7th Demon Prince Jilbagias’ Chronicle of Demon Kingdom Toppling


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The hero who was killed by the demon king ended up reincarnated as the son of the one who killed him! Thus began the life of the hero who donned in the mask of the ideal demon prince to topple his own kingdom while doing his best to prevent anyone from discovering his identity―― But to do that and blend into the demon tribe society, he had to kill his former comrades. Nevertheless, to become stronger, to save humanity, he had to walk through all kinds of paths of carnage! This is the tale of the demon race’s fake prince destroying his own kingdom.

O Hero, Trample Those Who You Should Protect!

TN: Most part of the other character in the novel is depicted from a non-human perspective so expect something that is completely different from the common sense of human.

Associated Names
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7th Demon Prince Jilbagias, The Demon Kingdom Destroyer
Dai Nana Maouji Jirubagiasu no Maou Keikoku Ki
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9 Reviews

Mar 24, 2023
Status: c49
This is Far FAR better than I thought it was at first. The first few chapters make it seem like a generic reborn MC story... its much better than that. The world building is suberb and is much much more reminiscent of complex western fantasy than the usual eastern interpretation of western fantasy; with hints of xianxia dao concepts mixed in.

The complex nature of the magic system and the world of devils is incredible. The most powerful devils (and other entities) embody laws and concepts and as they grow in... more>> power they eventually are doomed to subliminate into becoming that concept itself; a nascent god on the verge of sublimination (death) even muses that maybe the entire devil world was once an entity of power beyond understanding that subliminated into an entire world (potentially the source of all worlds in story, given that the author is very consistent about his world-building). So far this is a fantasy magic story of a quality I rarely expect to find.

The MC's concept too of Taboo is brilliant and the nature through which it influences his actions and emotions is so well written - the guilt clashing with the need for power to get revenge, both feeding eachother and burning up inside him.

Additionally so far the combat has been high quality as well and the author doesnt shy away from grit or brutality.

I looked down on this story as generic at first but it became so much more than that.

Im torn between hunting down the raws and waiting for the translator to continue their excellent work; I think I'll do both. <<less
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Aug 26, 2022
Status: c413
This series really has many part that will make you feel disgusted when you first read that sick part but after you read 10+ or so chapters with that sick elements, you will used to it and don't really mind. At least that's how I feel when I read this series's RAW with my buddy Google Translate-kun.

... more>>

For example, like what happen to one of main heroine in this series, Saint Liliana aka Holy Dog when she first introducted


MC have many times where he almost 'break'.

Definitely one of the best Dark Fantasy story out there. <<less
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Oct 11, 2022
Status: c34 part2
i rate this novel 2 stars. Personally, the novel causes a roller coaster of emotions. In a sense, this novel tells the story about the MC commit a Taboo. He need to commit a taboo for saving humanity even though he became a demon.

The only reason on my low rating is the explosive hatred monologue of the hero towards the demon race. I could understand the author on his character settings, to the point of meeting every villain character the hero tend to furiously spat his inner monologue to kill... more>> his enemies became annoying as a reader. <<less
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Jun 25, 2023
Status: c100
One of the best dark webnovels I have ever read. Usually, the quality of the story of webnovel can't compare to normal novels, but 7th Prince somehow makes it.

Summary: The world is invaded by Demon, which is actually a human tribe that uses violence to deal with everything in their life. Because of that, there is war between humans and demons, and the human side is always losing. Desperate enough, our hero group has to do kamikaze (a.k.a su*cide mission to assassinate the Demon King) and fails miserably. After the... more>> reincarnation, he vows using his soul

that he will destroy Demon Kingdom, even when he becomes their Prince.

Again, let's sum up what you will expect from this novel.
    • Worldbuilding: Absolutely astonishing. Everything is well-thought and related to each other. There are multiple races, multiple ideologies, etc. Crammed into each other without the feeling of being forced in. Also, because this is a dark

      novel, you will see some disgusting stuff that may make you vomit. And the best of all, somehow, the author makes the worldbuilding works realisticly.


      Demon race values strength over anything else -> they become the strongest so nobody can beat them, and even in war -> they start fighting against themselves to show that they are the strongest -> a war is made so that they have the same enemy so that the country is united instead of a civil war.

      But, that doesn't mean love doesn't exist in that country. The mothers still love their children, but since they are a country of violence and they have a contract with corrupted devils, the best they can do is ease their children's suffering by transferring it into their bodies instead of curing them. This will later be weaponized into magic used in the war.
    • Characters: very well-made. While many people are simpletons because demon country is a barbaric low-cultured country, the important characters are four-dimensional characters. Some people misunderstood the MC for being savage, cringe and edgy, but if you read further, there are lots of places that explain why MC behaves like that.

      Let's take MC's mom. Because the King is chosen by being the strongest, they will kill their own father, other queens and princes to take the throne. So, her motivation is trying her best to make her son become the demon king and it's the only way for the to survive. This leads to her methodology of raising the MC in a cage that only aims at becoming the strongest and getting the throne and killing his siblings. Later, when her son's growth makes him more like a monster, she also reflects on this and thinks about whether she should raise him like a normal child. But, no matter what, she still tries her best to help her son to achieve his dream of becoming a demon king, and her evaluation and expectation become so harsh.

      For the MC: we are repeatedly shown that they have a loving family and subordinates to sympathize with, but in the end, the MC just casually 'But I will kill you all in the future'. People call it edgy. The story explains this shortly in Devil Contract act that his soul and personality have a lot of holes, making him a unique existence.

      Also, there is only 5 years since he is dead so he doesn't bond enough with the new family. Then, in later arcs, it shows that the qualification for being the hero is that you have to own a strong EGO to hate everything against humanity. That's right, his deep hatred of demons makes him a hero, not vice-versa.

    • The theme: just like other dark novels, the theme circle around the tragedy and suffering of the people in the story. In order to save the human, our hero has to kill his own new family. In order to save his own country, the demon king is overworked to death and can't even see his own children. In order to become the king, the princes and princesses try to kill each other although they are a family. -> Also, this does one thing that other LN or WN unable to do: it makes you question that if by chance, one character, especially the MC, just stops doing what they are doing, and try to enjoy their life, maybe the world and their own life will be better. But no, they are driven by something: desires, common senses, goals, etc. So it is extremely hard to break the circle of suffering.
In conclusion: if you like dark stories like Lobotomy Corp that are devoid of comedy and focus solely on the dark stuff like tragedy and action, 7th Demon Prince is a very good choice. Yes, the story is really plot-heavy, so you will not have mild slice-of-life stuff like in Executioner and Her Way of Life or Roll Over and Die. The start of the novel is a little bit weird but if you read far enough, you can see that everything has its own reason to be there, and things fit in like puzzle pieces. <<less
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Jan 18, 2023
Status: c43
A very compelling read.

There are many web / light novels that are revenge stories but most of them are just wish fulfillment with a simple, generic story and paper thin characters. This has real stakes, a complex plot, deep characterisation, good worldbuilding and genuine moral struggles.

I'll warn you that it's a slow-burn story though over time we see major developments. It's a steep uphill climb for our MC and he doesn't start out overpowered with the ability to get rid of all the villains; he has to struggle a lot... more>> in various ways throughout the story and his end goal is always far away because of how bad the odds are for humanity. <<less
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Nov 04, 2023
Status: --
In short humanities hero is killed by the demon king and then reincarnates as one of the demon princes then decides to get destroy the demon kingdom at all cost.

It is a bit of an interesting take and in this case the setting isn't that the demon kingdom is actually good or being invaded by humans in the first place.

A bit of a spoiler from the first few chapters of the story on the background.

Instead it's that the demons were always a race that loved power and battles so they... more>> fought among one another all the time in a tribe like fashion. Then one of them the strongest + smartest of them at the time went over to the humans side and was welcomed and learned all about civilization and decided that demons should all get civilized. However he also knew the nature of the demons and thus decided that to become civilized the had to steal it and have other enemies to fight. So humans + the "good natured" races all became sacrificies to unite the demons to a common cause so the demons are pretty much just using the humans + others to have an enemy other then themselves so they can develop and prosper.

All in all the premise is fun and the MC is pretty singular in his hatred and wanting to destroy the demon world saying he's willing to and planning to slaughter humans to become the demon king and then destroy the demon kingdom from the inside.

The one thing I do find a bit weird and which is often the case in reincarnation stories is that the MC can never bond or even care for their new families and always only think or yearn for their family in their past life. While for instance I can understand the MC hating and wanting to kill his father the demon king he is also at all time planning to kill his mother the person who gave birth to and raised him coupled with the fact that we haven't exactly been shown her doing a great deal of "evil" and instead he just wants to kill her cause she's a demon. Which get's back to my point of that why so many reincarnators reject their new parents is cause of them being mentally old?

Still there are some quirky characters in the story that makes it stand out a bit, though to be honest the female cast for some reason seem based on finding some of the most degenerate fetishes and then base a character from it.


For instance the contracted devil of the MC is the devil god of taboo so she loves and get's h**ny just thinking of taboo stuff, so stuff like in*est, ntr, betrayal are all up her alley.

The former party member of the MC who he finds and saves has gotten all her limps cut of and then had her stumps outfitted with leather and been trained to being a dog and she's refered to as the MC's "pet dog".

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Apr 09, 2023
Status: c194
This novel, is slow but has a strong impact. Here, we follow a human hero who got reincarnated into the kind that killed him and hated the most, the demons. Not only that, he was the son of the demon king. Now he's working his way up to have the power to destroy the demons and those that is connected to them. It is very conflicting as the novel will show multiple sides of the world concerning him and those around him; the demons side and his life in it,... more>> those who were persecuted by the demons and their allies, the struggle of alliance of multiple races against the demons, especially humans, and more importantly, those who are dear to him. The struggle of the MC is painful, but makes it worth reading. <<less
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Feb 13, 2023
Status: c15
It was an interesting concept. The novel was about a past hero Reincarnation as the Demon King's son, with an ambition to destroy the kingdom. What made me drop this novel was three points. First was every chapter started with MC self introduction, tied together with filler. Second was that all the names sounded too fake, especially the MC Jibagaidas, which was annoying to pronounce and read everytime. Lastly was the constant plot armor and lack of plot development due to the story's pace. Although this point did not make... more>> me drop, but the translation was not the best as usually I'd spot one to three things a Chapter that the translator messed up. <<less
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Sep 16, 2023
Status: c55
Pretty good 'tragic hero turned anti hero' story. The writing keeps you invested nicely, I've only ever had to skim on very few pointless dialogues but for the most part everything said is great. There is the caveat of the overpowered protag and powers with vague concepts that might as well be a flick of the writer's pen and you're toast kinda of deal similar in vibe to something like Redo healer where their powers are conceptually unrestricted. The power fantasy isn't overbearing however, the story isn't immature, and for... more>> the most part the journey of the protag is paced well. As long as there's no hypocrisy or cringe tropes injected into this story I think it'll be a fun read for most people. <<less
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