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Hey, don’t say anything.

Don’t be afraid, it is 4:48 am, the time of death in psychology.

But you will not die now. Your death time is after twelve hours.

I am Zero. I appear to evade your death……

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Four forty-eight
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Kikiji rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: Completed
The grammar and word choice of this translation can't really be considered good so grammar nazis would suffer a lot if they chose to read this. However if you can overlook that, 4:48 is worth recommending. It's a bit predictable, but not overly so, and definitely deserves its Tragedy tag so don't go in with expectations of a happily ever after. It's definitely bittersweet at some points- with emphasis on the bitter- but what I like most is how strong the MC's and ML's feelings for each other are. As... more>> for who the ML is... Well that's up to the reader to figure out. <<less
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Bloodline rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: Completed
Why the hell was there no tragedy tag at first? I'm sitting here at work, trying not to bawl my eyes out.

The story is beautiful but without a happy ending, so I just can't rate it 5 Stars. But to everyone who likes this kind of stuff: it's really a good read
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LeafYu rated it
November 1, 2018
Status: Completed
I read this without bothering to read the synopsis (because sometimes translated Chinese synopsises don't make a lot of sense) and it wasn't what I was expecting- in a good way. I would recommend reading this short novel without looking at the tags and description, it was a bittersweet but gorgeous read.

... more>>

The ending made me sad, but it's what makes the story beautiful. In the end, I was wondering why He Shu, in the 99th world, seemed to recognise QingYan on the rooftop. Also, I wondered why he was committing suicide?

Then, I realised the title of the story is 4:48, the most vulnerable time for a person to suicide. It also made me realise that perhaps He Shu didn't forget his experiences in all the worlds, like QingYan did, which is why his wish to rescue QingYan was so strong. When I was reading the novel, it was hard to explain some of He Shu's actions despite knowing that he loved QingYan and I think it was only after completing the story and thinking over it a bit- did I understand.


Overall I really loved this story, definitely bookmarking it to read sometime again.

If you love poignant and bittersweet love stories and don't mind a BE, then definitely give this a try. <<less
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July 19, 2018
Status: Completed
I read this before I saw the tragedy tag, in result I am now suffering.

It's bittersweet and it really hurt me emotionally to read. I think it was written pretty well, considering the fact I was emotionally moved from it. The translating wasn't as good but it doesn't ruin the story.

Overall, it is a good read- if you enjoy tragedies. (⌣_⌣”)
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Jynxlynn rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: --
This is a sad little story.

While I do wish we could have learned a little bit more in depth about the characters, all together it was an interesting read.

The translation is a little lacking in some parts, but not enough to really take away from the story.

In the end I would recommend if you're interested in a short, Bittersweet, tearjerker.
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TheProfessionalHobo rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: c8
。:゚ (。ノω\。) ゚・。 It’s tragedy alright. But unlike some other yaoi tragedies that makes my heart clench and I feel uncomfortable for a week after the ending, this one is sweet. The translation grammar is quite dodgy, but you’ll be able to understand.
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