12 O’Clock Marionette


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“I’m blonde again this time.”

It’s already the third possession. Third time being blonde.

At this point, I have no choice but to doubt the taste of the god Pebula I serve.

The third body I recognized as soon as I opened my eyes followed with detailed personal information of Shiora is as follows.

[Shiora Velvet. 20 years old.

Parents died in a fire.

Currently entrusted with Count Bonetti.

The remaining property is 0.

To be kicked out in 3 days ] It is clear that the situation is worse than the previous two possessions


A book was handed down one day to her – the priest, saint, pope – only follower left of the ancient god Pebula.

In the book called , there was written a story that this world would soon be destroyed by the villain ‘Cruello White Desert’.

“O ancient god Pebula, please perform a miracle.”

As soon as she finished reading the book, Pebula gave a revelation to ‘educate the villain!’

She immediately became the villain’s childhood fiancée.

First attempt. Rehabilitation failed because she ate poison instead of the villain and died.

2nd attempt. Possessing the body of a villain’s maid, but failing again.

Finally, a 3rd attempt.

She woke up to the body of Shiora, who had no contact with the villain, and try to make a relationship with the villain.

But there was only one year left until Cruello destroyed the world…

Above all, after two failures, the gentle kid has already grown into a vicious villain!

Like Cinderella going home at 12 o’clock, Shiora wanted to save Cruello and free herself from her duty.

Will she be able to fulfill her role and become independent from fate?

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12시의 마리오네트
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36nugget rated it
March 9, 2022
Status: Completed

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There’s nothing I love more than playful/flirty boy with damage and he is it babes! He’s also pretty yandere and does whatever he wants which leads to some funny yet stressful moments. Pretty much a loose cannon but he’s fun.




MC has clear goals and works toward them steadfastly. Rarely wavers and does her best in a given situation, trusting her judgement. She’s logical yet still empathetic.


Relationship between ML and MC


I like their relationship dynamic a lot and their banter. I also enjoy how they’re on equal footing in most situations. Romance is slow with some bumps in the middle, but develops nicely.


Side charas


Side charas aren’t super fleshed out but they’re interesting and not just Passerby A and B. Wish that there were side stories that elaborated on them more. While I did appreciate MC’s antics with the Bonnetti siblings, I wish there was more expansion on their relationship. I also wanted to see the conclusion of the Julian-Daidea-Gabot triangle.


Plot + Ending


Plot was a tad predictable at times but overall enjoyable. MC and ML’s investigative journey/cooperative partnership are really the driving forces behind the plot. There’s a bit about MC’s religion in the latter half which really helps explain the plot so far and give motivation to the antagonist’s actions.

Ending nicely wrapped up most loose ends. Wish there was more fluff but was a satisfying conclusion overall.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MyRAMEN rated it
February 13, 2023
Status: c3
I really hate when the synopsis serves as necessary background info the the reader is supposed to know due to it not being revealed or will be later in the story. This just makes it confusing to read and I feel less invested in reading the story due to poor exposition and skipped details.
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