9 Heavenly Thunder Manual


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The main character Lei Yu does not have the ability to practice his family’s martial arts. He gets stepped on and tossed around. Due to certain reasons, he leaves the family, coincidentally gains an ability, and makes his own path to becoming an immortal.

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shashanksinghal rated it
May 17, 2016
Status: c110
It initially seems a good story with an urban twist to the typical xianxia element, but the author takes racism to some exaggerated heights...
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Draeghe rated it
January 6, 2016
Status: --
A sort of modern xianxia. Stereotypical.

There are however two very offputting factors.

1. The Author is very racist. This part becomes clear at Chapter 40+, but even more so at around 60 or so.

... more>> 2. The Author speaks of girls as if they are sullied/ruined even if they were r*ped. The way women are described and their characters is nauseating as well. They all think the MC is the best thing ever, even in passingby. It might be easier to say they have no personality at all.

I personally wouldn’t recommend reading this stuff to anyone. <<less
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Potatos rated it
August 3, 2016
Status: c100
The main character is your average, op MC. If it was just this, I probably would've given it a three, as there are much worse novels out there. However, the author is racist as f***. There is a review that the racism doesn't take from the novel, but if you think about it, the author could've made a similar novel without every single person in japan being a rapist/murderer/pervert who's into necrophilia. It could've been much better without the unnecessary racism.

Secondly, the females are less than one dimensional. Their about... more>> as life like as a stick figure with hair. A single look from the MC and they swoon and fall in love with him. WTF!!!! It's not just the women too, EVERYBODY thinks he's awesome, amazing and godly.

To make things worse, the author is not just racist as f*ck, but sexist as f*ck. If a girl isn't a virgin, they are considered "dirty", even if they were r*ped.

I really did try to get through this novel, but after reaching chapter 100, my eyes were bleeding, my IQ dropped below 50 and all I wanted to do was throw my laptop out the window.

So go ahead if you want to read this racist, one dimensional, sexist novel. Perhaps if your new to the xianxia/xuanhuan community you may not mind, but I can tell you that there are MUCH better novels to enjoy than this <<less
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November 10, 2017
Status: --
So many people are giving this novel 1 star for the author's "extremely racist" depiction of japanese as murderer/rapist/necrophiles... Those people complaining should really google "r*pe of nanking".

Not too long ago japan conquered the capital of china. The soldiers then systematically went door to door, raping all the women and children, and then executing them via grotesque mutilations. for children, they were often killed first and their had their corpse r*ped after being killed. about 300-thousand chinese civilians were killed this way. Not to mention the whole part where many... more>> many chinese women were carted off to japan, r*ped for the purpose of impregnating them, then vivisected alive so they could experiment on the growing fetuses.

This author depiction of the japanese is actually a historically accurate depiction of their last war with china. So many people are giving it 1 star for historical accuracy being "extremely racist" <<less
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AonDuine rated it
August 26, 2016
Status: --
Don't care about the racism. Is it there? Yeah. Is it bad? Yup. Do I care in regards to the story? Nope. Not off putting for me. It is a fictional story portraying fictional people. Get used to it and don't let it set your mood. That said, the story. Is. Garbage. The characters are dull, the love interests are dull and make no sense. The way the author seems to view women (or men) is frankly irrelevant to how good a story can be. In this case, the characters... more>> are just all bad regardless and the pacing is ill thought out while the world itself felt fake. Long story short don't touch this one. You won't regret it. <<less
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BlackHat88 rated it
February 9, 2016
Status: --
Average xianxia story, interesting to pass time up to a point if it was not for the exaggerated racism. The modern world setting is a good change but MC becomes very strong very fast and you have the usual arrogant characters facing MC. The racism begins from the moment he gets to Japan.

The author depicts the Japanese as disgusting people, all corrupted and serial rapist with some who even kills someone and f*ck the corpse.

And if people don’t get the hint, MC mocks the height of the Japanese and is... more>> saying several times that the kou people (japanese) disgust him <<less
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
March 30, 2016
Status: --
EDITED scroll down

I have to say that the novel has its stereotypical moments, but I don't believe it deserves all the 1/5 ratings. So it is average, but it isn't too bad compared to a lot of trashy xianxia out there. I actually think it's a bit unique because of how the author incorporates it into a modern setting.

Anyway it is your choice whether or not you read, but I do want to say that a 1/5 is a little harsh. A 3/5 would make more sense. And even... more>> if the beginning does seem random, I sort of liked it enough to give it a 4/5 for adrenaline, but a 2/5 for the mash up.


This novel is just stereotypical xianxia. Glad I came back to just say it's bleh... *shrugs*


and there is r*pe too.... don'tforget that

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rdawv rated it
March 8, 2016
Status: --
Review as of Ch. 88.

This is an urban martial arts series with inner strength cultivation, set in fictionalized versions of China and Japan, thinly veiled with different names (though the US is called the US). It has factions and organizations that are basically the modern equivalents of sects and clans, where it is usual for special martial artists to command immediate respect among the common people.

9 Heavenly Thunder Manual tells the story of a young man who was thrown out by his adoptive clan. Suffering what was essentially a lynching,... more>> he miraculously survived and awakened his hidden powers, eventually finding his way back to his best friend who took him under his wing. Growing in power by leaps and bound, the MC bears a grudge against his previous clan and now determined to clear the mystery surrounding his mother who had given him away to the clan in the first place.

I believe the author is influenced by titles similar to Ma Wing Shing’s (of Storm Rider fame) urban action manhwa series, Black Leopard (officially licensed in the US). To give an idea, the cover of one of Black Leopard’s issues had a man German Suplexing a military helicopter. Another cover had a crazed man headbutting a missile.

Though 9HTM hasn’t reach that extent yet, you get the basic idea of a modern setting mixed with such superhuman martial artists. It is a little similar to other urban novels here like Wicked Soldier King, Juvenile Medical God and Genius Sword Immortal in that you have people talking about aspects of modern living (clubbing, business deals, cars, mobile phones, triad gangsters etc) as well as martial arts and cultivation.

The story itself isn’t unique, especially for one who is used to Hong Kong comics. Basically you’re going to read about the MC Lei Yu doing the usual things: powering up, surprising people with his growth, killing enemies with sudden bursts of esper-like lightning martial powers, revenge and retaliation for one thing or another... even discovering a mysterious beast. The usual xianxia aspects, but in modern times. Sprinkled around is his interactions with his estranged father who is the head of the clan that had thrown him out as well as beautiful women who are attracted to his manliness. By the way the titular “9 Heavenly Thunder Manual” hasn’t appeared yet.

The writing is simple, the dialogue nothing special. Things happen in pretty much a straightforward manner. This and that happened, the MC reacts, decides to do something about it, repeat. It is not as bloodthirsty as other xianxia novels, but he is obviously self-righteous and not afraid to do what he thinks is necessary. One can breeze through the chapters in one sitting like I did, not really missing anything if you forgotten a detail or two as long as you remember who the bad guys are (and the author likes to remind us who they are).

All-in-all the story and its depictions of s*x and violence reminds me of the mangas drawn by Ryoichi Ikegami: Crying Freeman, Strain, Sanctuary, Heat... all titles that has elements about the seedy world of urban crime and action.

As for the racist overtones mentioned by other reviewers, yes they are there. Do they detract from the story? Perhaps to some. The author doesn’t shy away from writing raw opinions into the story, put it that way. To me, the story doesn’t have the gloss in the first place to be damaged by such influences. If you decide to skip this novel, you won’t be missing much. For those who decide to read it, it’s a simple comic-like story that can serve as time filler. <<less
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ththth12 rated it
January 23, 2016
Status: --
This starts really random. MC gets his OP powers somehow, finds treasures from random trees and so on. It does not get any better. This is one of the worst CN there is.
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Apathyace rated it
November 18, 2015
Status: --
After reading the first few chapters my impression of this novel is that the author didn’t know what he wanted to write. The pacing is quite fast with the MC gaining above average strength almost immediately it’s somewhat similar to swallowed star but doesn’t pull it off nearly as well its sort of like instead of having a world with history and development the author decided to throw in common xianxia world 1 with modern day city. It’s just not very good
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faraonj rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
Reviewed at chapter 102. I rated the novel at 4/5. I can't really understand why the novel isn't rated more around 3-5 because its not that bad. It has the some of the same characteristics of other novels such as MC getting OP stuff, dark past, weak to strong because of circumstances. It can be compared to other top novels, it just gives a weird feeling because of the modern setting. I honestly think people don't like the novel because it has a modern world theme, so if you are... more>> totally against martial arts in a modern theme then don't read this novel. Readers also have to note this may have a modern theme, but that doesn't mean its against fantasy elements which people will read in novel. The novel isn't as good as novels such as Peerless martial god or Against the gods as of now, but its definitely under there. It brings a interesting plot twist with the modern setting and fantasy elements. If you want to read of novel thats somewhat outside of the box and is XianXia; then this is a novel to read. I also wanted to note, reviews are reviews, they aren't your personal opinion. If you read so many reviews then that review will become your opinion. I originally put off this novel because of its average reviews and one review had


in it and this put the novel off for me. This shouldn't be put out there because it makes the readers more disinclined to read this novel. Honestly who would want to read a novel that has said spoiler in it with a modern tag, but no fantasy tag. Enjoy the novel. Take it in and remember "don't judge a book by its covers." <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: --
This story is utterly horrible. Nothing makes sense in this story, utter randomness occurs with utmost frequency. The protagonist simply goes through life, constantly moulded by the forces in the world, without any true will of his own. What's worse about all it all is that, there isn't any justifiable passion in this story. The author says that the protagonist should feel this way, giving the reader half a dozen reasons as to detest something, or someone. But then, the reasons the author spent a dozen chapters accentuating suddenly doesn't... more>> matter anymore. Why? Because the protagonist is supposedly morally superior to everyone else in the entire world.

Although I must add, it's extremely biased of reviewers if one reviews so lowly simply because that the cultural values of the authors differ from that of the reader. For one, this story is designed for Eastern, more specifically Chinese audience, to judge so cruelly because the author's values aren't 'Western' enough is Just repulsive. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
November 2, 2016
Status: c95
Normally I would come up with something good about a novel that people might like to read if they don't care about all the bad stuff, even for 1/5... but I can't for this. Maybe if you hate Japan, or maybe if you just want to hate yourself, you could read it.

The main character is one of the worst people I've ever read about. He's more hypocritical than most xianxia villains, he acts childish at best, and at worst he's manipulative and opportunistic. And the worst part? Everyone loves him.... more>> No, not because he's like that - they just love him because he's beautiful and strong. And he never really does anything for the women in his harem, mind you - he just has some kind of main character pheromone or something. Then bad things happen because of him, and he blows it or blames the girl for it and worse things happen to it. And they still love him - again, for no reason.

Not that any of the other characters are better. You have people with, apparently, the power to destroy a country, and all of them are old men, but they're all also childish and self-absorbed. The villains act in a way that makes it seem like they specifically target the main character for no reason other than he exists, and not because of any goals or plans they have. Any character who isn't the main character spontaneously fangirls or fanboys over the strongest nearby person, which is usually the main character.

The setting is a mess. There's sci-fi in the form of the "Kou country" superdrugs, there's cultivation elements, and apparently there are things like werewolves and probably vampires too. All this is jammed into what could be called an ordinary modern-day setting until the main character leaves his home country, because it's obvious the author has not. An ancient martial arts family in Tenglong is not only known across the world, but is all-powerful everywhere. Spending an hour or so on the internet is enough to turn someone into a superstar, then make every business in the country fight for the right to throw money at him. Ninjas trained by an organization using drugs are ready to betray their organization and fight for someone else after about a minute of torture and two lines.

And y'know, this could actually work if it had a comedic element, but the writing is completely serious. And the story is fully character-driven: The main character meets someone; if it's a villain, the villain bullies the main character, then the main character has a lucky encounter and gets revenge; if it's not a villain, the character instantly becomes a follower of the main character - later on, a villain will meet that character and the main character will get revenge for him/her, but otherwise the character will only exist to think about how awesome the main character is and give him whatever he wants. <<less
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Phantom-Z rated it
November 12, 2016
Status: c571
Honestly, this novel is far from being very good and can only be considered average-good, but one of its qualities is the fact than the human nature is more real-like than in a lot of novels. Also, the MC has most of the time a real goal to follow, thing that's lacking in too many novels. Also, even if some of the battles at the beginning are not really exceptionals, they grow slightly better with the time. The plot has some foreshadowing and is very satisfying on this point with... more>> a story neither too slow or too quick. One of the others good things here is thefact than none of the characters are too good and that even some of those close to the MC eventually dies later...

On the opposite, this novel also has many problems which make the story a little lacking sometimes, on of these problems is the racism present in the "Kou" Arc, but it is mostly a problem for people sensible to this type of topic...

If I say it like this, it's because Racism is a part of human Nature and is clearly depicted in this novel through the MC who goes in a country at war with his own, it's obvious than almost anyone in the same position as him would think the same things and react the same manner. (even tough he treated some people of said country correctly, just that he has too much of a bias here.)
That's a part of the bad sides of humanity which is well shown in this novel I think, and it's not neccessary a bad point.

So yeah, the racism is bad in this novel and really too much at some times. So if you're sensitive to such topics, don't read that novel. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: c66
The thing with this novel which can be said that is bad is the fact in the beginning chapters the author himself was unsure whether to do a modern type story or mythical ancient setting... Even in the first 10 or so chapters it was implied that the settin was ancient China however after a certain thing happens the author brings a friend who arrives in a BMW and here I was (unsure about other readers) thinking wasn't this meant to be ancient China for what bloody hell are you... more>> changing it to a modern type setting... The biggest problem I have noticed with this and other modern Chinese novels is that they are extremely racist towards Japanese people for example with this novel

it clearly states that Japanese people are evil rapists that need to be exterminated...

I haven't read past c.66 but what I have read in spoilers it just gets worse. To be honest if he went with ancient setting the racist thing would be barely noticeable because it could be changed to something like demons or monsters or even mutant humans and their races name could be changed but here it is humans and Japan and they are evil... (this turned into a bit of a rant at the end, sorry...

Thanks for reading <<less
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Jeebus rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: c74
There's really nothing to like in this novel. There's not much plot to speak of. What little plot there is seems random and rushed, with most of the stuff that's happening generally out of the MC's understanding or control. If the MC is in danger, a completely random fortuitous encounter or some other plot twist saves him. His lady friends pop up and disappear at random. Same goes for his friends and family. There were a few times where I had to make sure I didn't accidentally skip chapters because... more>> the plot meanders so much that I thought I had skipped to a new story arc.

In the first few chapters, he falls into a river near a huge city, crawls out of said river, and finds himself in a virgin forest paradise, apparently untouched by man, where he learns to cultivate. We find out later that he's only a few days' walking distance from that huge city, and somehow no one has ever been to this Eden. Random crap that is completely nonsensical continues to happen to power up the MC whenever he comes across any type of adversity.

The whole thing is like reading a wish fulfillment novel written by a horny high school student. It's almost completely devoid of plot, character development, or anything approaching literary competency. Also, there's enough racism thrown into the mix to make me feel uncomfortable reading it. <<less
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Sai47s rated it
February 1, 2017
Status: --
Interesting, full of clichés novel. Not a bad start, but further - it is simply a failure to the author, the potential of the product is not disclosed. Heroes suffers different remorse. Harem as such is absent. Showdown with the enemy tightened. You could, for something interesting to squeeze out of the novel. And not a fish / meat does not happen. Quickly bored.
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onelamefrog rated it
August 3, 2016
Status: c90
A pretty typical adult xianxia with lots of dudes exploding into fountains of gore and bone, women being r*ped silly, and mysterious cultivating methods surpassing the bounds of ranks (but only by one or two, duh).

It's okay, pretty standard fare except for what most reviewers are complaining about. In the second arc the main character travels to Kou - a country modeled after Japan - and yes, racism ensues. It's really not a big deal what with fantasy world and overall mature themes already present.
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Bigbaddogg7 rated it
April 22, 2017
Status: c265
This novel is bad. I can put up with the racism and sexism because it was noted before I begun reading it, but this MC takes every bad thing about most MC and goes to the extreme and his racism and sexism goes to the extreme. He believes that he is God's greatest gift, sliced bread, and that every action he takes is justified.

This might be the only novel where I want the MC to just die.... actually the whole world in this novel should vanish. I'll suggest not... more>> to waste time on this if you want a good read. I want to finish reading this novel though to see if it can change my mind and let me increase it's rating by a star at the most.

All the 1 star reviews are right about this novel. <<less
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October 3, 2016
Status: --
The story is in itself is good and MC isn't that bad, the problem is the little racism versus the Japanese but it's a cultural problem of Chinese so it's not a big deal for me. The story is in a modern setting with some ancient thing. Develop pretty fast with some strong cliché but if you like xianxia I would give a try
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