A Cute Master’s Cultivation


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Waking up in the body of an ugly and weak 14 y.o girls body in a cultivation world, Yao BeiBei’s only motivation to cultivate is to satisfy her three main obsessions:

1- Becoming a peerless invincible beauty

2- Eating all kinds of delicious food

3- Being served by beautiful men.

Looking at the ice cold beauty opposite her she asked, ” What’s your name?”

“Bei Ziming”

” Do you have a wife at home?”


“So if you aren’t married and feeding me delicious fish fry, does it mean you’re courting me?”

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The Cutest Cultivator
Xiu Xian Meng Zhu
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Dizaster rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: Completed
(On a very casual day 20 y.o orpan, Yao Beibei was blinded by a glaring white light between her eyebrows as it dragged her into the body of a 14 y.o weak and ugly orphan girl who was sold into servitude by traffikers in a world of cultivation. The optimistic girl immediately decides to cultivate into an immortal so she can become a peerless. Invincible beauty with lots of delicious foods to eat and beauties to look at. What follows is an adventurous journey with a cold yet caring... more>> lover, cute pets and 4 loyal friends as this team of 6 venture out to conquer the world.) - saw that there's no description for the novel and had no confidence to write there, so I wrote it here. Please tell me if I did well.

Review : A very simple, light hearted, easy to read novel. The author might've wanted to provide a complete package in a short novel as you can find everything here, be it romance, suspense, comedy, sadness and a happy ending. However, the period each emotion lasts is very brief, when you' re just starting to feel something, the scene changes. So the novel is very easy to read as you wont be cryig buckets not will be laughing hysterically but you'll have occassional smiles and frowns here and there.

I can easily divide the novel into arcs as ;

Arc 1: the introduction

Arc 2: Creating bonds and Developing relationships

Arc 3: MC picking up speed in cultivation. And small scale fights.

Arc 4: High speed cultivation. Fights with bosses. Past secrets revealed. Pairing up couples.

Arc 5: The wrap up. (The extras)

The author made an attempt to do justice to all characters and provided small story to each major character. All in all this is a short read, worthy of your free time. Read it as an appetizer or a palate cleanser, definitely wouldn't fail you.

P.S: I really wish the author would've told us what was being brewed in that pot for a 100 years. (Rec. Last extra) <<less
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RedsFable rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c3
Ok bumpy start for the first the chapter and a lot happens with no background. However, starting the second chapter it slows down to a more reasonable pace.

I like the MC so far. Yes she is helpless right now but she uses her head and doesn't let it hold her back. She is not some super assassin but a girl determined to survive.
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hobbes rated it
April 14, 2023
Status: c30
I initially found the story really good. I liked the FL and the ML too. There was one incident which made me stop reading this. Spoiler below

... more>>

The FL is a foodie, I am one too so I totally get her. But when she is hungry she goes and steals someone else's fish which is very very precious and unique kind of fish, her spirit tells her that it is very precious and is being raised by someone and helps greatly with cultivation when someone is stuck and if its taken they will get notified, but she totally ignores it and doesn't even feel guilty for stealing and just takes away the fish JUST to eat it. She could have found anything else to eat but noo. The person raising it gets notifies that the fish was taken away by someone and attacks her and the ML. The ML gets hurt badly when trying to defend her. She feels bad about ML getting hurt but doesn't reflect on her behavior of stealing nor feels guilty at all. The author has tried to tie up this incident as comedy which I dint feel funny at all.

I surely wouldn't be happy if someone stole the fish that I had been raising very preciously.


I just couldn't continue liking the FL after this. So I am going to stop here. <<less
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