6-Year Old Sage Wants to Tread in The Shadows ~Becoming the Ruler of Darkness and Training My Retainers I’ll Build the Strongest Country~


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The man once known as the strongest sage reincarnated as a 6-year-old boy – Eddie.
Having retained the memories of his previous life, having exceeded his previous peak, he came to a decision.

— To stay in the shadows instead of becoming the greatest sage.

Eddie buried his memories of obliterating the Demon King and enrolled in the Royal Academy as a normal 6-year old boy.

Of course, after the death of the Demon King, he nurtured his retainers and acted as the Ruler of Darkness in secret.

Sometimes the Ruler of Darkness.
Sometimes a freshman in the magic academy.

This is a story of the strongest juvenile sage and those who swore loyalty to him.

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12/28/18 Re:Library c12
12/27/18 Re:Library c11
12/27/18 Re:Library c10
12/26/18 Re:Library c9
12/25/18 Re:Library c8
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12/16/18 Ankydon’s Lair c1
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TerraCeline rated it
December 17, 2018
Status: c1
Tried to write this a few times. Planned reincarnation. Fed up with being tasked to do impossible things like beating a demon lord. (Even though, he could beat the demon lord) our protagonist is just starting his journey to become OP again, this time looks like he might try and hide it per the novel description.

I am looking forward to more.
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December 27, 2018
Status: c8
Don't expect anything too serious or unique about this. It has the same old isekai tropes for those who like the genre. Faced with a hot chick, the MC spouts the lines: "Can't help it. I've decided to use magic for my own sake in this new life, but....." There's also the usual routine of repeatedly getting into pervy situations as a kid, like a 6 year old boy getting crushed by breasts.

I'm not rating this because I know I don't like these tropes but the novel has been pretty... more>> upfront about it in the early chapters and doesn't pull a bait and switch like other novels. <<less
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aetonazniel rated it
March 19, 2019
Status: c12
Liking the story so far. Clear cut goal of laying low as opposed to his previous life of a great sage. Although his new life he f***ed up and got discovered, its still within managable scale. Would be interested in reading more.

Sadly it looks like the translator dropped the project as it remained coming soon and the last update was dating back in december 2018 and I am writing this march 2019.

Hoping someone picks it up so I can read more chapters
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