserving of Justina's love


Rated it higher because the couple's interactions are cute and wholesome. I know this is tagged with a harem but I dunno how they'll introduce a harem when the main couple is alright as it is <<less
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Faceless1 rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: c19
I've been enjoying this series. Its fluff and should be treated as such.

This series mainly focuses on the flirting between Justinia and Estenia as they attend an academy for becoming dragon knights. It's always fun to read the interactions they have with one another and how Justinia won't take any nonsense from anyone who gets in the way of their time together.

The best part of this series is probably the MC's perseverance and overall goal to improve himself and his riding and fighting ability. Many would have taken the easy... more>> option, choosing to rely on Justinia's power as a dragon princess but Estenia wants to put in the hard work to see improvement. He wants to become the strongest under his own merit, which I feel is a nice change from the usual.

Overall, this series is pretty good if you're looking for something easy and fluffy. <<less
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Logical rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: --
it's an okay novel but the overly polite and kind MC is just not my taste, I usually don't mind it that much, but for some reason I can't tolerate it this time, maybe the setting further amplifies how timid the MC is.... I mean I know lots of japanese authors like to make their MC as a gentle as possible because it fits what heroes usually do but in some cases they overdo it and make the character seem emotionless, as a human being with emotions I can't relate... more>> to the MC at all <<less
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