A Banished Failure Survives in the Borderland and Becomes an S-Rank Exorcist


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This world is ruled by the Twilight.

150 years ago, war broke out between humans and demons. The humans suffered massive casualties as a mysterious phenomenon called “Twilight” took over the world. In that world, there exists a certain average boy. One day, unfairly abandoned by his party members, he is consumed by the Twilight.

Two years pass. In the uninhabitable Twilight, that boy struggles like mad to survive. Eventually, he returns to the barrier city with the powerful skills he acquired in the Twilight. What awaits him next?

No matter what, he moves forward, believing that a blue sky awaits him beyond.

Associated Names
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Tsuihōsareta Ochikobore, Henkyō de Ikinuite S-Rank Taimashi ni Nariagaru
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Jade.zero rated it
September 20, 2020
Status: c14

The dialogue is... horrible. So bad in fact, I'm more inclined to believe that the author spent a longer time in the Twilight than the MC did.

Not sure if it's too early in the story currently, but I also can't help but feel like the novel has been incorrectly tagged. The protagonist is by no means, "Cold". After being left out to die, the MC is rather eager to communicate with people — holding no distrust to anyone (despite having been bullied and betrayed). The story has also been tagged with "Calm Protagonist, " ignoring the fact that the protagonist cries after a duel, flusters during a conversation, and stutters during speech.

Overall, the design of the main character is terribly inconsistent (Or consistently bad, depends on you) ; The flow and pacing of the novel are all out of place; and again, the dialogue is terribly written. Fight scenes are also glossed over and underwhelming. Where the author spends more time explaining the skills the MC uses over how the MC actually uses it.

Cool world setting though I guess. Kinda like AoT...



Guess I was in a bad mood while reading this, and I've noticed the tags being edited... The novel - coming back to it now months after - is not actually all that bad (I'll still leave my previous review up as the points there are still valid). But in comparison to other novels similar to this, it's a much more interesting read. The other characters in this novel are pretty decent and seemingly multi-dimensional (they 'exist' more than just what is seen on the surface), and I've taken more of a liking towards the MC as his character has developed - though if I were to criticize one thing, I feel like the change happened too quickly. Otherwise, not that bad and I've changed the stars accordingly (around 3.8-4.1)
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orpheus_rm rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: --
Maybe I'm jaded but I can no longer tolerate dense, stuttering JP protagonists unless the plot is really good. This plot is not really good. The writing is stilted and emotionless. Last thing, if the novel is primarily going to be internal dialogue, the MC has to be at least mildly interesting.

Edit: I was revisiting this to give it another shot and decided to leave a review because I'd forgotten I'd written this. Do I have a different opinion? Nope. Still gonna keep reading though.
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dniv rated it
November 29, 2020
Status: c23
This is actually quite good. Rather than a 3.5, this is a more like a 4.5. I'm giving it a 5 though, because I give a lot of tr*sh here 5's when they're not nearly this good, lol.

Anyway, the writing is a bit stilted and flat at times, but it's not cliched. I like the MC and the other characters around the MC. I think the translation is pretty clean and of relatively high quality.

The premise and ideas have been executed very well so far though. While this isn't one... more>> of the best things I've ever read, it's definitely good--better than the majority of works on this site. <<less
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Goblin Sleuth
Goblin Sleuth rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: c13
It is your typical Japanese Web Novel, where in place of proper narrative you can expect to see dialog, or the protagonist inner monologue. If you've been around the block you know what I'm talking about either you can tolerate it or you hate it, there is no loving it.

As for the actual story I'd say it is alright, setting is post apocalyptic fantasy. That is fantasy not supernatural, the demons mentioned are just your standard fantasy RPG monsters like goblins and wolves. The fighting is dull, it would be... more>> cool but it is told from a 1st person perspective so it is basically just the protagonist telling us what he's doing. "I ducked under his attack, and swung my sword at his exposed side." Basically stuff like that, again though that is the JWN style either you can tolerate it or you can't.

Here is the biggest flaw with the story which will probably make it or break it for you.


The protagonist is essentially written backwards, for most protagonist their character is what drives the story, for this guy the story is what determines his character. In the beginning when he needs to be betrayed by his party he is naive, and gullible. When he is left alone in hell he becomes a cold and emotionless killing machine. When he returns to humanity but needs to keep a low profile he becomes a wimp who lets others walk over him. When it is time for him to show off his true abilities he becomes sarcastic and sassy.

This isn't a situation of oh he was just pretending, it is genuinely written that he was too scared to fight back cause he thought people would be afraid of him. His personality just seems too driven by the plot, if the author needs him to run he'll suddenly be a coward, if he needs to save someone he'll magically become heroic. It is just a really big annoying inconsistency.


Overall I'd say it worth reading if you're looking for someway to pass the time. Like something that comes on TV that you watch because nothing else is on and you don't have anything else to do. <<less
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montblanc512 rated it
December 1, 2021
Status: c21
Cool Concept and world, absolutely tr*sh MC and pace.

The protagonist is your absolute most beta of betas. He goes on and on about law of the jungle and kill or be killed mentality, but just seems to completely lack any will or strength of character and despite that constant talk has yet to even really injure anyone. He's infinitely forgiving and does that thing where he'll just ignore crimes and scare off criminals and pat himself on the back as if he's solved the problem. He's your most typical "does... more>> what he's told" ball-less protagonist I think I've ever seen.

And then there's the pacing. It feels like you're skipping chapters at a time. Problem arises, instantly solved. Plot points that would be entire arcs in other series last a chapter.

They introduce a bully, a chapter later he's groveling and reformed and calling the protagonist a great guy. They re-introduce the characters who betrayed the protagonist, and he does nothing after being confronted twice. And his "I'm finally going to put an end to this" resolution, he stabs one of them in the leg, and the author points out he intentionally did it in a way not to permanently injure the guy. Then a chapter later that guy is revealed to be a traitor and gets his compatriots killed, as if this was a built up master plan, even though literally a chapter earlier he was just harassing the MC on the street as if he had no plan whatsover.

There is no pacing.

And then there's the women, all of whom are introduced just to immediately swoon over the MC. 20 chapters in and almost every woman in his age bracket introduced so far blushes if he farts in their direction.

It's worse than generic, it's poorly done generic. The only reason it gets a 2 star is because the translation is at least competent. <<less
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Hantosh rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: c30
The premise isn't believable. MC survives 2 years in hell, becomes OP, returns and has the same timid personality with self-esteem issues as when he left. Doesn't even have PTSD. Then the story pulls a bait and switch and turns into a mu*der-mystery for some reason.

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Funggen rated it
October 30, 2020
Status: c19
It had potential, you got a trap MC here.. living in women dorm.. Oh boy.. Talking being spicy (he probably cut his long hair later as seen in the novel cover) {I actually prefer if he kept his longhair, but, it doesn't change much}...

The Power is unique.. The combat is actually less attractive probably need a better narrative on the combat part. Hopefully it gets better as the story goes on..

the MC interaction with/about demon is actually more interesting than talking with/about another human.. the TL is well and active..

One... more>> thing to note about mc's betrayal..


he doesn't give a f*ck about his former team mate, he doesn't want to kill/ humiliate his betrayer which I totally respect. Don't expect psycophatic MC in revenge story/ the next Hajime

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Xtremister rated it
June 4, 2023
Status: c45
I came from the manga, read this from the beginning and realized that the manga is simply much more better. Like it filters out the tr*sh projection author had written into the MC. The idea is good just not executed well. I understand that a formally timid person with zero social skill will still have zero social skill even after he has gained unlimited power if he hasn't socialized at all, and with having been betrayed too. Starting to fear or resent humanity is perfectly understandable. It's an admirable trait... more>> that the MC doesn't hate all of humanity despite what he's gone through. But still being timid despite surviving a harsh condition is utterly unrealistic. Tr*sh character writing. <<less
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