11 Ways to Forget Your Ex-Boyfriend


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Moving on can’t be done alone and Sena just found help from a mysterious sender. But who is it that gives her ways to forget her ex?

1.Put away all remnants that remind you of your ex.
2.Make his name a bad word.
3.Do new things that will keep yourself busy.
4.Indulge yourself.
5.Meet new people.
6.Entertain suitors.
7.Go out on a date.
8.Have at least 3hrs call with a guy you dated recently.
9.Enjoy his company.
10.Evaluate your feelings.
11.Dare to fall in love, again.



What is between life and death? I’ve asked this question a lot of times but only one person gave me not the exact answer I’m looking for but the most accurate one.

I met a girl, she met me. And thus said, THAT between life and death is where she led me.

“What is between life and death, you ask? From my experience, let me tell you Allen that between life and death is…hope.”

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MomieIxai rated it
April 7, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a good story, a bit cheesy and cringey at some parts but over all it is a good plot... I had tears on the ending of this.... The plot I'm about to show is literally my brief summary of the whole story.. Read at your own discretion...
... more>>

It's a story of a girl who is heartbroken from her sudden breakup from her ex and couldn't move on... One day, she receives a letter that tells her ways to forget his ex, (of course she does it, if I remember it right, the letter comes everytime she finishes the tasks) and on the last letter she finally knows that the one sending her the advices and tips was her ex who broke up with her because he was going to die from a terminal illness


I remember, during the times it was still on Wattpad, I was c*ssing and tearing at the ending of this~~ I miss DNP Trilogy, BAC<3, IDTIP Trilogy... <<less
23 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nelhiro rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: side story 5.2
I have to admit that the steps to forget your ex boyfriend if they work, but what about the ex boyfriend? I was impressed by the story of Allen, so as not to hurt and worry his beloved, he did what he did and although she suffered, he also suffered... but in the end everything went well, this is not the typical love story and lack of love, this it is deeper... this is simply hopefulness
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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