100 Ways to Get the Male God


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The devilishly, charming villain’s lips curled up and he said: “Kiss me, hug me, hold me.”

The cold, icy beauty’s eyelashes lowered slightly: “You said you would marry me, you can’t take it back.”

The yandere youngster’s eyes were deep and dark, raising his eyebrows and laughing softly: “Other than by my side, where do you still want to go?”

…… Yu Chu felt helpless and could only ask for help from the Main God: “My Lord, your soul shards are always flirting with me, but I don’t want to be flirted with, what do you think I should do about it– Huh? Yeah, I really don’t want to be flirted with.”

“Hey, wait wait….. Don’t be angry, hey, don’t feel wronged either, holy crap, don’t act cute and spoiled—okay okay, I’ll let you flirt, I’ll let you flirt alright??”

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Swift Strategies: 100 Ways Of Seducing Mr Perfect
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21 Reviews

Elli Phantomhive
Elli Phantom
Oct 19, 2019
Status: c1859
This book is a pit/abandoned.

... more>>

The author initially to write a sweet story and succeeds in doing so in early chapters. Later chapters starts introducing 3rd party in their love story. Both FL and ML was clean and doesn't really fall for anyone else but the story is quite awkward. For example, during the Doctor Arc, ML doctor was polite but alienated type. He was constantly being pursued by the hospital owner's daughter but he always refuse. However, on the night that he met the female lead, he's even politely sending her home. He wasn't accepting the confession but wasn't really pushing her away either. Later stories have many arc like this.

The FL in the story is quite pitiful in my opinion. I guess, it depends on peoples perception but several times the ML lied to her in order to keep her by his side and she always ended up falling for it. There are also several stories where obviously the ML is the one who's manipulating behind the scenes but in front of the FL he will act like he's on the grieved side. Thus, FL always ends up feeling sorry for him and feels that she's the one at fault.

No ending was written and later stories were rushed. This "planned-to-be-sweet" story turned into drama (according to the author) because of their original story and turn of events. It seems that this wasn't intended to happened so the author sealed the book.

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Sep 15, 2018
Status: --
I'm currently MTLing this novel AND I LOVE IT!!

Nice romance with barely any misunderstandings. Its 1v1 so no lightbulbs hanging around.

I really like Yu Chu as the main character as she is not really overpowered and is companied by a 'nice' system (not being deliberately mean to her)

I'm really happy to see this novel getting translated so that I can fully understand the plots cuz mtling hurts my brain.
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Jan 01, 2019
Status: c261
Note: I am machine translating this story and painfully struggling through with my broken Chinese, so please note that I only understand about 75% of what is actually happening.

This story is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read if you like:

  1. The purest ML ever. Honestly, in some story arcs he's just a fluffy white bunny and the FL takes the initiative and it is sooo goood.
  2. No love triangles. Seriously, these two idiots only have eyes for each other, it's so darn cute watching their feelings progress. Every arc shows a new side of the ML and it just makes you fall deeper and deeper in love with him.
  3. Transmigration stories in general. I mean, this one is a bit different though because the system really takes a backseat; it basically only exists to transport FL into different worlds and THAT'S IT! So refreshing. Also, I don't find there to be too much of an emphasis on getting revenge for the host; although that is an element, most of the time the story focuses on the FL and ML's clumsy ventures into love and it's beautiful.
This is also the first story I have ever machine-translated, it's that good. I am actually putting myself through the painful process of understanding what Google spews out because I need to know what happens next so badly. Please, please translator, please... more>> work hard and add oil! <<less
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Dec 25, 2018
Status: c1372
I can’t recommend this enough.

... more>>

Now, We have this perfect, handsome and sexy male God (I’m not gonna site names because google translate sucks and I don’t want anyone suing me for getting ML name wrong). Despite his lack of emotions he found Ann abandoned human girl (FL) and took care of her.

He took care of her but because he’s still the unfeeling God he sometimes forgets about her (I know absurd) and he abandoned her once when she got older. (he was a God and She was a mortal he didn’t want to Ben attached to her) BUT he regrets it so he tries to find her only to realize that the world is big and he might not find her again. When he finally finds her, she was not like before, there was an respectful but alienated look in her eyes...



HE DID IT ON PURPOSE. I think it’s a way to make the FL immortal like him. Idk if this USB right but I think it was connected to FL reaching Nirvana or something.


Although not ALL BUT 99% of the wouldn’t shards fell in love at first sight. And yes, they were possessive and all handsome.

FL is quite naive. But she’s understandable. She was abandoned by ML and she’s thinks she doesn’t have a chance with him so she just protected her heart and beame more realistic of her future.?


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Dec 11, 2018
Status: c1600
Incredibly fluffy with the most not-so-innocent innocent ML ever. So dang cute and pure I, too, want to push him down and eat his tofu, touch him in indecent places and watch him blush. ? I also adore the the MC. She isn't shy about eating the ML's tofu, which I love, cause it's so different from those other s**xually passive-aggressive female MCs. The chapters tends to run anywhere from about 50 to 80ish an arc but they go by super fast and there is very little dog-blood drama. Thank... more>> goodness for that! There are the usual quick transmigration tropes i.e. Zombie apocalypse, online game, ABO, but there are also the not so used tropes like the role reversal snow white and cross-dressing. I completely recommend this novel because it soothes the heart instead of agitating it and the couple, though there may exist emotional scars, is basically OTP. <<less
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Jun 01, 2021
Status: c22
For those reading this:

Major Issues:

... more>>

MC grew up being raised by ML and treating him as an elder.

However, he used a system (supposedly from last Lord God) to have the MC be repeatedly assaulted by all his soul fragments.

Can you see how creepy this is? Lol.

Basically, the ML is grooming the MC to be his child bride. He's ahead of her in EQ and IQ, and within the first arc at chapter 15 he's already hypnotizing her to make her fall asleep so he can assault her with kisses and whisper to himself like a total creepy pervert.

Now, there's totally a large audience for this, as you can see from all the high early ranks and reviews - but this is extremely problematic from the get-go. It's all too obviously what will happen down the line with tons of arcs and quick romance between MC and ML soul fragments as put in the literal summary.

There's no getting around creepy 'eternal teenager' ML happily mind screwing the MC into being his happy little s*x puppet. (Worded this way on purpose to put it out there as plainly as possible).

But this part is not really the main issue. The main issue is these cardboard worlds and the lack of IQ for the MC. Or to be more precise, her lack of everything. She just kinda went through cutscene motions, said she loved Ml, and then bam the end!

The worlds are very vaguely detailed and lots of stuff randomly happens.

Example: Arc1 Little mermaid arc: Amber (Psycho Ml) immediately kisses MC which means in mermaid culture he devotes everything to her after spontaneously feeling like he likes her. Then later on it suddenly cuts to some elder (witch?) of the ML saying love between human/mermaid never works out of nowhere!
Arc is very shallow.


Not a fan of super one sided romance where one side is absolutely prey, or when it seems like assault at any point. Moreover it just ends happily with MC and ML running away somehow??? And Diana is just friends with MC now and somehow married a different prince. It's all just nonsense.

Read at your own peril:

-300/1. <<less
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Sofia Razi
Sofia Razi
Feb 01, 2020
Status: c2128
This novel is sooo good. I simply couldn't wait for the updates. I mtld it. Then while waiting for the updates I have read it 3 to 4 times.

This novel is a bit different from other quick transmigration novels as it also slowly explains the FLs life in her real plane. There is a reason why she is going to these planes. She is not getting points at the end but soul shards of her Male God and these soul shards are such cuties. Every one of them. They have... more>> different personalities but there are some similarities to the Male God (like they all cannot eat spicy food). All the MLs get attracted to FL quickly. They are all innocent, hot, virgin bois- in short the perfect male specimen. Some MLs may be cold type but after getting pushed down by the FL they get super sticky and spoiled. FL has some hooligan characteristics. In my opinion she is the perfect MC. When she feels that their relationship won't get anywhere as ML is a god and she is a human she backs off completely. She is rational, composed and smart. She doesn't cling to the ML (actually its the other way around). She also doesn't lead on her other admirer (he's a small fry, never had a chance) because her ML doesn't let her eat vinegar so she won't either.

The ML is so good. He is cold and ruthless to others but a sticky, spoiled guy towards FL. AND he gets shy like his ears turn red whenever FL teases him. He just wants to be with the FL. There was once an instance when he was told that he could only have a hidden relationship with FL like she would have another boyfriend and ML would need to be kept hidden (it was a misunderstanding). He was very hurt but he was willing as long as she could give him a bit of attention sometimes he was happy. T-T.

There are many different worlds and each story is unique and interesting.

I hope it gets updated soon so I can start reading for the 5th time. <<less
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Mar 01, 2021
Status: c800
NOVEL WORTH READING BUT STORY GETS REPETITIVE AFTER AROUND 780 CHAPTERS, so you have been warned. It's 5 stars for all the listed genres, it's good. I recommend that you read it. While its comedy may not make you laugh irl, it's still decent. The romance is spot on though. It's a very good fluffy romance that will make you giddy.

I deducted a star because I thought the 100 in the title is just because 100 looks like a good whole number, but boi was I wrong. I think author... more>> actually decided to make 100 different arcs where MC will be transmitted in. I'm not too sure because the novel is on hiatus. After the 20 arcs it gets very repetitive so I stopped reading at 800+ chapters.

Tbh even if I did not know what the ending is and even though I did not read much about main god Feng Qing, I don't feel unsettled at all. It's fine that I did not finish the story. There's no feeling of what a waste. Also, according to Elli Phantomhive, this novel is already abandoned. <<less
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Mar 29, 2019
Status: c1856
Really enjoy this series. The ML can be jealous but cute at the same time and it's adorable. I also really like MC's personality, she's not an airhead.

Also, the nice thing with this transmission novel is that you don't necessary need to read every arc in order. You can skip around to read the one's that sound interesting. That helps with the attention spam, especially for someone like me who doesn't like reading a novel that drags on for too long. If I'm not interested in the arc title/summary on... more>> the spoilers form I don't have to force myself to read it to understand the later arcs. I do advise people who skip arcs to read the spoilers form for some insight on the later arcs. The main character looses something for a while in the later arcs, and some backstory is revealed too. <<less
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Apr 27, 2021
Status: c116
I love how MC and ML only have each other, in other planes if MC didn't show up, ML will end up all alone... I especially appreciate how MC and ML have jade bodies..

I like how MC is someone who can set aside her emotions when needed. Like in the first arc, she considers taking the motherly route in order to get ML to acknowledge her... there's also an arc with loads of misunderstanding but gets fully explained at the end, which was a huge relief...

ML is a pure type... more>> and is like a blank sheet of paper in emotions... the ML will only be the most rich/powerful individual in the first few arcs, but the most distinguishing characteristic of ML throughout the arcs is his very beautiful face and his indifferent nature... Falling in love at first sight is understandable since all of them are the ML fragments, who loves/obsessed with the MC... obsessed because he doesn't know what love is in every arc until he sees MC's polite attitude towards him or he sees MC distancing herself from him....

The third party really isn't a third party as MC didn't consider him even once... <<less
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Apr 15, 2021
Status: c111
I have read enough QTs to say that I'm a QT snob. Lemme tell you, I like this. It's got all the things that make a QT interesting and our female MC for once does not frustrate me. Usually I avoid the BxG QTs because of the airhead syndrome a lot of our F MCs seem to catch. But this? Acceptable, it shall pass.

I'm not saying this will change your world views or make you a better person for reading it. I'm just saying, if you like your possessive ML... more>> and competent f MC (who is arguably super doting on our ML) then look no further. Plus, first world opened up with a unusual setting and I quite enjoyed that.

Thank you translators for your hard work! <<less
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Night l flower
Night l flow
Jan 03, 2021
Status: c-2128
This is a jewel..... This novel is sooooooooo good... ML and MC are so cute....I can't express... to be honest ML and MC is really practical he is a god and can't understand any emotion or feelings, MC is a human her life time is short it could be a tragedy if nothing happened... And ML is trying so hard to get MC... he can't tell anything....

I couldn't wait for the update...... I have waiting for so long.... the author of this novel is sooooo good...

You know there is... more>> another novel of this author "I shocked the globe" it was sooooooo good..... bt sadly author dropped that novel....I had a psychological Shadow that what if author also drop this novel......

SO Author please please please update quickly... waiting for so long and please don't drop it..... its really hard to find such a good qt novel.. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 20, 2020
Status: c65
I enjoy the story very much, but my issue is that it seems like one of the translation groups is trying to prove a point by mass uploading their translated chapters without even editing anything. And the chapters seem to be MTL to the very last punctuation mark which makes it very frustrating to try and decipher it.

For example: “To the effect that the school girl crush on prince, because the girls dormitory and go with the prince near the school, bully the girls in the dormitory, was stopped roommate,... more>> anti-assault roommate.”

What am I supposed to do with this? What is this saying? It’s all word vomit to me and it’s a shame that I will have to put a hold on continuing this novel until someone gets their sh*t together. I’m sorry for ranting, but I just went through 10 freaking chapters and I still don’t even know if I’m interpreting correctly. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 06, 2019
Status: c637
I have been mtl this for a while now and I have to say it's one of the most understandable novels to read with mtl. I really like it so far. The MC is not too op and handled every world (almost) seriously compared to other quick transmigation novels.

I skipped some arc because I am so fed up with stories associated with entertainment circle and you can totally do that and still understand how the story progresses.

However, I gave it a 4 because I still feel like there are still... more>> places which can be improved and be more interesting. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 24, 2020
Status: c40
Is the OG author contracted with WN? I hope so. If they are I have ni problem supporting them in the coinage. WN is super expensive to unlock chapters T^T I spent 100 and didn't even unlock the entire novel of one. It is now more difficult to get Fast Pass. Anyways this story is quick paced and sweet. Not a bad read. Nice to read after finishing soul crushing Danmeis lol
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 05, 2020
Status: c63
So far, so good. I'm usually wary of reading Chinese novels like this because of how the FL is always portrayed as perfect and absolutely beautiful and nobody could ever match up to her, but the FL in this story transmigrates into different bodies wherein she doesn't always has the upper hand. I love how she makes the most out of every situation. She's calm and clever, though a bit dense at times, but I love how she takes charge without being too overbearing.

Also the ML!!! Can I just say... more>> how refreshing it is to have an ML who isn't arrogant at all and is actually very sweet and pure? My heart actually melted with the ML's actions and I can see how much he loves the FL.

So far, my favorite arc is the Little Mermaid. The way the interactions between the ML and FL played out is light and natural and their love is so pure. Another reason I loved this arc is because of the side character.

I LOVE how Princess Delina didn't turn out to be the stereotypical b*tchy rival and instead, she actually supported Yu Chu's happiness and in turn, achieved her own happiness. Ahh, so lovely.


I highly recommend this novel for those who are tired of the usual transmigration tropes. This is a breath of fresh air and you won't even notice that you've ran out of chapters to read lol. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 17, 2021
Status: c115
It is such a good QT novel but its links are a mess. Every arch is translated by two to three blogs. It reduces all the excitement of reading. Its characters are so good and ML is so cute that I want to gobble him up. There are very few good QT novels and this is one of them
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 07, 2020
Status: c60
This is really interesting. The arcs are a bit too long for my taste but I do like the content. The first arc was really good with it's twisted little mermaid and the gaming arc was fun too. I haven't read past that yet but I can't wait to keep going. I just wish that the chapters weren't locked on Webnovel. I understand why they are, it just makes it harder for me to read them.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 08, 2020
Status: c57
Very refreshing novel, I discarded like 10 novels because its cliche and boring plots but fortunately I found this.

It's not perfect but it has a good chemistry between the protagonists. The romance is slowly development, not too overbearing.

Also all the translators that have been working on this novel have done a good job clarifying difficult gaming words.

The bad thing is I'm a little impatient to read the next chapters and seeing that it has more than 2000 chapters is a bit depressing. Why chinese novels have to be too long?... more>> T.T <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 19, 2019
Status: c1900
I really love this story! If you're looking for bishounen (beautiful boy) and also cutie pie then this is for you! Also our FMC is likable. In later part you'll get to see their character growth and development of the story!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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