A Burnt-Out Office Lady Getting Involved in Another World Summoning, Working Hard as the Guild’s ‘Monster Dismantler Lady’ ~ A Dragon? Of Course I Can Handle It! ~


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Huh? I got caught up in a Saint Summoning?

An unexpected accident? I can’t return to my original world?

…Huh? What is a [Dismantle] skill?

Sachi, a second-year office worker at a black company, was rushing home, as usual, working until just before the last train, when suddenly she was enveloped in a dazzling light and lost consciousness.

When she woke up, she saw people cheering “The Saint Summoning was a success!” and a high school girl being celebrated as the ‘Saint.’

Huh? Is this that otherworld summoning thing you often see in anime and manga?

While she was thinking that, she heard people talking rudely, saying things like, “What about that one?” “Did she get caught in the magic circle?” “What a blunder,” and “It was a mistake.”

What? I happened to be standing in the Saint Summoning magic circle? Caught up in it? An accident?

To top it off, when her unique ability or [Gift (Heavenly Blessing)] was appraised, it was found she had [Dismantle].

Deemed unnecessary for defeating the Demon King, she was abandoned. But then she was scouted by the sub-master of the Adventurers’ Guild, who asked, “Won’t you work at the guild?”

She was taken to the blood-soaked and grueling “Monster Dismantling Counter” (extremely busy) where adventurers bring monsters to be dismantled into materials.

…Huh? This is my workplace?

Caught up in a Saint Summoning, the burnt-out office lady Sachi works hard every day at the guild’s “Monster Dismantling Counter” and lives resiliently in another world! …Or so she planned, but why is she ending up going on quests!?

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Makikomarete Shoukan Sareta Genkai OL, Guild Shouzoku no [Mamono Kaitai Jou] toshite Funtouchuu ~Dragon desuka? Mochiron Hakemasu~
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