1999th Bride


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I can’t marry an old man in his 70’s!

I’m going to break out of arranged marriage!

Melissa applies for the recruitment of a bride to Wolfward Lancelote, a hero who led the war against the beast to victory with only his heart.

She didn’t want to be his real bride. I was just trying to hold my breath because I only needed a place to stay quietly, avoiding an arranged marriage

. … .”

Lancelotte, who lived alone in the deep mountains, and continued his life meeting with ‘bridal candidates’ from each country. He was the one who coldly rejected all the 1998 bride candidates, but somehow he starts to feel a different feeling from this girl, Melissa, who is the 1999 candidate!

A quiet life just for the two of us in a house deep in the mountains.

Does tickling spring bloom even in the hearts of an innocent young lady and a blunt knight?!

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기사님, 이 봄이 화끈거려요
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October 22, 2022
Status: Completed
This is adorably written and I'm really loving the feel. The FL is happily making potato bread to win the ML heart.

There is a squishmallow feel that has me hooked. I haven't gotten to the spice yet, but I bought the book so I'll edit with more details when I'm done.

Edit: yes it is all the marshmallows and fluff with some mutual happy spice!
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