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Xia Xiaoluo never expected that a takeout delivery would change her life forever.

The rainy night, that insane man and the thing he forced her to do, were the things Xia Xiaoluo earnestly prayed to forget about.

However, Ling Tianyi, the man who violated her, would not let Xia Xiaoluo go that easily.

Being the youngest and richest man in City A, Ling had the reason to believe it must be dramatically easy to occupy the little poor girl. To his surprise, however, he found it unexpectedly difficult to obtain Xia Xiaoluo’s love.

Urged to get married by his parents, Ling Tianyi had a thought in mind.

Will Ling Tianyi get his way? What a dramatic love story will they create? It’s time to find out.

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riririn rated it
June 11, 2019
Status: c34
6/11, c7

I like the story so far, but the r*pe really brought it down for me. I knew it was going to happen, but I was still disappointed...

The male lead, Ling Tianyi, was drugged. Xia Xiaoluo rings the wrong doorbell, and Ling Tianyi basically goes, "Well, looks like I've got someone who can help me out" and rapes her. I'm really disappointed that the author wrote this happening-- like a "he had to have s*x because of the drug" instead of some kind of resistance-- even though it's part... more>> of the entire plotline.

However, I sort of like the way the characters handle it afterwards. Xia Xiaoluo is adamant about reporting it and is totally disgusted with him. Ling Tianyi takes a horribly misogynistic stance on it; since he's rich and powerful, he pretty much goes "Whatever, you can't touch me" and tries to pay her off. He also says that if she reports it, she'll face a lot of criticism and gossip from her peers-- but he's untouchable. I think it's disgusting, but honestly I think it's a realistic perspective that many rapists will take.

So far, the translation is really high-quality and I like Xia Xiaoluo. I don't like the male lead at all, but I'm going to suspend my disbelief and keep on reading. If you've never liked r*pe in webnovels, you definitely won't like this story, but if you've accepted it before I suggest you give it a try.

Edited 6/29, c34: Although I made it past the rape/major dealbreaker for most people I got tired of the characters. Xia Xiaoluo is naive, to put it nicely, and s*upid, to be blunt. Ling Tianyi continues to be a major jerk (stuff along the lines of "she's my wife but I'm just using her for her body" and not paying attention to her feelings), and I got bored really quickly. <<less
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caslie rated it
August 6, 2019
Status: c69
I tried. I gave an earnest effort but the MC is dum. Same tricks that she keeps falling for over and over. Same issues with the this style of plot and not one of the better ones.

Again tapread Grammer issues are atrocious, it's all basically mtl and your trying to pass it off as not.
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Elementarteilchen rated it
February 5, 2020
Status: c70

MC's sister tried to get her raped, but MC forgave her. MC's sister spread photos on the internet and slander her for having a lot of boyfriends and affairs etc. MC forgave her. MC's sister tried to kill her and almost succeded. MC forgave her. MC's sister bullies her everywhere she sees her, but it doesn't matter. Some random chick beat the MC up. MC forgave her. The same random chick spreads fake nudes of MC with multiple mens and tried to slander her and destroy her reputation. MC forgave her.


That's all I have to say. MC's lenient and forgiving personality is too infuriating for me. It was interesting, especially in the beginning, but I can't take it anymore. I don't want to read about eating sh*t all the time, without or just minor consequences to the other party, who fed her the sh*t.
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jennamt4 rated it
August 22, 2019
Status: c97
This review is based on the novel up to Ch 97.

Even though sometimes this novel feels like a trainwreck, I couldn't stop reading. I'm curious to see what will happen to the main couple. We can already tell that ML has fallen for MC despite initially thinking that it would be a temporary marriage between the two. However, I'm unsure if MC really loves ML. She's still young and when she tells him she loves him, I feel like it's only to appease him for now. I'm interested to see... more>> when MC's feelings for ML will change.

I don't necessarily find MC to be s*upid. I think the way the author chooses to showcase MC as being naive, innocent, and immature is fitting of her tender age of 18. She's young so she takes the easiest route (lying) in order to escape ML's punishments. There are moments where she knows that ML will find out the truth of what happened so she takes the initiative to tell him the truth. Before her marriage to ML, I felt that MC had more backbone and would talk back/argue with him. After their marriage, she becomes more submissive. She'd act shameless and spoiled to get what she wants.

ML finds MC to be quite troublesome but he adores her nonetheless. Sometimes he'll purposely act upset so that MC will pay attention to him. Yes, they are both immature. ML gets jealous easily and always want to punish her for the trouble she causes but his heart aches whenever he sees her in a pitying situation or crying. It's pretty obvious that she already has him wrapped around her fingers. Although ML treats MC like a child sometimes, he never sugarcoats things for her (like when her father choose to sacrifice her to save her half-sister). I do find ML to be very typical of the overbearing, possessive, male chauvinist CEO character. <<less
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July 23, 2019
Status: c100
I read ahead in the Chinese novel. I was curious to see if this was worth my time, so I skipped ahead to the 300s chapters. It's not worth all the time unless you are extremely bored, plus have a taste for slap and kiss.

What bothered me was that the two leads were invested in their marriage, but ... more>>

everyone else schemed to break them apart and of course, succeeded

. No thanks. I got tired of reading about those selfish, bad people who act like immature a**holes - entitled and selfish, only thinking about how things affect themselves and not the person whose life is going to be ruined. <<less
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