Everyone Thinks that I Like Him

Rating: 3
Comedy Romance School Life Shounen Ai
From infancy to maturity, what Ye Zhou dislikes the most was "two".... more>>

The reasons were: he was ranked second at home, he had been forever ranked second at school, no matter how diligently he worked and tried, he couldn't shake off that "second" curse. What was more exasperating was that, at University, not only was he ranked second, but even his appearance that he was proud of had to be classified as second best!

Why can't I obtain the first place!

The eternal second will rise!

Then, Ye Zhou, after his vigorous efforts finally rises and the result was... the first became his boyfriend.

This is the story of a man who has been forced to be "second" and how he became the first, most popular.

Protagonists: Ye Zhou, Shang Jin <<less

The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Rating: 3.4
Drama Fantasy Historical Josei Romance
When she wake up, she already jumped through the dynasty of the history. Qiao Wei fell silent, how can she being unlucky? Sleep can also crossing through a history? Even jump two levels, became the mother of the two small buns.... more>>

Looked at the small buns sparkling little eyes, Qiao Wei can not tell a word to refuse.

Bad! how can she handled such situation, she is not even a mother, can anything being worser that this?

Raise the buns, get a prosperous and fortune.

If someone not being evil, i will leave it untouched. If people respect me, I will respect people, but if people make a trouble on me, although hard i will punish them.

Xinglin spring, even she was an abandoned woman but she could make a beautiful life too.

“Nān Nān, finally aunt can found you! How did you leave that year? Aunt was looking for you like crazy! You are still alive is really good, let’s go home with Auntie! A woman earned so much money is very unsafe outside!” Said a beautiful woman with a veil.

“You do not care about my childs, but want to touch my money, it really hurts me! Do you know it, Auntie?” Qiao Wei looked cold.

Small steamed buns looked back and forth to a cold-looking man: “Mother, uncle said he was my father.”

Qiao Wei smiled: “Good son, tell your father to prove his identity, what should be done?

Small buns open a gold booklet, one by one said: “Joe’s Family Rules” one hundred and one, insult an underage girl will be given a palace punishment. “Uncle, if you really my father … …”

Ranging from a small buns finished, man grabbed the cold fingertips Qiao Wei’s chin, showing a touch of cold and dangerous smile: “If this Lord remembered right, it seems that night you are being hard on this Lord!” <<less


Rating: 3.4
Psychological Romance
The former crown prince hasn’t seen the light of day for as long as he can remember. All he has is this prison and himself.... more>> One day, an injured woman is thrown into the cell alongside him, and from then on, an unlikely relationship develops between a cold, survivalist woman and a warm-hearted prince. <<less

Prisoner’s Love: The Devil’s Mark

Rating: 2.5
Adult Mature Romance
He was an Asura from hell, just wanted to tear her with his bloody fangs. He was vicious, ruthless, like a night of the devil step by step on the road to revenge.... more>>

She was just an ordinary girl, but she had to make a deal with him, at the expense of self-sacrificing into eternal hell.

She knew she could not contend with him and she could never escape from the day of its birth, but she still thought she could be the canary who flew out the cage. The truth is she could never escape from her owner, even when forced by him to the border of life and death.

They were sisters, but because he hated her, he let her and his sister kill each other. When everything was over, he still wanted to pester her, even trying to take her as his wife. That won’t do, she absolutely cannot succumb to his desire, after he hurt her so deeply, she will never be with him!

If she wants to cast him aside, then, escape, could be the only answer…… <<less

As the Minor Gay Rival in Het Novels

Rating: 4.5
Fantasy Romance Shounen Ai
There are always four kinds of people in the traditional Mary Sue world. The Male Lead, the Mary Sue female lead, the woman who never wanted to see the female protagonist live a good life, and the infatuated man willing to destroy heaven and earth to get the female lead.
However, with the rapid expansion of the army of rotten women, there is also a growing type of character, and that is a man who is also infatuated with the male lord… This character is referred to as the gay guy. They share the same infatuation like the second man, also has a tragic end and works together in hindering the male and... more>> female protagonist’s love.

Fan Yuan has walked in every time and space playing the gay man. He had always enjoyed it, until one day, with superb acting, he made the male lead bent. O (╯-╰) o

Fan Yuan (affectionate confession): “I do not want to be your brother, in fact I have always loved you.”

Someone (fondly looking back): “Me too.”

Fan Yuan (⊙_⊙): “…”

You’ve got the wrong line, bro! <<less

Kingdom’s Bloodline

Rating: 4
Action Fantasy Mature Psychological Tragedy
Being the most amateurish transmigrator, the first thing was that Thales lacked the general knowledge of science and technology, second -he wasn’t a skilled killer, third – he didn’t bring along any system or sci-fi brain chip, he can only bitterly struggle in the Kingdom’s dirtiest and poorest corner, a land driven with crimes and murders, with a desperately cling on life... more>>

Until the day he was brought in front of the throne: a decaying kingdom refused to change, a shattered world in turmoil, and a staggering hidden history.

From the lowest of low beggar, to the noblest bloodline, to the world’s enemy, thus began a prince’s forbidden legend.

“A king does not regard of his bloodline as respects, but a bloodline shall take the king as its honor.” <<less


Rating: 3.7
Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Yaoi
On the distant Tianxiu Planet, there exists a group of unusual and intelligent beings. They consist of neither children nor elders. They have neither birth nor real death. They are born into the world through an extremely special process and have managed to keep their fundamental memories of survival through their endless reincarnations.... more>>

They are the Tianxiu people.

For every Tianxiu person, if they find someone they like and want to bind as partners with each other — then they would have to go through a life or death Adult Ceremony. The winner of the ceremony will become the absolute dominant in this spousal relationship.

While the defeated one will be referred to as — Qizi. <<less

Fate Comes with Time

Rating: 3
Romance Slice of Life
On the day my colleague broke my heart, I met my neighbour who just moved into the city on the verandah.... more>>

His name is Chrono, he is a hairdresser.

Whether this encounter is destiny or not will surely be revealed from now. <<less

Sundering Nature

Rating: 4.2
Fantasy Mystery Sci-fi
To be is to have a soul. The soul begets a will. Wills accumulate into mysterious psychic forces, weaving secret domains within the fabric of reality.
Li Yiming, a gentle and kind-hearted... more>> person, was embroiled in this secret facade of reality against his will. Was it a coincidence, or was it preordained by fate? Dao techniques, artifacts, fantastic beasts, supernatural abilities… Within these secret domains governed by Heavenly Laws, his true identity incites great suspicion from all. A plan concocted for millennia — will he be the one to derail Heaven’s laws, or the one to sunder Nature’s fetters? <<less

Arafoo Kenja no Isekai Seikatsu Nikki

Rating: 4.2
Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Shounen Slice of Life
Satoshi Osako was a player of the VRRPG 『Sword and Sorcery』 who defeated the Evil God and died for his troubles. When he awoke again he found himself in a strange unknown forest. Furthermore he possessed his avatar’s body and abilities. In other words, he was a cheat. Can a 40 year old DT, live peacefully in this world?
Let his isekai adventure... more>> begin. <<less

The End of The World’s Reborn Cannon Fodder Counter-attacks

Rating: 3.3
Romance Shounen Ai
I’ve been reborn? Xiao Ziling, facing the coming apocalypse, pulled a bitter face – the end of the world’s days aren’t easy to live ah!... more>>

In order to have a good life in the future, he must first hug a big, thick, thigh. Xiao Ziling’s eyes are on the target, the end of the world’s future king, Chu Zhitian; striving to be his reliable and capable Younger Brother, in hopes of being protected under this tree’s shade.

Just, why is it so hard to accomplish this small goal?

This big brother, you are a cheat carrier, you should be able to summon both wind and rain, why the hell are you fighting with me for the Younger Brother position?

That big sister who transmigrated, you want to try my family’s Big Brother? Also, please don’t think of me as a needle in your eye ah, my sexual orientation is very normal.

Cold-faced little brother, do not always look at me with those puzzled eyes, that history has never had someone like me is very normal, An( I ) am a reborn man de.

Little Sister selling meng, where did you come from? Why are you clearer on future events than I am?

……Your mom, what kind of world is this? Xiao Ziling has been left in disarray – this world’s diverse variety of transmigration and rebirth loop-hole cheats, in what place are they not there; even becoming a younger brother requires you to compete for an appointment, Xiao Ziling’s heart really feels Alexander ah!

Seems like a thick thigh must definitely be hugged securely, Xiao Ziling realized. <<less

Hypnotized Harem

Rating: 3.6
Adult Drama Harem Mature Romance School Life
My grandfather who loved me a lot died
My father asked me to organize the articles that my grandpa left behind
From one of my... more>> grandpa's boxes, I found a smartphone that would change my life <<less

Serena – The Futanari Princess

Rating: 2.7
Action Adult Ecchi Yuri
Serena as the Thunder princess knight struggles by fighting against monsters to defend the Alexia Kingdom. As a compensation for her to be able to... more>> wield the demon sword, she gets cursed with a male genital in her crotch.
One day, due to Marietta who appeared aiming for the demon sword, Serena got forced into futanari training. Furthermore, her comrade-in-arms and the leader of the kingdom’s knight team Irene also grows a meat rod and is tormented by an ejaculation impulse.
Controlling ejaculation timing, exposure cumming in front of a magic mirror, eliminating men’s desires, wearing embarrassing costumes. Various shameful plays trample their pride.
This is the story of the girls who fell into carnal desires <<less

Rise of the Wasteland

Rating: 3.6
Action Adventure Fantasy Mature Sci-fi Supernatural
Zhou Qingfeng is a nerd with no car, no savings, and no girlfriend. This story is set three days before the occurrence of a cataclysm that would threaten all of humankind. Amidst the chaos, Zhou Qingfeng strives to gather resources that would help him survive. He will stop at nothing to protect his friends. Along the way, he is granted a few ‘special’ abilities. He becomes so strong that he is practically invincible. But, everything comes with a price….... more>>

Faced with new enemies each day, how far will Zhou Qingfeng’s determination to survive take him?!

"I start the game, with a dog in my hand. The equipment I need, I gather along the way.

I dive into the cataclysm with the status of a beginner.

Ruthless, I shall become. I would even detonate a bomb over my head!

This is the path that I have to take, to rise to be the King of the Wasteland. " <<less

Golden Time (JungYong)

Rating: 3.7
Drama Fantasy Psychological Slice of Life
A story about a doctor who’s sent back in time to his teenage self who lost all his memories due to a severe accident and was trapped in a coma.
Now, retaining... more>> only his medical knowledge and reawakened with a new mindset, follow him on his journey as he uses his medical knowledge to save lives and lead him onto the path of becoming the greatest doctor of his time! <<less

I Want To Go See The Sea That Has You

Rating: 3.9
Romance School Life
A short romance story about a girl who met someone special during her trip to the ocean.

Eiyuu no Musume Toshite Umarekawatta Eiyuu wa Futatabi Eiyuu wo Mezasu

Rating: 4.5
Adventure Fantasy Gender Bender School Life Shoujo Ai Slice of Life
One of the six people called heroes, Raid, fought alone against the Devil, and ended up dead.... more>>

After meeting with a suspicious god, he woke up again and found out he has born again as a baby.

Moreover, as a daughter of his former companions.

In order to regain his former power, Raid/Nicole has to go through a life of hardships to reach the ideal he aims for. <<less

Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train

Rating: 4.3
Comedy Harem Romance School Life Slice of Life
From the countryside, within a plain rattling train. Even though there are many seats to choose from, the most beautiful girl at school chooses to... more>> sit next to me every morning.
She also ends up leaning against me.
What is this… exactly?
Someone please tell me! <<less

Scum of the Cultivation World

Rating: 3.3
Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Xianxia
The notorious death row prisoner came to a strange world after death. There are no Mercedes with four wheels, but divine horses with four legs. There are no planes, but immortals are flying in the sky. No cell phone is fine, there is another way to send messages thousands of miles away…. This world is too crazy, only in books and television of the past life could be seen cultivators, here is not a fantasy, but a real existence.
The... more>> death row prisoner thought, since coming here I have to live life to the fullest, in my past life I had dreamed about the immortal, it is impossible to drop it now, I must satisfy my craving, even to kill in this life…. Immortal Big Sister, I’m coming! <<less

Cross Road: In Their Cases

Rating: 3.5
School Life Slice of Life
“It’s not that I want to find happiness, nor am I looking to be promised something definite.”... more>>

“What I want is more than that- To find a place somewhere out there, far away.”

“To find the place where I want to be.”

Miho, a girl who is still undecided on her future after graduation.

Shouta, a boy who still longs for his estranged father.

Both are in their third year of high school, leading completely different paths in life. But before long, their paths will cross, amid this little drama called the entrance exams… <<less

You’re My Glory

Rating: 3
Actress Qiao Jing Jing has one month to get her gaming skills up to the level her publicist has claimed she is at.

Suspicious People Settled Down in My Dungeon, but Could the Government Office Do Something About it?

Rating: 2.5
Fantasy Slice of Life
A Dungeon Master’s Diary.

Crying Mansion – Torture shows

Rating: 1.7
Crying Mansion… this is a membership mansion which tortures girls and lets their members enjoy watching the girl’s agony
The members are a very few people of high social status... more>>

A harsh torture show is held everyday using the slaves in the mansion
In the torture the young girl slaves breasts and genitalia are tortured while their screams never stop
There is no sweet pleasure given to the girls with rotors or vibes, only pain is given to their immature bodies

The girls are restrained from unnecessary movement and are punished in narrow cages, their whole lives are spent in the same cage

Everyone of the girl is personally caught by the club
And once a girl is caught she will never be released for a lifetime <<less

Godly Empress Doctor

Rating: 4.1
Action Adventure Fantasy Josei Martial Arts Romance Xuanhuan
She, a genius abandoned by her clan. He, a proud, pampered, two-faced imperial crown prince, a developing supreme ruler of the world. She, tricking him, disguised as a pig to eat a tiger, suppressing him, provoking him. Every time, after playing with him and stirring him up, she’d escape.... more>>

No man could put up with this! He could only hunt her, pamper and indulge her, lure her into falling in love with him, who would have thought, the one to first fall in love would turn out to be him----------

A young man who stood above the world, a young lady who dominated the landscape, evenly matched opponents, evenly matched romantic game of chase and tag. <<less

How I Became One of the Seven Wonders

Rating: 4.3
Mystery School Life Slice of Life Supernatural
An endless worrywart of a high-schooler, Nakazaki Yuuki stumbles one fateful night into the governor spirit of the Seven Wonders, Tenko. At the school grounds... more>> steeped in midnight, she floated amidst dancing cherry blossom petals as she sonorously sent the these ominous words towards him. “Congratulations, thou hast been chosen as a new Seven Wonder of this school” and so in inheriting the position as a Seven Wonder, he ended up being provisionally registered by her. Thus, bewildered all the while, he proceeded to resolve the various incidents occurring in the school together with Tenko… The daily life of the boy who became one of the Seven Wonders continues, in this compelling modern-day mystery-fantasy! <<less