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What karma, in the world of an 18+ otome game, [HONEY OF TEMPTATION: PREMONITION OF INDECENCY], I, Rina, reincarnated as a mob character.

In here, if you had sex, with or without consent, you have to get married to your partner or else. Moreover, the conquerable targets are all YANDERE!?

I say that but I’m just a no-name mob character. As long as I don’t get close to the conquerable targets, I’ll be able to lead a peaceful life…. Was what Rina was thinking but, the targets are somehow forcibly trying to get close!?

—— To forcibly be married to a yandere is unthinkable! Aim for an unmarried livelihood, a happy single life!

In a world where you’ll be attacked in a flash when you show an opening, will Rina be able to protect her chastity to the end!?

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In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End
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18Yuki rated it
October 23, 2017
Status: c35
3/5 simply because...

... more>>

Please note I read via google translate.

Where I'm up to, the MC suddenly ends up getting married, via sex, to the teacher after kicking the asses of a group of boys (suspected to be sent by the heroine) who tried to r*pe her. At the end of chapter 35 the dark Yandere side of the teacher appears and she's handcuffed to his room, the raw novel hasn't updated since 16/07/2016 but I'm not sure if it's discontinued, on hiatus or finished (although I hope not because then the ending was just... not.)

The first part of the novel is fluffy, not to say it was devoid of R-18 smuttiness, but 37 chapters (35 normal + 2 sides) just wasn't enough~~~ The Chairman only appeared the one time in the first few chapters, the main capture target's presence is kinda weak but I'm dying for a side story with his POV, the 'heroine'... is a masochist and I half do and don't want to see her get foiled more by the MC, do because she's the classic 'I'm-the-heroine' character and don't shes a masochist. (A world of Male Yanderes and she wants a reverse harem which could potentially kill her or worse. =_=)

The MC is cute but what's disappointing is her 'forever-single' stance went *poof!* within 35/37 chapters. I wanted to see her fend off the capture targets some more before that happens~ It's currently undetermined whether or not the MC will have a reverse harem, the plot certainly points that way but she supposedly wants to avoid that route and potentially killing herself via jealous & possesive husbands.... sigh, so many questions and no answers...

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stardoll rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: c20
it's funny but at the same time I'm getting REALLY stressed out reading this

... more>>

this girl is so defenseless. She's like a rare steak on a plate in front of a crowd of slavering wolves. Getting sexed up in this universe is like fast-track to having the WORST DOMESTIC LIFE EVER (i.e. Psycho husbands mutilating your body because of jealousy). Even if dropping out of school is too much for her, at least keep the bodyguards and the stun gun. Maybe invest in a steel chastity belt and switch the school girl skirt out for some overalls. If I was any of her three fathers I would have 24/7 surveillance on this girl because I don't even know what this child is learning in school it just seems like that entire place is full of weird older men who want to bang her.

it's funny. But it's also frustrating in the same sense when you're watching a horror movie and the characters all die more or less from their own sheer stupidity.


I mean, it is cute enough. Give it a try if you like this genre, just don't expect plot or common sense. <<less
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neasweetqt rated it
December 13, 2017
Status: c35
It was one of those stories that you go, "wtf did I just read?"

The translation was excellent, but the story.... As other reviews have said, it starts out very good and super cute, but then starts becoming strange and outright bizarre at the end.

I feel like the author went I am done halfway through the story and just finished it so that it would be over.
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moto rated it
September 21, 2017
Status: c9
It pretty funny story so far and knows plot lines but she's a mob character that has no affiliations to any of the cast or story.


she seems to have become the new heroine or villianess to the story herione just because she gathering the attention some of the capture targets.


H logic
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MrsNyan rated it
December 11, 2017
Status: c35
The translation was done wonderfully, but the story itself was... rather... well.

The beginning seemed fairly interesting and kinda funny and I was very mich aware that I can not set my expectations high for our protagonist since it's this kind of story - typical airhead, clumsy, somewhat timid, somewhat outspoken, somewhat stupid female lead.

But that is not the problem; after about the halfway point the story progresses (what seemed to me) forced.

... more>>

So ofc the real heroine is angry at her events being stolen by Honda and Honda -whose mental age should be around 23, mind you- "wanted" to stay away from the Male Leads in order to get out of the heat, of course somehow finds herself in conversating with them or gets lured by effin cacao.

Gurl, are you even tryin?

Of course, now that the Heroine's scorn debuff has been activated it will lead to the climax of Honda Civic being schemed against and spoiler:

it's not a group date.


Any ways, I really liked to see that Honda was able to deal with the situation of being corned on her own - there's a strong and independent woman for you!


Except one of the male leads comes storming in, goes on yandere rage and calls people to dispose of the unconscious brats - while Honda has her airhead mode activated and does not realise what exactly is happening while another ML and ML1 are whispering about hired men in front of her.


P.s. topic love interests:

Yes, she suddenly falls for someone, whom she was aware is a yandere in-game but ofc can't see it here and gets wrapped up.


The thing is, we got such a built up in the first half and the second half was being rushed into conclusion. We did not get to meet that many of the MLs of the game or at least get to know more about their backstory. The director in the beginning never had a reappearance... what about the heroine?

It ended with

Rina getting effed and chained up by ML

which would have been an unsatisfactory but ok ending - but the author needed to add a few lines to keep us suspensed I guess (?) which probably made me so much more salty about the obvious laziness. xd


Added how Rina could not have known what would happen when she got back, that her father ps were not related to her but strangers, something about other stuff that came out of noting and not going further into it than a few words of teasing to each.


I know some authors do this stuff in their work to remind themselves what ideas they had for the direction of the story, but to jumble on about your ideas in notes at the end of the story is not the best place to put them.... Even if the author continues the story at some point of time.... don't make it obvious that you could not give an ef about the ending. 😓 <<less
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Nyxx rated it
December 12, 2017
Status: c35
It was a good story the translator did a good job too it's just that the ending I don't know what to feel about that. The ending feels kind of rush though like the author still wants to write something but is just to lazy to continue.
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mirany rated it
June 1, 2019
Status: Completed
Translation: 4/5

Plot: 0/5

Characters: 1/5

Translation is fine, plot is non existent. MC is just there, with hot overprotective dads, and a string of Yandere love interests. The ending takes a sharp turn to the bizarre and extreme, and the smut was meh to assault.
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Nanya rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: Completed
Loved this~~

Super smutty, super quick and just a lot of fun.

Only gripe is the ending was a bit rushed but I enjoyed it too much to care haha.
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Elissiaro rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: c35
I like it until the last few chapters. Really the end of the last chapter was the worst.

It kinda just felt like the author got bored and just decided to end it abruptly with some nonsense about alternate endings that didn't happen.

Otherwise it's a pretty good LN, the MC is naive to the extreme and doesn't realize she's the most adorable thing in school, despite at least one teacher molesting her right away (that leads nowhere btw) I dunno I find it kind of endearing and funny. Like she's not... more>> super annoying about it like some MCs are.

Also it's an actually finished story with a yandere male lead, and those are rare. And I love them. And I just wish more people would write/translate them.

I would have given it a 5, but then the ending was a giant letdown that felt like it came out of nowhere despite me knowing there were only 35 chapters. So... 4/5 stars. <<less
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shinsenryuu rated it
August 21, 2019
Status: c35
My opinion is similar to previous ones. It had a promising start, but it quickly went downhill.

Even for this kind of stories, it seemed too rushed and there was no character development (feels like more characters were going to be introduced but then that was slashed), like the author changed their mind and just wanted to quickly finish with this.

I basically ended up speed reading this just to quickly take it out from my list.
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The1Rin rated it
March 1, 2019
Status: Completed
I found it enjoyable throughout most of it, at the time I was looking for something R-18 so it fit the bill pretty well but I just didn't like the girl's relationship with her teacher, student-teacher relationships are my least favorite so it really made me give it the lower rating. Other than that it was pretty good.
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whitespade rated it
November 13, 2018
Status: c35
Hmmm if you are like me that specifically seek yandere stuff this one is pretty light on it. Its until the very end chapter so you will not get the doki doki feeling of being slowly strangled by the yandere.

The smut is pretty ok, just skip to the last 5 chapters since all before are just fillers.
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eremedy rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: c35
A cute, light, feel-good story. With some citrus.
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Mai Mee
Mai Mee rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: c35
At first it was going fine, until the MC started to develop feelings very fast for whatever the reason, then somehow other love interests (aside from the final one) started to become forgotten or turned into a very side-character like thing. Worse of it all was the wtf ending... like wtf?... so many loose ends; you can also tell that it was rushed.

Read on if you've got time to waste
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Drenlith rated it
September 26, 2019
Status: Completed
I assume this was axed because the ending was terribly executed and rushed. The so named targets as stated in the description are trying to get close to the protagonist, but in the novel itself hardly most are talked about and there are rarely any encounters with others than one or two targets. The novel had a promising outline and idea but the execution gets just worse with time, where you wonder; hey author, you really don't want to elaborate on that a bit more? You get a taste of... more>> a couple characters but they were hardly ever mentioned after leaving behind a rather bland taste. And to top it off, side characters that are non-target have been more focused on than target characters but still both get dropped and left behind at some point. <<less
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nathyeah rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: c35
If you wanted fluffy romance out of this one, don't even bother. If you want a light-yandere ML & smut, go ahead [but still don't have any high expectations for the plot]. Despite being 35 chapters, this was a pretty quick read. However, there were a couple of things I enjoyed and didn't:


  • An interesting premise about the world she reincarnated in
  • I [used to when I had the time] actively enjoy otome games so I connected with that aspect
  • [Light] Yandere ML
  • The family of the MC
    • Spoiler

      I would prefer to see more of her dads! First of all, there's THREE. And somehow they all co-exist with one another, and all love their precious daughter dearly. They're all very overprotective of her, and lowkey maybe MC just isn't used to it or smth to do with being old mentally but she doesn't seem to appreciate what they do for her protection that much. Maybe they're overprotective but considering the circumstances of the world it seems justified. Also, the "yakuza" or whatever seem like fun characters to interact with too. They're all wasted on our oujo-san MC :< The three dads make me want to see a spin-off of them taking care of the MC when she was younger lol

  • Nicely translated :)

  • The MC. At first, she was a very typical dense protagonist which I didn't mind so much, but as time went on I started getting a headache. I feel like she didn't develop enough.
  • Not enough depth with not just the support characters, but even the leads. The ending felt too lacking. I know I came for the smut but I still want more? Am I too greedy? :&Lt;
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Shadowminion rated it
August 27, 2018
Status: c35
I... have no idea how to react. Erm. I think most people were pretty on point. This story pretty much makes you 囧 at the end, because it's so wtf. Don't bother hoping for a "beauty and beast" ending that changes a beast into a gentleman, because that's not gonna happen. In fact, just throw this away if that's your expectation.

3/5 stars for a good start and middle. The novel actually led me around by the nose until I was actually invested and then slammed me down at the best... more>> moment. If not for the unrealistic number of yandere, I'd call it a reality check - life doesn't end the way you want it to. Un. Got it.

If you want to read this story, prepare your heart. It's not bad, but you won't leave it happily either. <<less
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AC253 rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: c35
My review may contain slight spoilers, so please avoid this if you want to read this with a fresh mind. It's not horrendously bad, despite what my rating might suggest. It's just that its peers are so much better, and there is a leap of quality between this, and, say, Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai. The translations are very good, and I agree with the majority of the translator's thoughts - what's with that ending??? - So it's only the writing itself I have a problem with. This novel spent the... more>> majority of its beginning setting up a world and characters that are never thoroughly explored; even the main love interest felt like a cardboard cutout that was chosen randomly from the other cast of (in my personal opinion, more interesting) characters. The author also reused the trope of the Actually-Evil-Reincarnated-Heroine!! As a plot device again without ever expanding on her character. What ever happened to female friendships? Furthermore, the protagonist is the stereotypical shoujo clueless protagonists of the 2000s that everyone hates to love or loves to hate (I'm part of the latter group.) She was a Mary-Sue from personality to looks to background and her love interest (s) are the stereotypical pushy, disrespectful, hormone-fueled types of men women avoid IRL. I feel jilted. I went in without any expectations, got my expectations raised because of the rather original beginning, and then got my hopes crushed. TLDR; it's not bad if you're looking for a time-waster, but there are plenty of other decent R-18 novels of this genre. Try it if you like this genre, but otherwise, I'd say give this a pass. <<less
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mipthehappy rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: c35
This is a surprisingly short story! A fair amount of time is spent building up characters who ultimately do very little and some plotlines don't really go anywhere.

For instance, the whole mafia and super-protective dads set up doesn't really lead to anything and there didn't really feel like a point to the capturable school mate.

I would have liked for the story to continue on a little longer to go into the consequences of the ending and perhaps tie things up more conclusively.

That said, this is fun little story with a quirky concept and I still enjoyed it. :)
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jcrsaints rated it
December 11, 2017
Status: c35
This has indeed started out interestingly. Our MC is a mob character and she seems to be one who is sensible. She frowns upon the society's beliefs because it seems unrealistic compared to her original world.

She declared that she would remain single for the rest of her life which ended up intriguing the other characters more. I don't have a problem with her falling for one of the capture targets. However, some of his actions are unacceptable.

... more>>

Our MC asks to preserve her chastity until she became an adult (her body is 15 then), and this guy agrees only to say afterwards that he'll make her an adult then and there like wth). She continually stops his advancements but ended up taking her chastity anyway. No matter how I look at it, it's still rape. SHE OBVIOUSLY SAID NO. LIKE DUDE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. Oh, but you know, it's the typical "I know she wants it." Whatever.


She knows the guy is a yandere yet she fell for him. Again, I see nothing wrong with falling for someone, but that guy can't even respect her words.

IT ENDS UP WITH HER BEING HANDCUFFED //screams Ugh. Whatever. Oops I said it twice. I CAN'T RANT ENOUGH.


The translation is well done. The story held potential, but I was utterly disappointed at the ending. <<less
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