2.43: Seiin High School Boys’ Volleyball Club


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After causing serious trouble on his Tokyo middle school’s powerhouse volleyball team, Kimichika Haijima moves to his mother’s hometown in Fukui where he spent his childhood, and reunites with his childhood friend Yuni Kuroba. The two grow as an ace duo but clash at their final middle school prefectural tournament and went on to their local Seiin High School without speaking to each other. With their arrival, the weak boys’ volleyball team aims for nationals.

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2.43 清陰高校男子バレー部
2.43: Seiin Kōkō Danshi Volley-bu
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    08/28/21 Seiin Translations v1 epilogue 4
    08/21/21 Seiin Translations v1 epilogue 3
    08/14/21 Seiin Translations v1 epilogue 2
    08/07/21 Seiin Translations v1 epilogue 1
    07/31/21 Seiin Translations v1c5 part6
    07/31/21 Seiin Translations c5 part6
    07/24/21 Seiin Translations v1c5 part5
    07/10/21 Seiin Translations v1c5 part4
    06/26/21 Seiin Translations v1c5 part3
    06/19/21 Seiin Translations v1c5 part2
    06/05/21 Seiin Translations v1c5 part1
    05/28/21 Seiin Translations v1c4 part5
    05/15/21 Seiin Translations v1c4 part4
    05/08/21 Seiin Translations v1c4 part3
    04/29/21 Seiin Translations v1c4 part2
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