​It’s a Little Hard to be a Villainess of an Otome Game in Modern Society


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I was reincarnated as a villainous daughter in an otome game based on the modern world.

But because it’s a modern world, the slow life of a villainess has many hardships, and modern Japanese history, modern economic history, and the global economy attack the main character when she tries to manage domestic affairs.

Hang in there, villainess! Don’t lose, villainess!

This is a story about the struggles of Keikain Runa, a villainous daughter who throws herself into history falsification and money wars, leaving the main character and the capture targets behind in order to live a proper slow life, with the backdrop of a lost World War, the collapse of an economic bubble, and a looming financial crisis.

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flowingcloud rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: --
Translator here.

Tired of s*upid otome game villainess novels? Finally, we find an author that actually isn't braindead. Welcome to ​It’s a Little Hard to be a Villainess of an Otome Game in Modern Society (Modern Villainess), a novel that actually does second chance novels correctly.

The novel follows the main character who reincarnates into the villainess of an otome game, Keikain Runa. Her parents have passed away and she is currently suffering from the backlashes of the early 90s Japanese bubble economy. The companies that she inherited from her father are... more>> in shambles and she uses her modern-day knowledge to solve her problems.

What sets this novel apart from other otome game villainess or second chance fulfillment novels?

The author either has done his research or is very well-versed in economics, especially the happenings of the Japanese economy. The situations and solutions are very well thought out, plus very realistic. Additionally, the character development of the novel is very nice. As you keep reading, you find out that the main character


actually resents being born in her time period (Japanese 90s). She hates the fact that no matter how hard you work during the recession, many are set in stone to fail.


Also, thank god the main character does not fall for the otome game's male lead, nor is she uncomprehendingly scared of the otome game's female lead. I am f**king tired of those s*upid plots and this is, thankfully, a good chance of pace.

The main character is not a robot and actually carries a backstory of her own. Thus, her actions might seem "unusual" for wish-fulfillment novel readers, because they are fueled by human emotions.

Overall, if you want to see the main character build their economic empire while developing as a person, this novel is definitely for you. <<less
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March 21, 2021
Status: c2 part4
It's a bit soon to rank it, but just the lack of a romance tag already makes me hopeful. Those sorts of stories are rare enough with male protagonists, let alone female ones, and it's impossible to find if we're talking villainess stories. It seems like the author does know what they're talking about when it comes to the financial world, but I know very little about it, so I may be getting fooled. Either way, I think this will be a satisfying story. And NO ML REQUIRED!
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Nelanlan rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: v1c3 part7
I read pretty far into the raws. I got up to around ~200 chapters in before I stopped and I may pick it up again sometime. This story is a really good at certain things, but it may not be entirely what you expect from the beginning chapters. In some ways, the author himself (assuming its a man but not sure) has different visions of the story as he writes it.

What draws me into the story is my attraction to the character of Keikan Runa (or what I thought... more>> might become Keikain Runa's character) as well as the incredible nostalgia-like sensation as the author goes over real history, his fake story history, and culture/subculture developments. Runa starts her story in the early to mid 90s and over the 200 chapters I read the story advances less than 10 years. Every chapter is full of references. This makes many chapters a blast to the past. This novel can be fairly slow paced, not quite slice of life. The author also isnt shy about seeing something that seems cool and just throwing it in because "this is an otome game so why not?". Example,

Runa establishing a floating city in Tokyo Bay or there being an underground city in Sakhalin full of Black lagoon-like killer maids

. The world is incredibly interesting and the author does a great job of pulling you in.

What caused me to drop the story is when I had to face the reality that Runa isn't the protagonist I thought she would be. I went into this hoping for something like Koko for Jormugand. An intelligent and villainously charismastic character. From what I have read, Runa has the soul of a rather normal girl with some cheat specs from her villain body and a willingness and drive to seize moments of opportunity using her knowledge of the future. She loves her home country of Japan but isnt annoyingly nationalistic about it. She is complex and the author sets up some interesting developments but I still found myself disappointed.

For me, my disappointment in what I wanted Runa to be, and the general slow development of the story lead me to drop the novel. However, I still read 200 chapters before I reached that point. I certainly recommend giving this story a try if the synopsis catches your eye. <<less
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