A Boy Who Was Disowned Because He Was Second in Everything, Is Unknowingly Unmatched


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Cleo Farseed, the son of a Duke was disowned by his family because he could only attain second place no matter what he did at the Royal Metropolitan Academy. And to get first he tried everything but always got only second at everything he did.

He decided to escape from his cramped life and live freely as an adventurer, and tried to utilize the skills he had acquired being second at everything, but neither the Duke nor Cleo himself were aware of it… how great it was to be second in everything even if not mastering one.

“I’m just plain. I’m not an expert in anything–”

The boy who is second is unaware. Will shake the surroundings with great strength–!

Associated Names
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Mannen 2-i Dakara to Kandou Sareta Shounen, Mujikaku ni Musou Suru
The boy in unconscious invincible
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New DeirdreH rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: v4c5
This is a pretty average story overall but I'm upgrading by one star because Cleo isn't afraid to

slap a b*tch

when the situation calls for it.
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Cedd rated it
August 9, 2021
Status: v12c1
Ah yes, the good ol formula of the MC getting kicked and banished but it turns out that the MC's pretty OP and competent. The ppl who kicked him now wallow in regret blah blah blah

It's pretty alright. Starts out like any other novels like it and doesn't have much that makes it stand out from the rest. We'll see after a few more chapters if this turns out to be banger I guess

edit: Eh kinda mediocre. Not super bad that I hate it but just an average adventuring party... more>> stuff that you would see on other japanese novels. Honestly, the fact that he got banished is such a non factor that most of the time that they just give you snippets on the status of his family going downhill, and it doesn't really influence much in the story and the MC. Feel like it's there because it's obligatory for these stories to have occasional chapters where the banishers suffer for the readers' satisfaction, which I didn't really get.

So yeah the whole banished thing is mostly just something to get you to read it and the story itself is just an average but somewhat entertaining adventure story. <<less
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Kingdo rated it
November 22, 2021
Status: v2c2
MC was kick out of his house after graduation because he was never the first in any subject.

Turn out he was in reality the strongest of them all, it's just that every subject have rules (likes no kick in swordplay) that inconvenient MC.

MC is dense, under evaluated, become know as an adventurer easily. Others try to find him, because only his father so far find him useless, only because he is oddly obsessed with the idea of being the number one of something.

MC didn't have any objective so far, he... more>> just ho along with what happen around him. No girls in love for now and even a first teammate male, that a good point. The story isn't bad, it's a classic. But I find it boring at some point, the premise is good, but he just doesn't catch my eyes. <<less
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